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LootWatch Cataclysm

Version: r205-4.3-1
by: Amemir [More]

This is just r205 (the last version released by the author) updated to work in Cataclysm.

I haven't tested it fully yet but it appears to be loading without errors so figured I'd upload it so it is available if anyone else was wanting to have this addon work with 4.1.

Below is the description from the Addons main page.

LootWatch is a cousin to the Quest Watch function; it tracks items in your inventory instead of quest objectives. The idea is to show how many items you have - any item - on screen instead of having to count stacks in the inventory.

LootWatch will consider items which are on any alts you have on the same realm, as well as items that are in you and your alts' banks. If you hover your mouse over an item in the LootWatch list, it will show you a break down of which character(s) have how many of each item, and whether it is in their bags or bank. You can enable/disable this behavior via slash commands. It is enabled by default, however.

You may use /lw or /lootwatch when issuing slash commands. You can view the following list in-game by typing /lw or /lootwatch with no additional command.

/lw # [item link] - add item to watch.
/lw [item link] - show total amount of item.

/lw +# [item link] - add amount to watched item.
/lw -# [item link] - subtract amount from watched item.
/lw *# [item link] - multiply amount for watched item.
/lw /# [item link] - divide amount for watched item.

/lw clear [item link] - remove item from watch.
/lw clear all - remove all items from watch.

/lw move on|off|reset - start moving LootWatch frame.

/lw fontsize # - change font size (default 11).

/lw show - toggle LootWatch frame.
/lw hide combat on|off - hide during combat.
/lw hide party on|off - hide while in party.

/lw alts on|off - include items in the bags of alts?
/lw banks on|off - include items in the bank and banks of alts?
If the text is too small, you can change the size by typing /lw fontsize 15 Or any other number you like. The default size is 11.

Let's say you need to gather 100 Runecloth. Just type

/lw 100 [Runecloth]

and LootWatch will show your current amount just like an incomplete quest. When you gathered the amount you picked, the 'quest' will be marked as complete and automatically deleted when the amount reaches 0. You can also type

/lw [Runecloth]

to just display the total amount gathered. Use

/lw clear [Runecloth]

to stop watching an item. You can watch up to 50 different items at the same time.

Known issues and nice-to-know info:
- You can add items with

/lw amount [item link]. For example

/lw 20 [Runecloth]


/lw 0 [Kingsblood]

Actually, it doesn't even have to be real item links; just type [anything] (with brackets) to track anything.

- You can mathematically change the amount. For example

/lw +10 [Runecloth]
/lw -20 [Runecloth]
/lw *5 [Runecloth]
/lw /2 [Runecloth]

- You remove an item from watch with

/lw clear [item link]

- Or all items with

/lw clear all

* This addon was originally LootPlan by Neleane. In an effort to update it for WotLK and improve some of the features, I renamed this addon as I do not want it to be confused with the original addon. Since there are several core changes, I was hesitant to simply consider it a Fan's Update or any such thing.

Edited TOC to bring it up to date.

Edited TOC to bring it up to date.

Edited file to allow it to work error free with patch 4.1
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Unread 12-06-11, 10:17 AM  
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
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Just wondering, is it possible to change the font? maybe through adding a custom font within the folder? Also, an arrow to hide/show the frame? (Like in the default questwatcher)

I tried the original LootWatch since it was the most recently updated but was unable to add items to the counter.


I will test it when I get home.

Edit: It doesn't seem to be showing up on my screen. I am unable to interact with it, or use the /lw commands to do anything atm. No errors.
Last edited by litesung : 12-07-11 at 08:32 PM.
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Unread 12-06-11, 04:54 AM  
Son of a Murloc
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Originally Posted by litesung
4.3 update?
From what I've tested it still works fine in 4.3 without any errors so I went ahead and updated the TOC should be able to download later today.

If anyone does come across any errors please post them and I'll get to fixing them.
Last edited by Amemir : 12-06-11 at 04:59 AM.
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Unread 12-06-11, 12:57 AM  
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
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4.3 update?
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Unread 08-07-11, 03:53 AM  
A Cliff Giant

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I do like the addon and it's very simple to use and cleaner.

I have a suggestion: Would it be possilbe to add a Turn on/off feature so anything that is looted starts being tracked.

How this would be useful: When prospecting/milling or DeEnchanting. Turning on the LW would allow you to Mill a bag full of herbs for someone and you could then give that person exactly what you milled at the time. Even if you had other pigments in your bag. It wouldn't mix the inventory you already had with what you are doing at the moment.

Thanks again for updating this I have recommended to others who just want something really really simple.
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