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Select NPC silence

Version: 1.2
by: Fry [More]

Classic WoW ONLY

A small archive of two silent .ogg files. Gets rid of that audible 'thump' sound when selecting NPCs, other players or a mob. Particularly useful when you're wearing a headset and using the default unit frames.

The path is built into the archive. You'll want to unzip in ..\World of Warcraft\_classic_\

Full path will be ..\World of Warcraft\_classic_\Sound\Interface

If you're using completely custom paths for your WoW classic install, yer on your own.

This seems to be working fine with Classic version 1.13.5

Changed this to be for WoW Classic only. It's now just a couple of silent .ogg files. Works great with the default unit frames, especially if you're wearing a headset.


- Removed the thump sound from hostile mobs. If you still want that feature, use 1.0.
- Fixed my change log since I'm apparently unaware of how to proofread.


- Initial release
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Exclamation For Classic WoW only

I re-made this into something far simpler, just a couple of silent .ogg files. I don't think it works with BFA WoW as the sound replacement method has changed on that client.
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