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Updated:10-21-10 12:39 PM

Satrina Buff Frames 3  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 3.1.25
by: Satrina, father0fnine

SBF has a maintainer!
I have to say, I am amazed by the number of people who just kept plugging along. It makes me feel bad that I do not have the time to keep working on this myself - you guys are all awesome! The good news is that a new maintainer has been found. Meet father0fnine, who is taking over SBF. I'm sure you'll all show him as much love as you showed me all these years

SBF 3.2 with clickable buffs
Go here: http://www.wowinterface.com/download...o.php?id=12524

Version 3.1.25
+ "my" filters are fixed
+ Added support for thrown weapon poisons
+ Poisons, totems, etc. should not cause errors in filters anymore
+ Added "id" filter type
+ Spells tab works again
+ Added option in the spells tab to show/not show buffs by spellID
+ Added options in the global tab to show default buff frame and default enchant frame
+ SBFOptions will now make the background for names visible when configuring to help you not overlap the icons when positioning (which can cause clicks on icons to not register)

Version 3.1.24
- Sadly, clicking off of buffs is not fated to be at this time. Disabled for now

Version 3.1.23
+ Fix an error when tracking is enabled

Version 3.1.22
+ Added "id" filter for spell ID numbers
+ You should now be able to click off player buffs
+ Fixed problems with the colour picker
+ You can now remove/edit filters
+ You should be able to rename buff frames without error now
- You will not be able to click off temporary enchants or totems
- When you rename a buff frame, the old name will still appear in ButtonFacade's list until you reload UI or restart

Version 3.1.21
- Update for WoW 4.0
- The scale slider has finally been removed. Use the individual sizing mechanisms on the tabs, and set spacing between buffs on the layout tab
- Some performance tweaks courtesy of [email protected]
- You won't be able to click off buffs (same with pretty much all buff addons right now)

Version 3.1.20
- Fix an error for new users introduced by 3.1.19

Version 3.1.19
- Fixed an error between SBF and Parrot
- Increased maximum number of buff frames

Version 3.1.18
- Reworked temporary weapon enchants somewhat. They should work a lot better now
- Fixed a problem where ButtonFacade users could not rename frames
- Fixed an error during buff updates when fast bar is enabled (line 177)
- Some performance tweaks
- The SBF entry in the Interface panel now has a button to launch SBF options rather than just clicking on the name
- Fixed a bug where the tracking type icon would not update when the tracking type was changed

Version 3.1.17
- Hopefully fixed ButtonFacade problems

Version 3.1.16
- More work on castable filters
- Buff timers and bars should refresh correctly when first appearing in frames

Version 3.1.15
- Fix dumb error in 3.1.14

Version 3.1.14
- Fix for castable filter (that should fix up out my filters as well)
- Added option for icon opacity
- If you set a the height of a frame's bars to be greater than its width, the bar will automatically become vertical (experimental)
- Totems and weapon enchants should work correctly with my filters now

Version 3.1.13
- Player and vehicle buffs are now separated correctly (this fixes the stack count problem)
- Added a vehicle (v) filter for filtering your vehicle's effects
- Added an option on the General tab to have player blacklist buff frames show vehicle buffs when mounted
- The spellsteal (s) filter works correctly now.
- Added the player (player) filter that will filter effects cast by players
- Added the NPC (npc) filter that will filter effects cast by NPCs
- Added the party (party) filter that will filter effects cast by members of your party or raid
- You can now toggle buff names to show tooltips when hovered over
- Added frame visibility options for solo, party, raid, party or raid, friendly, and hostile
- Using !~ in filters (n!~xyz, tt!~abc) will now work correctly
- SBFOptions now has localisation for koKR (submitter did not give locale file for SBF itself)
- Some other small bug fixes

Version 3.1.12
* When SBF can determine the caster of an effect, it will put the name in the effect's tooltip
* The list on the Spells tab should populate correctly now
* The tt filter should function correctly now
* Fixed a condition where SBF would sometimes not be able to determine a border colour for ButtonFacade skinned icons and an error would occur

Version 3.1.11
* Fix errors when creating/removing frames

Version 3.1.10
* Fix that error with temporary enchantments

Version 3.1.9
* Fixed an error when checking castable status (SBFUtil line 86)

Version 3.1.8
* Fixed an error where size limited frames get the wrong buffs
* Some small fixes for ButtonFacade. Some skins will still not get border colours. I've sent a message to StormFX to see if there's something I am missing or if it's just an inconsistency with some BF skins
* Added the ability for users to add custom sounds for expiry warnings. See SatrinaBuffFrame/Media/SBFSounds.lua for directions
* When changing SBF profiles, the list of frames shown in ButtonFacade setup will update correctly

