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oUF barebones

Version: 0.1.0
by: cerement [More]

First of all: This is NOT a full featured oUF layout!

And yes, you still need oUF to get it to do anything ...

What this is
This is an completely barebones, as close to absolutely minimum, but still working, layout as I could come up with. I am throwing this out as a skeletal framework for any interested oUF layout authors to play with. So, if you want to create your very own oUF layout, download this layout, go read Zork's excellent oUF tutorial. Start pulling things apart, molding them into your new ideal, and have fun!

This is a working layout, but is limited to the following:

  • Player and Target unitframes ONLY
  • Health bar and power bar ONLY
  • Two text strings, one holds level and name, the other holds current health / maximum health
  • There is NO castbar, NO menu, NO icons, NO buffs or debuffs
  • In fact, there just really isn't anything else
But why?
I recently stumbled across Zork's oUF tutorial myself and decided, "What the heck?" Whereas Zork applies a nice clean top-down approach, with his code planned out, properly divided up into modules, configuration and support functions all correctly sorted out, I tend to adopt a sloppier, more ... um ... "organic" bottom-up approach to things. I like to start with a barely working prototype and then start adding features as I need or want them. I love the precision and flexibility oUF provides us. And while some other unitframes provide amazing feature sets and configurability, not everything needs a sledgehammer


This addon wouldn't be possible without the great work of at least these two authors:
Haste for creating and maintaining our favorite unitframe, oUF, and
Zork for writing an extremely clear oUF tutorial

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I appreciate the time and effort you tossed into this going to check it out right now as I have always been interested in creating my own layout and everytime I look at layouts like ouf_classic or lily I get a little lost hopefully, this is simple enough that even I can understand.
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