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The Adventure Continues (6.1)
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All Your Base

Version: 1.0.6
by: Recompense [More]

All Your Base: An AddOn for All Your Garrisons
This addon lets you easily and quickly keep track of what's happening on all of your garrisons. It will tell when your garrisons have completed missions, work queues that aren't producing anything, buildings that are finished, and keep track of your garrison cache resources!

How does it work?

  • This addon has two main additions to the Garrison Report:
    • A button on your Garrison Report that is colored red or green, depending on whether you have "work" to do on your current garrison.
    • Click the button to open the All Your Base status report, and see what "work" there is to do on your other garrisons! The report reads as though it's a personalized letter from one of your other characters, complete with racial speech and themes.
  • The addon also lets you get notifications (pop-ups or text, or both) for the following:
    • When a character completes a mission
    • When a character finishes a building
    • When a character finishes a work order queue
    • When a character hits the limit for their Garrison Cache.
What do you mean, "work" left to do?

The addon keeps track of 5 main tasks in your Garrison:
  • Completed missions that you haven't accepted rewards for yet
  • "Idle" missions, or when you have no missions running at all and should send followers on missions
  • Completed buildings that haven't been finalized yet
  • "Idle" work order queues, for buildings that are not currently producing profession materials or garrison resources
  • Garrison Cache amount, to see if you should collect the resources in the cache to avoid them getting full
What can I do with the Status Report?
  • The Status Report shows you a list of the "work" that needs to be done on each of your other characters.
  • Mouse over a character in the "Buildings" or "Work Orders" lists to see specifically what buildings need attention!
  • Click on a character's name in the "Work Orders" section to open up a list of their buildings. Click on a building to "blacklist" it, meaning you won't be notified if that building runs out of work orders.
  • There is also a Settings button in the lower right, for tweaking the report and notifications.
What are the thumbs in the Garrison Report?
  • The thumbs let you toggle the blacklist for each production building. Click to toggle the blacklist on or off.
  • A gold thumbs up means All Your Base will keep an eye on this building and elt you know when it is idle by adding it to your list of "work" to do.
  • A red thumbs down means All Your Base will ignore the building, so even if it's not producing anything it won't be counted as "work."
  • To disable the thumbs entirely, see the Settings (below).
What are all these Settings for?
  • The Settings let you control what type of "work" you track in the report.
  • You can also limit this by character - for example, if you ordinarily want to track idle work order queues, but you have two characters who only sit in their garrisons and collect resources for the Trading Post, then you can choose not to track work order queues for those two characters.
  • See the "ReadMe" included with the addon for more details.
I found a problem or have a suggestion!

Great! Please use the bug report screen found here or the feature request screen found here.


- Added an option to disable notifications from All Your Base if you are in a Battleground or Arena. If a notification happens during that time, it will not be displayed or play a sound. After you leave the Battleground or Arena, you will get a delayed notification only if there was a single notification that was delayed. (In other words, no spew of backlogged notifications.)
- If you disable notifications during combat, you will now only get a delayed notification after leaving combat only if there was a single notification that was delayed. (In other words, there is no longer a queued list of up to 3 notifications.)
- Removed the message about garden and mine node daily resets.
- If you have a building blacklisted, but still do work orders at the building, it will now remain blacklisted. (Previously, the addon would remove the building from the blacklist.)
- Fixed a bug that developed if you use All Your Base with Master Plan versions that include the Garrison Cache on the Garrison Report.



- You can now toggle specific building blacklists for your current character on their Garrison Report by clicking on the gold thumbs up / red thumbs down. If you prefer not to see the toggles, you can disable them in the Settings of the addon, on the Status Report page.
- Fixed a bug that would prevent the addon from recognizing buildings' work orders if you queued them before opening up the Garrison Report.



- Bug fixes for various bugs introduced with ore / herb counts, including references to Frostwall Mines on Alliance characters.



- Resolved several bugs related to the color and tooltip of the "Status Report" red/green button on the Garrison Report. The tooltip should now be accurate and the color should reflect the proper color.
- Blacklist dropdowns in the Status Report are shorter and only include the buildings the character knows.
- Added a new option to the Settings menu to receive sound notifications for completed items.
- Added a new command to the Settings menu ("Re-sync this character's work orders") to allow you to fix problems where a character might have a building producing work orders but All Your Base doesn't recognize it. (This is usually due to lag when you were creating the work order.)
- All Your Base now tracks how many herb / ore nodes are left to collect and counts these tasks as "work" left to do in the Task List tooltip. These options are based off the blacklist for your character's Garden and Mine; for example, if you've blacklisted the Garden, All Your Base will ignore any uncollected herb nodes.
- Cleaned up some debug text that should not have been showing.



- The Status Report button has been moved to the lower left corner of the Garrison Report page, so as not to interfere with placement on lower-resolution setups.
- "Blacklist all Gardens" and "Blacklist all Mines" are options added to the Settings menu in the Status Report.
- If you have more than 7 characters with "work" in a single section of the Status Report, the list now scrolls instead of continuing and overlapping.
- Removed debug messages that would print in the chat frame if you had the option checked for "Do not show notifications during battle."