Version 3.1.7
3.1.7 is version bookkeeping to keep in sync with a massive fubar I had at Curse

Version 3.1.6
* Bars should no longer jump directly from 00:01 to 00:00
* Buff flows will no longer reset when you re-enter the options after setting them up
* Fixed an error that was occuring for new users and people converting from 3.0, preventing them from using SBF
* Buff icons changing from debuffs to buffs due to buff flowing should have their borders re-coloured correctly now
* You can now have SBF try to fix corrupted saved variables for the current character by using /sbf fix
* You can now reset the profile for the current character by using /sbf reset

Version 3.1.5
* TOC version has been updated for WoW 3.1 :rolleyes:
* SBF will no longer allow you to try and flow buffs for different units. (There's no way to make that work without a major code revamp)
* Buff and Name help in non-English localisations has been updated with the current English version. Translators will need to re-translate them
* ha filters should behave a little bit better now
* Vehicle buff frames will update and clear when you exit a vehicle
* Hopefully (hopefully!) the overextending bar thing is gone finally.
* SBF and SBFOptions now has an actual licence besides All Rights Reserved. Check out licence.txt in the zipfile, or read online: http://evilempireguild.org/SBF/licence.php

Version 3.1.4
* Code change for my filters to work correctly with WoW 3.1
* Added an option to reverse cooldown sweeps
* Flashing buffs should not go insane in combat
* You should be able to dismiss weapon enchants/poisons correctly now

Version 3.1.3
* Cases where the first buff in a frame cannot be clicked should be fixed for real now
* Shaman weapon imbues should not get moved into frames using the to filter any more
* Cooldown sweeps should not flicker in combat now
* Cooldown sweeps should not occasionally cause an error

Version 3.1.1
* Because it wouldn't be an SBF release without me forgetting something ridiculous, SBF will no longer say "hi" to you when you click on a buff
* Added vehicle to the list of units for buff frames on the general tab

Version 3.1.0
* Filters now work completely for any unit
* In addition to assigning a unit to each frame, each frame is designated as holding buffs or debuffs, and is designated as a whitelist or a blacklist
* Each frame now maintains its own filter list
* Filters now work with the whitelist or blacklist setting for the frame
* A dropdown allowing you to select from commonly used filters is now available
* The filter system has been simplified, read the SBF site for details
* Timers, counts, and names can now have their frame level adjusted (allows you to ensure that things appear on top of each other correctly)
* You can now name your buff frames, and the name appears in the drag tabs
* You can size buff icons
* You can set bar height
* Buff bars can show tooltips when hovered over, and can dismiss effects when right clicked
* Bars should not occasionally go insane when buffs are refreshed anymore
* Timers should always update in a timely manner in combat
* The filter evaluator has been rewritten for performance
* You can put a cooldown sweep (like on action bars) on buff icons
* Some other performance enhancements

Version 3.0.7
- Tweak to re-get buffs when a buff's time left reaches 0
- ButtonFacade settings saved in SBF's saved vars
- Tweak timer and bar updates
- Add new zhCN and zhTW locale files
- Account for multiple separate buffs with same name

Version 3.0.6
- Fix pets and other units coming and going

Version 3.0.5
- Fix for when party members leave so that buff frames clear correctly
- Add Name options trunc, chop, of
- Add zhCN and zhTW locales
- Add option to display N/A as time for auras
- Castables are stored separately by class now

Version 3.0.4
- Really fix the problem from 3.0.2

Version 3.0.3
- Fix error from 3.0.2 where frames are not regenerated when changing buff count

Version 3.0.2
- Performance tweaking
- Fix an intermittent error with ButtonFacade

Version 3.0.1
- Fix an error when temp enchants reach 0 time
- Add time left on temp enchants to their tooltips

Version 3.0.0
- Add SBF button to Interface panel
- Fix so Sentry Totems are not destroyed when right clicked
- Fix so frames with out of combat visibility do not flash in combat
- Fix so flowed buffs actually use the expiry settings of their home frame
- Promote to release version

Beta 15
- Fix an error when removing frames
- Adjustments to buff sorting
- Removed ButtonFacade debug messages
- Fix for debuffs that don't report their type properly
- Make sure that weapon enchant buff index is always valid

Beta 14
- Fix filters for harmful effects by type
- Fix some totem problems
- Add option to track totem timers when out of range
- Add option to not track totems that do not give buffs
- Fix buff sorting error for totems

Beta 13
- Add an option on the Globals tab to disable ButtonFacade for SBF only
- Some performance tweaking

Beta 12
- ButtonFacade is back!
- Fixed a problem where buffs would overflow frames sometimes
- Re-fix unit debuffs
- Added "my" filter

