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Faceroller: Fury Warrior 4.03  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 4.0
by: jon310 [More]

*Updated for 4.03 Tested and working

This is a Fury Warrior module for Faceroller

Faceroller: Fury Warrior requires Faceroller so please download it if you have not. It also Requires the 4.01 patch for Faceroller so please download that as well.

The priority cycle is based on: MaxDPS:

1) Colossus Smash
2) Raging Blow
3) Bloodthirst
3) Slam (On Bloodsurge Proc)
4) Execute (Under 20%)
X) Heroic Strike (Rage dump when rage above 50)

Faceroller is intended for single target dps, when faced with multi mob situations, use appropriate skills.


- When first entering combat it will show a tea cup. Once the first skill is used this will change to the appropriate suggestion.

- 1/2/2011 v4.0 - Updated to 4.03. Will cover main abilities. Does not handle enrage cool downs like Berserker rage and Deathwish.
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Originally posted by jaec116
Please update this one.
Updated for 3.3
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Please update this one.
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