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JS' Hunter Bar  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 2.4
by: Soren [More]

JSHB Has problems with 4.2 due to a change in the handling of the Blizzard options page.

It requires a lot of re-code.

Please use Serenity, until I can get to fixing it.


- Fix for undocumented change in WoW API causing options errors. (If you have trouble moving the bar - delete saved variables for JSHB!)

- Updated for patch 4.2.
- Serenity is now available on WoW Interface, Curse Gaming and http://gsguild.us.

- Fix for frame unlock for indicator bar error.

- Updated TOC for 4.1.
- Fixed Shadowed Unit Frames MD.
- Fixed 4.1 Combat Log Event changes (thanks for announcing this Blizzard!)
- There's an Indicator now for Aspect.

- Fixed Debuff Alerts to be more consistent. They should always pop up now with their tip, no matter if it's a buff or debuff.
- Added more spell ID's to the spell table for trackers. (ie: Spirit Mend)
- Added Spirit mend duration and cooldown timers as defaults for BM.
- Added custom spell id lists for Tranq alerts, Debuff alerts(Called Auras, can be a buff or debuff now) and Timer Spells.
- Added Global SavedVariables for the custom spells so it's easier for people to send me their files.

- Fixed add timer not working.
- Fixed Misdirection message on mounted unit. Had to hard-code the return message.

- Fixed timers messing up (especially Iconed ones) when editing or adding them.
- Added some X-Perl frames to the list. If these are not all working, please give me exact frame names ("/jsb id" while hovering the frame that's not working with your mouse, i need the frame name from line 1).
- More checks for MD to not improperly spam someone they are on a mount.
- Fixed Call of the Wild tracker.

- Bug fix for adding / editing timers not properly changing to the new variable from 1.97 release.
- Added Blizzard MT frame support for right click MD.

- Fixed color change on target health to actually change. LOL
- Modified MD tells code to properly get target for whisper to avoid LUA error, as well as check for a valid unit that is not a pet, as well as in your party or raid.
- Right Click MD changes to re-assign clicks to the unit frames when a raid or party is changed. (ie: player joins, leaves, etc.)

- Added nUI support for Misdirects.
- Removed global tempVars variable.
- Added in edit boxes to directly manipulate colors in config.
- Added TukUI missing frame names.
- Shortened variable declaration length to shrink addon over all.
- Changed spell tables - Now pet specific spells can be monitored.
- Added icon list (with option for tooltips) to show what buffs can be removed by tranq shot.
- Added in more pet spells.
- More checking for bad saved options.
- Changed table format for timers, true/false on 3rd value can now be 0 / 1 / 2 (numerics) for pet information.
- Changed tooltip anchoring to set parent with no anchor point to possibly fix a minor bug report.
- Made hunter's mark warning show if MFD is the only mark up and under 4s.
- Bug fixed from 1.95 that was not showing the Hunter's Mark warning cooldown counter.
- TukUI variables are now removed from memory after retrieving what JSHB needs.
- Mark reminder will now use the icon for which is fading, defaulting to "Hunter's Mark" icon - MFD icon when it's the only one up.
- Added (pet) identifier in spell list for spells that are meant for checking the pet's buff specifically (mend pet for example).
- Target % on bar is now yellow if greater then 80%, White if less than 80% but greater than 20% and red if 20% or less.
- If your MD target is mounted when you try to MD them, they will be told about it via whisper if cast announces are on.

- Default misdirection channel changed from SAY to Self Whisper when not grouped at all and channel is set to auto.
- Added option to send tell to the misdirection target when threat is transferring and finished.
- Changed hunter mark reminder to sparkle only when in combat and totally hide when in a vehicle.
- Added support for Shadowed Unit Frames for right click misdirects.
- Changed right click misdirects to check for target being alive and not in a vehicle (you or target).
- Fixed type-o in localization.
- Fixed a bug with Hunter's Mark reminder, just a type-o that caused an error in rare situations.

