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Cataclysm Verdicts sound replacement

Version: 2.0
by: themurloc [More]

I'm sure I'm not the only one who misses the old sound effects for Templar's Verdict. Since there was no addon which replaced the sounds for it, and I couldn't find the sound files anywhere, I opened up a client for a private server still running cataclysm, and recorded the sounds from there, so that I can make one myself.

This addon replaces the sound effects for Templar's Verdict and Final Verdict to those of Templar's verdict during Cataclysm

Instructions for installation are included in the readme, as well as instructions for if you only want one of the ability's sounds to be changed.

------UPDATED FOR LEGION--------

Sound in game changes pitch randomly when cast, and sound is now also applied to Justicar's Vengeance talent. This is not under my control, but if it was, I would not change it, since it is what I would have done anyways.

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02-09-15 08:42 PM

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There is no readme with instructions in the download.
edit. I found it in other downloads.
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Originally Posted by themurloc
Does not work as of the legion prepatch, as soon as wowhead can tell me the name of the new sound file for the spell I'll get it working again
Now Fixed, Big thanks to Ammako @ Wyrmrest Accord, who helped me out a lot getting this fixed on the forums.
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