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My Grid2 Setup (RealUI)

Version: 1.5
by: Jasmer [More]

I don't play retail wow anymore. Do what you want with this.

Requires SharedMedia! I'm too lazy to repackage this!


This isn't an addon per se, just my Grid2 saved variables, still a work in progress. I use RealUI specifically, and wanted more from the healer layout. Mine is loosely based on Meluda's Grid2 layout.

WARNING: STILL VERY MUCH A WORK IN PROGRESS. Let me know if any important spells are missing or could be better displayed.

Layout includes 3 indicators on the left side of the frame, each of these also have duration text.

Top left has an additional duration text for Rejuvination (Germination).

On the bottom center there are two square indicators, tracking some misc class buffs like Beacons, Ironbark, etc.

Name is located at the bottom right, only displaying the first 4 letters. Name text is white by default, and changes color according to dispellable debuff--purple for curse, blue for magic, brown for disease, green for poison.

Right side also has a status text indicator to let you know if the unit is offline, afk, has a pending resurrection, dead, feign death, in a vehicle, or charmed. It also displays absorbs.

Top right corner has a dungeon role indicator for tanks and heals, as well as a raid lead/assist indicator.

Center icon tracks ready check status and raid debuff.

Border highlight shows target, aggro, AoE highlighter, and Wild Growth.

Incoming heals indicator has no threshold and might be too distracting for some. It's easily disabled, instructions below.

Holy Paladin
Resto Druid
Resto Shaman

Mistweaver Monk
Disc and Holy Priest


Text indicators might need to be slightly adjusted. If they are wonky, too large, whatever, open up Grid2's options (/grid2), click indicators, click the offending indicator (usually it's the name one), then click the layout tab. Set the font to AlterEbro pixel font. It's ridiculously tiny, can't miss it. Indicator fonts might be weird as well. I cannot fix this, the problem exists due to constantly switching between RealUI and default UI to maintain two versions of this layout.

Text indicator border might disappear. I don't know why, it doesn't do it to me on the default UI or with RealUI but it's been reported. Follow the instructions above, and ensure font outline is set to "Sharp, Thin".

Updating Grid2 will result in an ugly shadow on your text. You can update Grid2 yourself if that tickles your pickle but you'll have to add Text:SetShadowOffset(0,0) to line 114 or thereabouts in Grid2>Modules>IndicatorText.lua.

There are two folders included in this archive--Interface and SavedVariables.

WARNING: PROFILE WILL OVERWRITE the profile "RealUI-Healing". If you reset RealUI the profile will be reverted to Nib's default profile and you will have to re-install this profile setup.

1.) Back up your Interface and WTF\Account\ACCOUNTNAME\SavedVariables folders.

2.) Copy SharedMedia to your Addons folder. Overwrite where prompted.

3.) Copy Grid2.lua to WTF\Account\ACCOUNTNAME\SavedVariables. Overwrite where prompted.

Grid2 is fairly easy to configure and largely self explanatory. Enabling tracking is as simple as opening up Grid2's options, selecting the indicator in question, and unticking anything you don't want to see. You can change a lot of colors around this way too (i.e. class colored health to health-current color instead and vice versa for health deficit).


Note I cannot troubleshoot Grid2 itself, as I can't LUA my way out of a paper bag. Any issues with Grid2 should be reported on the RealUI forum at wowinterface.com.

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A Defias Bandit

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nice job.
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A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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Thanks alot man verry nice Config
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