- Minor fix to removal of right click when disabled to re-enable full Blizzard normal functionality.

- Changed TOC file to mark LibSharedMedia-3.0 as an optional dependency so it gets loaded before JSHB if you use it as a separate addone.
- Added clarification to the Misdirection frame about right clicks menus on Blizzard frames (you need to use a modifier to use them if you have Misdirection turned on for that frame set)
- Changed Marked For Death so that you pick up other hunter's MFD on a mob to prevent Hunter's Mark warnings from popping up.
- Added rez sickness as a debuff alert.

- Option added to turn off the bar text representing current focus.
- Added in right click Misdirection option to allow you to right click a frame and have Misdirection cast on on that target.
- Added options pane for Misdirection options.
- Added Misdirection announces and expires to chat channel of choice.
- Added in alliance / horde specific spell definitions and defaults.
- Added support for 3rd party raid frames in addition to the standard Blizzard frames for right click misdirection.
- Added / fixed many debuff alerts, especially herioc abilities.
- Added more missing/requested spells to timer spell list.
- Modified color change on timers to swap from less than 10s to red to less than 4s to red. Thanks, -Aendos @mmo.
- Reverted all pet happyness additions I was in process of adding due to removal of happyness system from game in upcoming patch 4.1.
- Changed stack frame for Survival spec so that it's always visable but blocks are black when no proc is up, or flashing green if a proc remains.
- Added combat check for setMisdirects() function to be sure we don't modify a secure frame attribute in combat. If in combat it will now be called when the player is out of combat.
- Added Animation frame to Debuff Alerts, Hunter's Mark reminder and Tranq Alert in an attempt to make it more noticeable in fights like Heroic Omnotron, etc.

- Minor fix for SharedMedia not registering right under certain circumstances.

- Official bump to release version, no changes made past 1.8995.

- SharedMedia error fix.

- Made focus update like it did in the past, more fluid.
- Fixed type-o in code causing errors. (Font / Texture / Sound)

- Fix for stack overflow error.
- Forgot to rename hard-defined font "Arial" to "Arial Narrow".
- Only allow single iteration of media functions now, so it cannot endless loop. (Rare)

- Bump from Alpha to Beta.
- LibSharedMedia-3.0 fully supported for importing shared variables and exporting my own to other addons. Now you can use any shared textures, fonts and sounds.

- Added general pane option to enable or disable coloring of the timer text (cooldown / duration number) based on actual time remaining.
- Removed "Tranq!" from the top of the tranq alert icon.
- Fixed another dropdown issue in timers in the config panel.

- Fixed bugs reported in 1.896 when new installs (no existing saved variables) were found.
- Fixed a couple other issues that resulted in the code changes.

1.896 Alpha:
- Added scroll bar to select icon index to the timer if it's an icon, hidden if not.
- Found a memory leak in options. This is what I get for using 3rd party code. Fixed most all of it but still need to find another 3.5k leak that happens upon load / exit of the options.
- More debuff alerts added.
- Recoded options to use globals under the global "JSHB" tag.
- Prepared options variables for Load on Demand.
- Options will now destroy all created frames and child frames upon exit. This should fix any memory leaks.
- Fixed more issues with 3rd party code not properly written causing memory leaks.
- Removed unnecessary functions in options.
- Gave more frames names to allow memory clean up.
- Made options Load on Demand. Options panels will no longer be in memory unless you need them. I plan to fully release the options from memory in the future if no longer in use, as well.
- Fixed issue with bar alpha staying max after bar is re-locked in position.
- Added in timer icon indexes, you can now reposition the timer icons to suit your needs.
- Fixed issue for timers being defaulted if you removed all timers from a spec and logged out and back in or reloaded UI.
- Added an additional check for TukUI to be sure the user is on v13 before importing TukUI globals T,C,L.
- Found the memory leak, but I need to do a bunch of recode to get rid of it. Releasing this alpha now, it's better on ram than the current releases anyway. I'll work on this next and the sharedmedia, etc.

