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Xed's UI Compilation!

Version: v3
by: Xedeffen [More]


Here is my compilation of addons included in the UI that I use.

To install this UI:

1. Simply extract the folders to your desktop, you will now have a 'WTF' and 'Interface' folder.
2. Backup your current 'WTF' and 'Interface' folders just in case.
3. Drop the two folders from your desktop into the WoW directory e.g.'C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft'
4. Run the Curse client to make sure all addons are up to date.
5. 5 Boot your game, make sure all addons are loaded.
6. A small window should prompt you and say 'New character detected - Load XedUI?' (or something similar, depends on the version.)
7. Click yes and everything should reload.
8. Done! If you have any questions or problems with this feel free to direct message me on Twitch.tv/Xedeffen


I don't own any of these addons, credits to their respectful creators.

Addon List:

- AddonSkins
- AskMrRobot
- Auctioneer Suite
- Auctionator
- Battleground Targets
- ConsLegion
- Deadly Boss Mods (Full Suite)
- ElvUI Suite
- FactionAddict
- GarrisonMissionManager
- Gladius
- Handy Notes
- Handy Notes Legion Treasures
- Handy Notes Draenor Treasures
- Informant
- Master Plan
- Master PlanA
- MikScrollingBattleText
- MSBTOptions
- nibProfileLoader
- Omen
- OmniBar
- Overachiever
- Postal
- Recount
- RecountSkinByNth
- Reflux
- SideBar
- Stubby
- TidyPlates
- WeakAuras
- WorldQuestList

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