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Warlords of Draenor (6.0.3)
Warlords of Draenor Pre-Patch (6.0.2)
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CLC Retribution Modifications for WoW 6.0.3 (2 files)

Version: CLCRet v. mod
by: adeya [More]

Saturday, 8 November 2014

The two files in this package are for CLCRet (not for CLCProt!) pending issue of further updates by the official maintainer, abija (on Curse.com) They replace two corresponding files in the most recent update released by abija. You must first replace any outdated CLCRet files with the following update to resolve issues for which there is no remedy in the two files in this package:

The text of the README file included with the two others:

NOTICE: you must have abija's CLCRet-v. installed to use the two files in this package. They are valid only for that release, and they may or may not function correctly for any other. The files have been modified to include all of the previous Divine Storm actions, in addition to the ones for the armor tier 16 4-piece set which abija included in his release. Also added is an action for Hammer of the Righteous (hotr) in rotation.lua, and a configurable "clash" resolution setting for HotR in options.lua.

In fairness to abija and to you: all actions in rotation.lua were used during WoW 5 Mists of Pandaria. Some are likely to be be inappropriate for WoW 6.x, because of the significant changes in the attributes of armor, of weapons, and of their characteristics or "stats" which Blizzard has made.

That said, I am not aware of any particular change to Divine Storm or to Hammer of the Righteous that would merit omitting actions for them from action priority sequences entirely. Usually, actions for Divine Storm in multi-target sequences simply replace their counterparts for Templar's Verdict in single-target sequences. Regardless, using some of the actions that are in rotation.lua might not produce optimal DPS, and perhaps could reduce it from what it would be if they were not used. That possibility includes actions for Templar's Verdict as well as ones for Divine Storm.

As we progress into Warlords of Draenor, you must become acquainted with the main "article" for Retribution paladins at ElitistJerks.com. It will help you enormously in many ways. Theorycrafters are no doubt already at work with the most recent release of SimC for WoW 6.0.2 to discover the best single-target and multi-target rotations, at least for Level 90 and, eventually, Level 100.


First, save the existing files in the following locations just in case you need them in the future:

These files replace ....\Addons\CLCRet\retmodule\otpions.lua
............ and ....\Addons\CLCRet\retmodule\rotation.lua


--- Adeya, player of Paladin Dyeimiadeya (AKA Quark365 on Curse.com)

nil carborundum illegitimi
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Post Re: rotation not working

Originally Posted by worldlee
All the addon on my screen is doing in the rotation is, judgement and crusader striker over and over again whats going on? something need changed any info would be appreciated.
What you are seeing is what abija leaves as an "example" for the action priority sequence. It has one action for Crusader Strike and another for Judgment. He does that because he knows that if he offered a more complete example, ignorant players will use it. But they will fail to do as well as they should. Then they would not blame themselves, they would blame abija.

So, you must be willing to spend a lot of time and effort to learn how to play a raiding paladin, not just how to use the software. WoW is a complicated game. CLCRet makes it easier to play, but like any tool, you must learn how to use it and recognize its limitations.

First, you must visit Elitist Jerks and read about the priority for using your paladin's retribution spec abilities:



If you do not read that Concordance post, then you will not understand what an action priority sequence is and how to compose one. Where to enter it into CLCRet:

(1) On the chat window command line enter the following: /clcret

(2) In the column on the left side of the UI screen, select the Rotation page.

(3) It should open to a tab labeled Priority.

(4) Beneath the long list of actions that you can use in the priority sequence, there is a long, narrow, dark box stretching across the area.

(5) Beginning on the left end of the box, enter each action that you want to use in the priority that you want to use it. Follow each one with a blank space to separate it from the one that follows, if any.

(6) When you finish, press the <Enter> key on your keyboard or click the Okay button that shows up at the end of the box after you start entering a sequence.


--- Adeya

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rotation not working

All the addon on my screen is doing in the rotation is, judgement and crusader striker over and over again whats going on? something need changed any info would be appreciated.
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