1.895 Alpha:
- Stack bars can now be flipped to the top instead of the bottom.
- Scrolling timer icons size will now need to be set, no more auto-setting.
- Preliminary changes for module support.
- Preliminary changes for Load on Demand.
- Tweaks to moving timers to improve functionality.
- Various fixes for alpha values not being of the proper alpha.
- Icon timer frames now created via internal setup calls.
- New movable frame identifier for Icon Timers if they are set to movable (otherwise they are positioned relative to the main focus bar)
- Fixed jittery moving timers (noticeable on serpent sting for example).
- Added option to move the focus number left or right on the bar.
- Modified tick mark for main shot to not bleed over the top or bottom of the focus bar.
- Added stacks for icon timers.
- Removed backdrop from icons, should make them look better and not have a bleed through on the corners.

1.894 Alpha:
- Change spell ID back for freezing trap.
- Options added for upcoming Icon Timers. (Options only, they do nothing as of yet!)
- Locale updates.
- Fix for LUA error involving Crowd Control timers.

1.893 Alpha:
- Created chained functions support for main frame. This *possibly* in the future will allow others to develop modules for JSHB, but also allows easier additions to what the main frame is checking on a timed basis.
- Added in target health to the bar, option to enable or disable as well. Default to on.
- Fixed tooltips not showing on debuff alerts.
- Added scroll bar to general options pane.

1.892 Alpha:
- Fix for unclickable zone created from the debuff alert, since tooltips were added.
- Fix for debuff alert alpha staying at the initial set value and not updating with the bar.
- Fix for Stack bars bugging out when at full proc and UI is reloaded.
- Returned autoshot bar as an option, disabled by default.
- Returned autoshot fire text, but made it independent from the bar being on.
- Changed a lot of variables to be more "johnny-on-the-spot" for response times; meaning all variables are now using current live values as opposed to stored values.
- Modified main bar to be MUCH more responsive by hooking the UNIT_POWER event to trigger a bar update.
- Fix for TukUI erros with the options for it turned on.
- Lowered CPU usage of the addon considerably.
- Added scrollable frame to general options to accommodate the extra options.
- Removed the option to allow timers to follow the top or bottom center lines of the bar to get ready for the icon timers.
- Added self whisper to tranq notification channel selection. Suppresses the outgoing "To:" so you don't get double spammed.
- Added more spells, including Potion of the Tol'Vir for tracking the duration on yourself.

1.891 Alpha:
- Removed autoshot swing bar. No longer necessary as autoshot now fires while moving.
- Autoshot options removed.
- Stack options added to enable or disable it.
- Recode on various timer objects to improve movement and overall flow of timers.
- A lot of code clean-up.
- Added in stack bars to indicate stacks for various specs (BM = Frenzy stacks on pet, MM = Ready, Set, Aim stacks and SV = Lock n' Load Procs remaining).
- Ripped out a lot of useless code.
- Fixed some weird issues with timers that I never noticed before.
- Stack bars flash when at max or are ready for use.

- Debuff alert now has tooltips for hovering over, still non-interactive though.
- If you track the duration of mend pet on yourself, it will actually use the duration on the pet so you can see when it's still healing the pet or expired.
- Removed all checks for OmniCC/NC/etc. so the addon uses it's own cooldown numbers.
- Removed the cooldown wheel effect and just use a number now on icons.
- Minor code changes and enhancements.
- Added in extra checking for TukUI users to be sure it's v13 they are using before unpacking the TukUI variables.
- More spells added.

- Options not being saved is fixed.
- LUA error for hunter's mark fixed.

- Bug fixes for new installs and timer nil errors.
- Bug fixes for Debuff Alert LUA errors.

