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Warlords of Draenor Pre-Patch (6.0.2)
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Version: 6.01 WoD
by: OttoDeFe [More]

LDB Plug-in that shows pitch and true horizontal speed. It's a cobbled port of RadarGun (with a couple of extras) and could prolly be done better, but it does what I wanted.

It'll play sounds when your moving through the air on a flying mount. To disable the sounds, set wind = 0 on line 19.

Thanx to:

Kemayo and break19 for Broker Speed - got the icon shifting code there.

Allara for LDB_PitchSpeed - the base of the LDB portion.

Taurdoc for RadarGun, which is quite the spiffy little thing on its own - I just wanted it as a plug-in. Got the code for the speed determination and the pitch color changes from him.

Antiarc for Winded

As I have pert-near no code talents, if you want to help me clean it up, please do. If any of the authors above want it pulled, just say. I couldn't have mashed this together with out you and all the credit goes to you. The blame for the crying kittens for the final functionality goes to me.


I saw a request for the pitch text to only display when flying/swimming. Implemented. Works with Chocolate bar for sure, titan Panel not so much. Haven't tried Docking Station, but can't see where there'd be an issue

6.01 Fixed the sounds.
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Jaim Sandar
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New or same?

Is this the same as your Broker_Aileron? Does it work with 4.3.4 live? Different name and version numbering?

Thank you.

I think I answered my own questions: I loaded it in my AddOns folder, but it doesn't show up in the AddOns list in game.

Back to the old version, thank you again. I really like Aileron.
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