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Kiwi Item Info

Version: v2.3.5
by: PoliteKiwi [More]

WoW Classic Addon | Shows iLvl (with colors) | Weapon/Armor Differences(shift hover) | Vendor Prices (unit/stack) | Highlights All Grey Named Items with LCTRL | Provides an Item Database for Searching in-client

This is updated irregularly. See the curse forge for cutting edge releases, as well as betas. If you can, download from curse forge because it gives me rewards. Thanks.

Note: You must download it from CurseForge due to traffic here not producing any reward.

English | Español | Deutsch | Português | Français | Italiano | русский | 한국어 | 简体中文 | 繁體中文


Version: 2.3.5

Provides the command /kiwiii search items by name/id and reduce results.

See /kiwiii help for a list of full commands.

This plugin fully contains:

* iLvl
* Vendor Price
* Differences between equips
* Command for searching items by name in game (for linking perhaps)
* Highlight grey items with Left Control Key
* Contains settings for features

To install:

Download: Curse Forge or through Twitch client
Install: Extract the folder to WoW/_classic_/Inteface/AddOns/ (Twitch client does this for you)

All done!

Please see Curse Forge for more information.

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