- Changed the handling of configuration settings. The addon is now more efficient with setting default/initial configuration settings and will also check the values in case something is missing and add it to prevent lua errors for people upgrading non-sequentially in version. Also reduced code size a bit.
- Bug fixes.

- TOC bump
- Movable frames now turn their border or icon green to show you are in movement/unlocked mode.
- Better Tukui support for coloring, thanks to Methyl for pushing it up in priority by offering code.
- Added in a debuff watcher for *select* debuffs. If you want one added that is not there, just ask. Again, this is for select debuffs, not everything.
- Added in full movability of frames related to JSHB. You can now move the tranq, debuff, mark, cc locations all seperate from the bar.

- Released to select testers only.

- TOC update.
- Fixed a mark reminder being triggered while targeting a dead mob (thanks to Aim's (DIFW / Horde / Malfurion ) report)
- Updated French translation, thanks to Fenron EU-Hyjal!
- Added an alert to notify you of a tranq-able buff on a mob (nice for Maloriak!) - I can use more mob locations and names for the alert list, if you run by any in your adventures!
- Made alert frame anchored to the UIParent and seperate from the bar. If this works well, I will make the other frames do the same. Please give feedback on this.
- Added some more spells for tracking, per requests made in mail, forums and comments.
- Changed main shot for Marksman to Aimed Shot instead of Chimera Shot due to the heavier weight it carries.
- Reduced code size slightly (I'll be doing this more and more, again important things first)
- Optimized some code (ongoing).

- TOC / Version bump to stay ahead of the testers.
- Added in blood fury and a couple more spells for timers. By the way, if anyone wants others, just ask. I add them per request or I find they are missing (trinkets cooldowns can even be added, for instance).
- Support for patch 4.0.6 change to trap aura duration of 8s when in pvp with a player controlled unit.
- Added the ability to specify a single channel for tranq shot dispel announces, or automatic (default) as it was before.
- Fixed some coloring issues with the bar when class coloring is turned off.

- Added French translation - thanks to Jøsie on the Les Sentinelles European server (frost.taguilde.net).
- Changed bar update timing to make the timers and autoshot bar look more fluid and not so choppy.
- Changed the way timers show, should look a bit more clear.
- Fixed bug in tranq announce that was showing a dispel message when BM talent Improved Mend Pet removed a buff off pet.
- Added in clickable links to the dispels on tranq announements.

- Fixed drunkness issues - sorry.
- Added more spells.
- Fixes to residual frames for adding timers.
- Fixes to config changes not actually applying.

- Added in game configuration of all addon functions.
- Added tranquilizing shot dispel notification. (from unreleased 1.7)
- RENAMED ADDON to JSHunterBar, you may need to remove the old one.
- Added localization for all languages, just need help on translations, if you can help - please contact me.

- Added tranquilizing shot dispel notification.

- Added in Hunter's Mark warning to remind you to apply mark or that it's getting near fading from the current target.
- Fix CC timers remaining if you leave the trapped or cc'd mob and are out of range of combat logging.
- Made the main shot tick mark able to be turned off via config.lua.
- Moved CC icons in toward the bar a bit to make it look more uniform.
- Fixed center icon timers not showing very well.
- Added OmniCC code for CC timers when the player is not using OmniCC / TukUI / NC.

- Yeah, so I forgot to move a call to the right place, sorry. CC shows properly now.

- Minor fixes, nothing really noticable
- Trap timers for Freezing trap & Wyvern Sting.
- Made autoshot bar a nudge taller.

- Fix for timers not clearing when a mob dies at times.
- Fix for conflicts with Startip and Mountiful.
- Fix for people having framerate drops, due to the conflicts mentioned above.
- Variables renamed in this release, if you made changes to your config.lua, you should manually add the changes to this version again, or edit your version to reflect the 3 renamed variables.
- Localized functions instead of pushing them global.

- Just pushed to release, out of Beta.

