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Battle for Azeroth (8.0.1)
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nUI: InfoPanel [TriStats]

by: Xrystal [More]

Dramatic Start

First we had Decursive, Recount and Omen in their own infopanels.
Then we had double addon info panel combinations...
And now ...
The addon you have all been waiting for ....
** drum roll **
All three addons in a single infopanel....

The upside : All 3 available at once in a small screen space
The downside : Recount and Omen are resized to a smaller frame to allow at least some of the decursive frames to appear. You have a maximum of 40, although this could be overidden at risk by the user.

Versions Tested With
WoW :
nUI :
Recount : 8.0.1a
Decursive : 2.7.6
Omen : 3.2.0

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Potential Flexibility Ideas

Just had a thought that I could replace my other addons with flexibility with this addon ..

Opt for omen/recount, omen/decursive, recount/decursive or all three or maybe even just one of them on a character to character basis or even instance to instance basis ..

Give me some ideas/scenarios and I can look into the possibilities and workability of it.

Maybe even down the line introduce addon choices per 'decurse', 'meter', 'threat' option for additional flexibility.

Info Panel IDs : http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/s...818#post136818
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