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Scumbag UI Original

Version: 1.0
by: sebeke [More]

Balooni's Scumbag DPS UI

This is my UI which primary focus revolves around DPS'ing however it works fine for tanking & healing with some small adjustments!

This UI is based around 1920x1080 but you are free to try it out on any resolution but I will not be able to offer any help & support for different resolutions then 1920x1080.

All credit goes to the individual addon authors, without them this UI would not exist.

The installation instructions is located in a text file inside the zip which is called Readme. Please read that for instructions on how to install the UI and how to set it up inside the game. For further questions you can leave a comment in the comment section here and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

There is a Tellmewhen profile for a shadow priest and a mage, however they are quite similar and only a couple of icons differ. You can modify TMW to your own likings by typing /TMW and just going trough each icon.

Addons Included

  • Auraframes
  • Bagnon
  • ButtonFacade
  • Chatter
  • ColorPickerPlus
  • Combustion
  • Coolline
  • Gnosis
  • Masque
  • Masque_Renaitre
  • OmniCC
  • Postal
  • Sexymap
  • ShadowedUnitFrames
  • ShadowedUFFacade
  • Skada
  • TellMeWhen
  • TidyPlates
  • TidyPlates_ThreatPlates
  • TipTac
  • VuhDo

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