- All Your Base no longer interferes with Master Plan's "Mission Order:" sort field. (Before, it would always reset this field to "!"). Special thank you to Qazzi on Wyrmrest Accord for the bug report!
- "Idle Work Orders" section on the Status Report changed to "Idle Buildings" to more accurately reflect what the list contains.
- "Work order up!" pop-up notification changed to "Idle Building!" to more accurately reflect what the notification represents.



- Release version!
- Report redone entirely - no more Wall Of Text! Now just bulleted lists, colored by class color.
- The Status Report now closes with "Escape."
- Can track Garrison Resources
- Added color to the Garrison Report button - red or green depending on status of current character's Garrison.
- Options have moved from Interface > Addons to a button in the Status Report.



- Pop-up mission completion notifications for other characters display the character's name, rather than the mission name.
- New slash command: "/ayb erase CHARACTER-SERVER" will erase a character's information from the addon.
- Fixed a bug that could cause mission notifications to not display.
- New options on the "All Your Base" addon tab: choose whether or not you want to be notified at all about completed Garrison items on your other characters. If so, you can also pick whether you want text, pop-up toast window, or both.
- New Character Filter options. Click on the plus sign in "All Your Base" in the Addons tab to access. Here you can filter out specific parts of what All Your Base tracks for each character. This is perfect for ignoring alts that have garrisons that rarely get updated.
- Fixed (for real this time) badly written v0.5.2 code that would cause problems with Garrison Caches until you looted one on your characters.


v 0.5.2

- Fixed badly written v0.5.1 code that would cause errors until you looted your Garrison Cache
- Made the Status Report button prettier (still on the Garrison Report, now looks like an arriving letter.)


v 0.5.1

- The "Status Report" at login option is now disabled by default. It can be enabled though the addon's options, in the game's main settings menu.
- The addon now tracks Garrison Cache resources! There is an option in the addon's options screen to set a limit for the number of resources in your Cache. Once a character hits this limit, an alert will display on your screen. Set the limit to 500 to only be notified when characters have full Caches.
- You can also see which character will hit the resource limit next (and when) by checking the "Status Report."
- Edited the code that generates the status report text to clean up grammar and fix an issue with hanging quotes if you have no work order queues that need attention.
- Fixed a bug that would cause an error upon first login after installation.
- Fixed a bug that would cause an error when you complete an expedited shipment (e.g. your very first work order on a character)
- There is a toggle option to enable more verbose reporting, but this button is disabled for all but Lua experts.


v 0.5.0 - lots of big changes!

- Fixed a bug where Trading Post level 3 work orders were not captured correctly.
- Status reports are now displayed in their own frame, rather than the chat frame. Access them by clicking on the "Status Report" button attached to the Garrison Report.
- Consolidated the "Who's Next" report into the Garrison Report.
- Added support for capturing information about your current character's work orders if you log into a character that the addon has no information for yet.
- Fleshed out racial report text - all races now have at least 3 report introductions!
- Removed the false whisper functionality from the addon, to avoid conflicts with chat mods.
- Status report options now enabled in the normal Game Menu > Addons path.
- You can blacklist buildings that you don't want to be included in Status Reports. While on the character in question, type /ayb blacklist <Name of Building>
- Since there is a small delay between when you start a work order and the information is available to the client, AYB displays a notification when it is finished collecting data for a building's work orders. This is to let you know when it's safe to log off without disrupting the function of the addon. (This can be disabled in the addon's settings.)


v 0.1.1

- Fixed the errors in the work orders (shipments) code, so this piece of the addon should now be functioning correctly.
- Consolidated report for multiple buildings and work orders.
- All Your Base addon messages now prefix with yellow text for visibility.
- Added toast window when a work order on another character is finished and needs attention.


v 0.1.0

- Added shipment tracking to the addon. The addon will notice whenever you start a new work order and determine when all the completed orders will finish. When it does, you will be alerted.
- Added buttons to the Garrison Report screen to trigger a status report or a "what's next?" report.
- Slash commands redone:
- "/ayb next" shows all next items (buildings, missions, shipments)
- "/ayb next [ITEM]" shows only the next [ITEM] (either "mission", "building", or "shipment")
- "/ayb status" shows current progress and completion of all items for all characters
- "/ayb [ITEM]" shows current progress and completion for the specific [ITEM] for all characters (either "mission", "building", or "shipment")

v 0.0.5:

- Fixed a bug where completed missions would persist in your mission log, triggering additional completed notifications. (Thanks much to Ro for the assist in troubleshooting!)
- Slash command support: /ayb
- Slash command /ayb next: Display the character that has the next mission to be completed
- Slash command /ayb status: Check for completed missions and buildings across all characters
- Completed buildings now trigger an alert on your active character and a whisper from the offline character

v 0.0.4:

- Status report generated in whisper, reported by one of your offline characters
- Status report dialects established for future text usage
- Separated Missions from Buildings; beginning to pack in Shipments (Work orders)
- Clean up of variables and changing of saved variables structure
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