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ProspectMe (FAN UPDATE)

by: cybernami [More]

On Curse someone made an addon called Prospect Me but it have not been updated for a while... Author does not seem active too...

But i updated the addon to work for Legion and BFA

Original page: https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/prospect-me

Prospect Me v2 Summary

  • *new* Collects and displays data from Mass Prospecting and Mass Milling
  • *new* Displays information on ItemRefTooltips (aka Chat Links), in addition to mouseover tooltips
  • *new* Displays information directly on the Mass Prospect/Mill skills
  • *improved* Display margins and color coded indicators
  • Collect and Display Information about your Prospecting and Milling results
  • User configurable tooltip display preference of your results, costs, and profits
  • Use pricing information from your favorite auction database
  • Works with and enhances your other tradeskill addons
Known Issues:
  • Mass Prospecting/Milling:
    Problem: If your inventory is full or fills up and items end up getting pushed to your mailbox they will not be recorded!
  • Workaround: Make sure you either have pre-existing stacks or free inventory slots
  • Add Database Browser
  • Add Disenchant Support
Recommended Usage
Prospect Me is very flexible and should work in any situation where an ingame tooltip is listed for a prospectable or millable item, however to get the most bang for your buck I recommend using one of the two following setups.

Method One
Create a Macro, replacing [Target Ore/Herb] with the full name of the item you wish to use and [Spell Name] with either "Prospecting" or "Milling". Mix this with macro mod-keys for added flexibility.

#showtooltip [Target Ore/Herb]
/cast [Spell Name]
/use [Target Ore/Herb]
Method Two
Add a button to the Mass Prospect/Milling skill to your toolbar. On the chat interface, type in and press enter on the following code, substituting the [SpellID] for the appropriate ID: Mass Prospect Felslate is 225904, Mass Prospect Leystone is 225902, and Mass Mill Yseralline is 210116

/script PickupSpell([SpellID])

SpellID changes and proper versioning i hope
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Thanks for updating!
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