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RantTooltip: ChameleonTip

Version: 1.1
by: Avitus [More]

ChameleonTip is an information rich yet minimalistic, elegant looking layout/extension for RantTooltip.

The purpose of ChameleonTip is to provide all the information you need at a glance in a slim package, without overloading you with redundant/useless data, gigantic multi-line formatting or colors that make no sense.

*You have to delete the RantTooltip_Layout folder after you install the base RantTooltip addon in order for the ChameleonTip Layout to take effect. The author of RantTooltip is aware of this and is planning on providing a proper layout selection option soon.*


  • RantTooltip is required for ChameleonTip layout to work, don't leave home without it!
  • Optional: There's no supplied options menu. If you don't like editing .lua files, get RantTooltip Options which adds GUI options to move the tooltip, anchoring, scaling, fonts, etc.

Why ChameleonTip?
  • Chameleons are pro, they have meaningful coloring!
  • ChameleonTip is inspired by CowTip and an extensive conditional script I had written for it. After CowTip was abandoned and started to show signs of age I was unable to find another tooltip addon that provided the same scripting support, or at the very least didn't look like someone had plastered crayon soaked A4 pages all over my screen. Tooltips are a matter of taste, this is my effort at providing what I believe to be an exceptionally good looking and useful Tooltip addon.

  • Extremely lightweight: ChameleonTip (~24 KB) + RantTooltip (~54 KB) use less than ~80 KB memory combined.
  • Reactive colors: Every color used has a meaning. Name/Guild/NPC/level faction change colors depending on PvP status, hostility, reputation, difficulty, etc.
  • No need to memorize what colors mean, they are all designed to make sense right out of the box and follow the same colors used by default in WoW (when available).
  • Targets-target: Right aligned Targets-target display for easy visiblity.
  • Spec: Displays spec name right next to the class if within inspect range.
  • Special color guild names of people in your guild (green).
  • AFK/DND indicators.
  • Guild ranks: Shows guild ranks next to guild names. You can tell if the person you're hovering over is an officer, a member or just some random alt/social. Bonus: Some guilds use funny rank names.
  • Title filter: Most titles in WoW are pointless fluff, seeing that someone has "Jenkins", "of the Exodar" or "Merrymaker" is meaningless. On the other hand seeing that someone is a "Gladiator" inherently contains some useful information as it probably indicates a certain level of skill, or for example "the Insane" which indicates high dedication/crazy farmer. ChameleonTip will filters out fluff titles or titles that are too common (including PvE-kill related) and only light up when a rare/information loaded title is detected. At the moment only the following titles are displayed: Gladiator and all Rank 1 Gladiator titles, Arena Master, Battle Master, old school Grand Marshal/High Warlord, Scarab Lord, of the Alliance/Horde, the Insane.
  • Clear, visible yet unobtrusive HP/power bars.
  • No redundancy: No information is ever duplicated or redundant, every bit of text/coloring carries an inherent meaning. For example: No need to color names by class if you're already coloring the spec/class text by class, instead the name coloring provides hostility/PvP status information.

Who should use ChameleonTip?
  • PvP players: Being able to see who or what someone is targeting, what their HP/power levels are without having to drop your current target and selecting them is of huge benefit. Title filter allows you to instantly recognize potentially skilled players.
  • Tanks: Tanking 10 mobs and not sure which one of them isn't targeting you? Just quickly wave your mouse over the clump of mobs and look for the one that isn't targeting "YOU" or another tank.
  • Raiders: Easily recognize low HP mobs. Find tanked targets quickly so you know it's safe to switch to them. Read your threat level on different mobs without having to tab through targets. Know the specs of other players around you at a glance, without having to inspect them.
  • Everyone else: Get the information you need at the blink of an eye. No need to keep flipping through targets or clicking and inspecting. Sensible color tagging and formatting does that all for you.

  • Stuck, the author of RantTooltip for the base code and a lot of useful tips.
  • CowTip/DogTags for the inspiration and some code ideas.
  • My guild members who beta tested this for bugs (thanks Xirana/Migos!) and all the random people in BGs I took shameless tooltip screenshots of!

  • If you find a bug or have an idea, suggestion, comment on how to improve ChameleonTip (while remaining true to its minimalistic nature), feel free to drop me a line in the Comments section!

  • Fixed error when player is not in a guild.
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A Kobold Labourer
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Glad you like it, let me know if you find any bugs or have suggestions.

Tell your friends! *cough*
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Unread 05-15-10, 11:30 PM  
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I loved cowtips and was sad when it stopped. I now love this, thank you. It works great
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