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Set Wrangler

Version: 2.3.2
by: tinyu [More]

Set Wrangler (for Class Armor Sets)

Original Author Jenavive
Updated by Visce
Updated by Lothaer of Spinebreaker

Ever wonder where to get a piece of your set's gear? Ever wonder who drops it?
Can't remember what your set bonuses are and when you get them?
Want to see what you look like in the some of the game's most elite sets of armor?
Set Wrangler is the AddOn for you!

Set Wrangler is a tool designed to assist you with your quest to collect your class armor sets.
From an in-game window you can easily navigate to your class' armor sets by using the tabs located at the bottom of the window.
Once you have selected your class you will have tabs at the top of the screen that allow selection from armor sets available to that class.
From this screen you can find a wealth of information about the set you are currently browsing.

As a compromise I have included the option (on by default) to use ONLY the Player's local cache thus preventing any disconnects. If you turn this option off, you may disconnect, but you will have access to all items of which the server is currently aware.

It may be a good idea, intermitently, when you are not too busy, to turn this option off and try to load as much data as you can.


Click the 'Preview' button to check your character out in any available armor set. See how certain pieces of a set look with what you already own' or just try the whole set on and drool a little bit!

Click the 'Link' button to link the armor set to system of your choice. Friends not using Set Wrangler? No problem! Just choose 'Guild' from the drop-down menu and click the 'Link' button. The links to the selected items will appear in guild chat.

Right-Click on any item or set title, to look at individual pieces or whisper piece information to your friends.

Shift-Click on any item to place that link into the chat text window.

Keep in mind that, for both the Preview and Link features, only CHECKED items will be used to perform the desired operation. For example, if you wish only to try on the head-piece of a particular set, simply deselect all of the set items by unchecking the set title and then reselect the head-piece.

Information Provided:
When the title of an armor set is selected, the information pane will indicate any set bonuses received and at what point in the collection they are received. For instance, '3:' indicates that the bonus is applicable after you have collected 3 pieces of that set.

When an item of a set is selected the right-hand pane will display information on how to obtain that piece. The actual type of information displayed depends on the type of armor set you are currently viewing.

For sets that are 'dropped', you will see the place that the item is dropped and who drops it. In addition, you will see the percent chance that this item has if dropping. These numbers are not exact.

For sets that become available as you advance through the PvP ranks, you will see the rank required to attain that piece of the set.

For statistics on an individual piece of the set, simply hold the cursor over the item's display icon.

To use Set Wrangler, type /sw or bind a key to toggle the main window.

Errors and Bugs:
Some of this data is entered by hand. If you come across any errors or bugs please let me know about them either by private message or in the comments below.

I would love to hear any suggestions about how to improve this AddOn!

This is not a replacement for LootLink nor is LootLink required to run this AddOn. This AddOn is very specifically geared toward the collection of class sets.

This AddOn works best when your UI scale is set to less than 0.9 (90%)

Thanks to all the people who have help me maintain Set Wrangler i couldn't have done it with out you.

People to add Support for French, Korean, Chinese and Spanish and someone to Fix the German Support
Send me a PM if you can do it.

Version 2.3.2
- Added ALL PvP Tier 3 Sets
- Fix Gauntlets of Valor drop location.
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Unread 12-09-08, 01:25 PM  
A Cliff Giant
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Been a while since I've seen an update, any chance of one coming out soon for 3.0.2+? Thanks.
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Unread 09-19-07, 05:01 PM  
A Molten Giant
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ok first off i AM the maintaining Author or Set Wrangler (Lothaer), and i have been maintaining Set Wrangler for some time, i was unable to use the name "Lothaer" as it was already taken at the time i signed up here :P

i decided to upload SW here as i know some people prefer this site to the other mod sites (wowui and curse).

if you find any bugs or have any requests please post them here http://wowui.incgamers.com/?p=mod&m=3095 as i use this wowui more than any other sight and you bug/request will be seen quicker posting there.

alternatively you can send your bug/request to [email protected].
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