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Updated: 12-01-13 03:45 PM
Updated:12-01-13 03:45 PM
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Crafting Counter

Version: 1.00
by: Malsomnus [More]

Do you ever find yourself giving some elixir master mats for 100 flasks and you cannot be bothered counting his procs so you know how many flasks you should be getting back?
Well apparently this happens to a guildie of mine, so here's an add-on to count for you.

Target someone and type "/ccreport". This will list everything that you have personally seen that person craft and tell you how many times he crafted each recipe and how many items were created in total.

- The count is reset when you relog or reload.
- This also works on yourself.
- If you can't see someone crafting then the add-on won't work, so make sure you're in a group with the crafter.


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