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Tomb of Sargeras (7.2.0)
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Version: 7.2.0
by: Lur [More]

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The AutoTurnIn addon can handle accepting and turning in completed quests and choosing rewards. It can decide which reward to select by specifying options and if no suitable item is offered, the highest value one may be looted. Afterwards, it can also equip the chosen reward. Complete automated quest acceptance and completion. May handle just daily quests or any others you find in your adventures.

About AutoTurnIn
Every time questgiver window is opened the addon scans for available quests and decides whether they can be accepted.

Accepting quests
The decision is made based on these parameters:

  • is offered quest is 'grey' (so called trivial) and whether 'grey' quest should be accepted. An example would be, a shaman's quest at class trainer: they may not be interested in completing on a high-level character.
  • quest is regular i.e. one from storyline of the world. Such quest may be accepted under 'all' conditions chosen.
  • quest is daily and 'daily' quest type is chosen. Daily quests are a bit harder because the addon author (that's me, hi!) has to update their list of quests from time to time. Some quests require special treatment, like items to be collected or special currency to proceed. And some of them have to be skipped for their bugged nature. I do my best to keep them updated. Sometime quest may be "available" but addon will stubbornly ignore it - check if the quest does not require an some special currency to be finished. No reason to accept a quest that may be turned in only after a weeks of grinding but instead it is good idea to accept and immediately and turn it in when currency is available.

Completing quests

What quest to turn in is decided by a few conditions. First of all, the addon must be turned ON of course, and "toggle" button must not be pressed. Toggle key inverts the addons current state, so if the addon is on, the toggle key will turn it off for a single interaction and vice versa. Quest requirements must be satisfied, i.e. it's visible state must be something like "completed" (all rabbits are killed, gems collected or what else the quest-giver wants). Some quests requires a special items to be transfered to quest giver. For example, Calling the Ancients requires addon to know this particular quest, if it does then addon may check if you actually have required items and turn quest in or ignore it until you collect the missing amount.

The best part: rewards!
Depending what you want, the addon may loot the best item for your needs or the most valuable one.

Best for my needs
Once the addon decides that quest is able to be turned in, the reward question stands in our way. What to choose is ruled by a kind of sophisticated logic. Let's explore it from the simple to complex.

One stat for all
Warrior is a best example of single-stated class. Every piece of its gear (except trinkets but that is a special case described below) has strength. Also there are next to zero items that have strength and are not desired by warriors. Have you ever seen a cloth or staff with strength? So we are free to choose only strength check-box and leave any other checkboxes unfilled. To be exact, the same goes for Death Knights and Retribution paladins. Let's imagine a quest that offers some cloth, mail and a 2-handed sword. It is obvious that only thing that has a strength on it is a sword. Despite of swords aren't chosen in options pane it will be looted as the only thing with a required stat.

A stat and weapon/armor types
"Storm, Earth and Fire... heed my call!" - said Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain and this is a shaman quote. Shaman is a good class to demonstrate how stats cooperate with weapon and armor types. For our example this shaman is an enhancement shaman. The primary stat of interest for a melee shaman is agility so the "agility" check-box is marked.

Agility may be found on leather and mail. So we have to select "mail" in armor type. Notice that if we leave armor panel as it is then only mail armor will be looted. That is not what we want, as there are rings, necklaces and cloacks with agility. Marking them also. the complete armor set is: mail + jewelry + cloak. Jewelry includes rings and necklaces but not the trinkets.

Now let's examine weapon types: from all weapon types available to shamans we do not want staffs even with agility (such type of items are more suitable for druids) and we definitely not interested in daggers for their small highest damage number. Complete set of options includes: One-handed maces and Fist weapons. Only these two from all.

And now secondary stats in play
Secondary stat works differently comparing stat, armor and weapon stat. While previous three works "skip anything that does not satisfy this", secondary tries to select an item with closest conformity.The example.
You play protection warrior and quest offer 4 rewards:
  • agility fist wepon with crit and haste,
  • two-handed sword with crit and haste,
  • one-handed sword with parry and expertise
  • necklace with dodge and haste.
Latter three items have strength and addon can't decide what to loot. As a defender of the living you are certain you want protection stat, i.e. dodge or parry. Expertise not sound like a first of interest but may benefit you sometime. Any other stats aren't desirable. So final set of options is: dodge + parry + expertise. Now examine the rewards:
  • Fist weapon even not considered as a candidate as it has no strength and we selected strength in stat panel
  • 2-handed sword receives 0 points as no dodge, parry or expertise on it
  • 1-handed sword goes for 2 points for parry and expertise
  • necklace is awarded with 1 point for parry. AddOn will loot 1-handed sword.

Loot the most valuable item
There are two way how to receive most expensive item from rewards: you may specify to skip any checks and just choose most valuable item for sale or loot most valuable item if nothing good is found. The first option is located on the main option tab and the second one on the reward option tab at the end of all choices. If you select "need" on main tab and do not select "greed if nothing found" on the reward tab and then addon will stop at reward select list. Sometime you may find this useful.

Debug: let me see what will be looted
If not sure about addon behavior with selected option you may check "Debug" option. Addon will inform you about its decision without actually looting anything.

Reset, reset them all!!!
If thing went wrong and you just want to see default settings press reset button on the main tab and then press "Ok" button. "Ok" is required or no miracle will happen.

Toggle key
If you need to interact with an NPC without accepting or completing quests, the "toggle key" allows you to. Press it and click on NPC and all quest will be ignored. The key works only for one interaction and if you want to completely turn addon off you have to check the corresponding check-box.

Quest finishing text
If you want to read quest final text check the "show reward text" option. The story will appear in a chat window.

Command line
Sorry, it is hard to keep command line clear while s much option exists. Now only these two are left:

/au - opens configuration window
/au on|off - enables or disables aadon

Darkmoon Faire
Do you recall that annoying mage who begs for 30 silver to teleport you back to the cannon? This addon Addon can pay him his dirty money and send you back just as you click on dat gnome. Games also require you to accept quest and then click on NPC and press "start the game" option but it can be automated also. Select "start the game" in addon options.

This addons benefits from Alvana, QuickBASIC, theondry ideas. Thanks, guys. Please, tell your friends about addon, press Like Button or tweet about it. Best author reward is too see that his work is useful.
See SimplestAntispam addon if you get tired of 360km\h city chat and spam!

-- tiller's quest ignore
-- fixed autoequip for low-level chars
-- fixed auto-equip item level detection
-- added groceries quests
-- a lot of darkmoon improvements
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