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Ize Tidyplates (Neon Theme Reworked!)  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 1.0
by: Savantielle [More]

This is a remake of the Neon (Damage) theme. I'm semi colorblind and couldn't see the colors very good so I changed the opacity and some other things to make it easier for me to see. It's a very minimalistic theme and easy to use.

Thanks for the original Neon, all credits and pictures etc go to the original author ofc! If this violates anything (didn't get a hold of the author) I'll remove the files asap. Hope someone finds it useful!

Edit: Accidently uploaded it as a patch instead of an addon. My first mod so please be gentle

Edit2: Noticed I haven't fixed the "highlight target" picture, will do so in the next release or if it bothers someone (not using it personally). Also, you need to rename the folder "TidyPlates_Neon", otherwise it will not work.

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Question TidyPlates Debuff Size/Rows

Hi there,

I would like to use Tidy Plates again in the new ChertiUI version but first I would like to change one little thing.

I've managed to re-size high and width from debuff icons over the nameplates already but I haven't figured out how I can change the debuffs per row.

To show you what I mean here's a picture:

Acutally the DebuffWidget.lua file looks like:

-- Set Anchors	
AuraIconFrames[1]:SetPoint("LEFT", frame)
for index = 2, 3 do AuraIconFrames[index]:SetPoint("LEFT", AuraIconFrames[index-1], "RIGHT", 5, 0) end
AuraIconFrames[4]:SetPoint("BOTTOMLEFT", AuraIconFrames[1], "TOPLEFT", 0, 8)
for index = 5, 6 do AuraIconFrames[index]:SetPoint("LEFT", AuraIconFrames[index-1], "RIGHT", 5, 0) end
How the screenshot already tells you I would like to show 4 instead of 3 debuffs in a row.

If the addon should reach nearly perfection it would be nice if you could add an option like "sort debuffs by time-remaining" as well.

Thank you in advance!
// Cherti - www.cherti.de
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