1.51 Beta:
- Fix bar issue being black when entering game from char select screen, sorry didn't think to test that before release, will next time though!
- Fix LUA error when unlearning and relearning talents
- Fix talent swap error with max power not being updated.

1.5 Beta:
- Fixed issue with focus bar alpha not being set right on initial game load / player entering game world.
- Added config.lua option to change refresh interval (default is 0.1, ten updates a second)
- Added auto-shot swing timer, can be disabled in config.lua
- Fixed coloring issues, when class colors were not used.
- Added over-cap warning at 80% full focus, changing the bar to orange
- Fixed many issues with coloring when you do not use class coloring, surprised I missed it....
- Fixed memory ramping up on the addon, should stay about 47k with this release
- Added in wyvern sting, widow venom and freezing trap to the cooldown bar, I do plan to track the traps on targets later - I just had too much to do for the other added features; this should be sufficient for the in-between.
- Removed a lot of locals and cleaned the code to be much more memory friendly, should not see issues with extended use if you had in the past.

1.4 Beta:
- Dynamic timers. You can now have more than two tracked items; actually you can track everything you can think of now.
- Movable timer positions. Edit the config.lua to change positions.
- Movable timer text too.
- Icon size can be set via slash command now.
- Misc. bug fixes.

1.3 Beta:
-Fixed talent swap issue. Good thing I thought of it AFTER I released 1.2

1.2 Beta:
-Change default texture from Blizzard to a solid color.
-Allow Timers to specify position on bar,
TOP: Center of icon follows the top line of the frame
BOTTOM: Center of icon follows the bottom line of the frame
ABOVE: Icon rests above the bar, bottom of icon 1 pixel above frame top
BELOW: Icon rests below the bar, bottom of icon 1 pixel above frame bottom
- Fixed a bug where your 1st timer was not showing unless you reloaded you UI.
- Added slash command to change icon size, 0 = default (i prefer default!)
- Added more options in the config.lua to allow the icons and timer to be repositioned.
- Modified frame positioning code to be more efficient and smarter.

1.1 Beta:
-Fix for Survival tree bug with Black Arrow. Type-o on my part.

1.0 Beta:
-Initial release.
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Unread 07-27-11, 04:21 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
Panna's Avatar

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This stinks, I had everything perfect and was able to change the texture of the bar (something I couldn't figure out in serenity), and to see it broken makes me sad.
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Unread 06-30-11, 05:06 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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OK folks. JSHB is broken due to needing a major recode becuase of un-announced API changes in the Blizzard Options Panel ADD function.

Serenity works and is now in release.

I have no ETA on when I will recode JSHB.
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Unread 06-29-11, 01:53 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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2.4 is up now to fix the issue with options.

I suggest switching to Serenity, as it's now my main and only focus other than keeping JSHB working with patches.

http://gsguild.us for Serenity support in forums, and available here and Curse.
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Unread 06-28-11, 10:52 PM  
A Fallenroot Satyr
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

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This is such a useful mod for Hunter's!

Have you ever considered making one like it for Rogue's?

It would be so awesome!
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Unread 05-31-11, 04:43 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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I'm trying to get this addon to track my cooldown for Synapse Springs but it doesn't seem to want to work. i've tried adding the spell manually in the custom spell thing, and then also noticed you had it in the drop-down list of pre-set ones. However each time when I say to track the CD on player above it doesn't show the little icon going across the top like with my other abilities. The duration seems to work fine, but truth be told besides Serpent Sting I don't find duration tracking very useful.

Anyone got any ideas?
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Unread 05-28-11, 08:38 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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[quote]Originally posted by JS
[b]Yes, it's working correctly - But I am still torn about this.

I would like to see an option where a timer shows the duration of the misdirect once it is activated.
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Unread 05-16-11, 06:54 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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I leveled my hunter just for something to do and to have a skinner/LW for money and I fell in love with the class.

I am new to Hunter specific addons and this one is by far the best one I have seen but I am having some trouble. I tried to unlock the bar to move it up more into my focus but cannot seem to figure out how. I unchecked the unlock button but still cannot move it. I also cannot seem to get hunters mark and freezing trap to the sides of the bar. They appear on the bottom left and bottom right and stay there at all times. I know it is something I am missing but cannot figure out what.

Thanks for any help and again....sweet addon.
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Unread 05-13-11, 12:28 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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Is it possible to create a lightweight version with only the Tranqshot and misdirect applications?

Having played my hunter since beta I already have most of the features you provide covered and if possible I'd rather not change up my UI any more than I have to (progression raiding is not a good time to learn a new UI, haha).

However, you're addon does provide two features that I'd love to have without having the full addon installed.

I understand if you cannot or willnot do it but I'd thought I'd ask.
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Unread 04-22-11, 09:20 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

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Yes, these will be available in the new version. Working on all that now.

Your OPTIONS addon in the control panel is not enabled for your toon.
Try ^
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Unread 04-13-11, 10:27 PM  
An Aku'mai Servant
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

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A couple of features

First, wonderful addon! Thank you!

There's a couple of features I'd like to see if possible. I know someone over on curse has asked for the first one already.

Can we get a Serpent Sting reminder similar to the Hunters Mark reminder?

Can we get a "You left your pet in Passive, idiot!" reminder? (Yeah, I do so regularly, usually when I pull it off a mob that someone ignored my mark on and attacked while my pet was inbound).

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Unread 04-13-11, 06:32 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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JSHB Options Load on Demand Error!

I love this addon, but I can't access the options. . . when I try to get to them via the interface gui window or by typing in jsb config, I get the following error:

JSHB Options Load on Demand Error!

Running 2.0 but this happened with my previous version too. .. help!
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Unread 04-13-11, 06:31 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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JSHB Options Load on Demand Error

I love this addon, but I can't access the options. . . when I try to get to them via the interface gui window or by typing in jsb config, I get the following error:

JSHB Options Load on Demand Error!

Running 2.0 but this happened with my previous version too. .. help!
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Unread 04-08-11, 11:24 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Serenity Update.


There is a good description of what's coming in the new addon here.
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Unread 04-02-11, 10:44 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Originally posted by Sintacks
Why is the limit for width 400px...

I need 420 (i think.. maybe more) to be the same width as my cast bars :|
I'll change this, going to need a bit of time to recode the current project.

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Unread 04-02-11, 10:43 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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JS' Hunter Bar news....

I've written the indicator frame addition to the bar to display the current aspect or a circle with a slash for none. In the future I'll make it prettier.

While coding this, I decided to make it so that I can add more indicators very easily, no matter what they are, no matter what player class.

While doing this, I gave some more consideration to coding in a way to support other classes.

That conceived "Serenity". Serenity will be the new JS' Hunter Bar in the near future, supporting more classes and allowing me to correct things I never liked when I wrote the code. The options will be fully re-written and more comprehensive. Things will be divided up in groups properly.

Will this make the addon bigger? Yes and No. It will have way more in features.

Every single feature of the addon will now be modular.
... this means if you do not want the focus bar, don't turn it on, you can even remove the portion of the addon that supplies it, therefore never using memory that is not needed.

This will allow me to update quicker, keep code segments smaller, as well as supply others the ability to very easily write additions or mods for the addon.

I hope everyone likes the upcoming change, as it should now meet the requests and concerns that I have gotten messages and PM's about.

I will need to have new localization done for languages other than English, but that shouldn't be a big deal.

If you have feature requests, now is the time to post them, as I'll be following this threat to watch for them.

I already plan on adding in more tick marks on the focus bar that you can set yourself.

One thing that I will be doing is changing the spell selection. I am currently looking to list all known spells so that you can select from a list in the options, but I am not sure how feasible this is yet. It may end up being a spell ID lookup where you just enter the spell ID for the timer you want to create.

Hope you all like the news, looking forward to feedback.
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