Beta 11
- ButtonFacade is still disabled
- Fix a couple of in your face problems from beta 10

Beta 10
- ButtonFacade is still disabled
- Added throttling to the event input to reduce unnecessary extra work when buffs are coming and going quickly
- Fixed an error where the Copy From dropdown never got updated
- Some general performance enhancements

Beta 9
- ButtonFacade is still disabled
- The auras have max time option should work correctly
- Time remaining filters should work now
- When a frame fills, it should correctly discard extra buffs
- Frame visiblity options Always, In Combat, Out of Combat, and Never are available again. Mouseover is currently removed.
- Random other fixes and tweaks

Beta 8
- Fix an error in SBFOptions when ButtonFacade is loaded

Beta 7
- Disabled ButtonFacade support for the time being
- Buff flashing when expiring fixed
- Mirror buffs should work correctly now
- New users should not have problems with profiles not being saved
- Some profiling fixes for performance

Beta 6
- The positioning window is hopefully now in a more obvious place
- Positioning window also has labels now!
- Profile stuff now works
- Fixed an error where you could sometimes only adjust positions of items in frame 1
- Increased the maximum scale to 3.0 times
- The spells tab works normally again for setting up show in frame/always warn (though filter diagnosis is broken currently)
- cyCircled support should be back again

- Beta 5
- ButtonFacade colours should save now
- Tooltips should be correct when buffs fade
- Fixed some bugs

Beta 4
- More tweaking of sticky tab in options
- ButtonFacade should work now
- Few small fixes from the known issues list

Beta 3
- Redid the sticky frames interface in SBFOptions
- Added ability to colour names of debuffs separately from buffs

Beta 2
- Added new timer formats
- Very early and basic work on sticky frames.
- Stability fixes

Beta 1
- Weapon enchants should work right now
- Totems should appear correctly now. Won't disappear when you go out of range, though
- A bit of fixing in the 2.x saved variables conversion
- You shouldn't see errors with ButtonFacade now

Beta 0 (fixed)
- Fixed load order in embeds.xml for people who have no other Ace3 addons

Beta 0
- Conversion to Ace3
- Many new features
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Unread 12-13-07, 09:50 AM  
A Theradrim Guardian
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Please post screenies!
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Unread 12-13-07, 12:06 AM  
A Cyclonian
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RC3 is up. It's been very stable for me for the past week while questing and raiding as warrior/mage/warlock, so hopefully it won't blow up the moment you all start playing with it

Things I'm really looking for in testing:

1) Shaman. Specifically enhancement shaman, who for some reason seem to give this thing a real workout. My roommante nailed down a bunch of errors that I have fixed, but if someone has an enhance shaman and can give it a more testing, I'd appreciate it.

2) Another thing I'd really like to nail down is temporary item enchantment names (wizard oil, sharpening stones, etc.) The basic problem is that there is no way to ask WoW what the name of the temporary enchantment on your weapon is (I've asked for them to put in a way to ask for this, hopefully they'll give it to me). What I have to do is create a tooltip for the item, then examine each line in the tooltip until I find it. The problem I'm having is that sometimes when I set the item in the tooltip, WoW comes back and says the tooltip has no lines to read. You will recognise when it happens because your temp enchants will suddenly be named "Temp Enchant 16" and "Temp Enchant 17". You can help by posting here with what was going on when this happened to you. I had originally thought it happened when you zoned into an instance, but that doesn't seem to be it, at least not consistently.

D-Fens: Glad you like the addon! =)
Filters are indeed cool, but not everyone needs them or wants to learn them. In any case, the spell list is used for other things. For example, there is no way to ask what the full duration of a buff is, so SBF needs to keep track of it for the d/D filter (so filters do use it), as well as for expiration warnings. I've actually asked for the ability to ask WoW for a buff's duration so that I don't need to keep track of it myself. Hopefully they'll add it.

Also, the bug you encountered with d/D filters is still around. It will be fixed with RC4, hopefully tomorrow (well, later today!)
Last edited by Satrina : 12-13-07 at 12:36 AM.
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Unread 12-12-07, 08:21 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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first of all really nice addon ! i love it ! THX

second: RC2.1 errors.. millions of these :

..Addons..SatrinaBuffFrame..SatrinaBuffFrame.lua: in line 1364 - 1384: attempt to index global 'buff' (a nil value)

they occur when i select some form of Sorting via choicebox in tab 'Layout (Frame1)'.. aka 'Time Ascending', 'Name Descending' etc. - other then 'None' for any bar that has buffs in it. On any Char of mine, also independent of other addons. If i leave it on 'None' everything else works fine(almost).

third: RC2.1 error.. (its one example ..there are more)

..Addons..SatrinaBuffFrame..SatrinaBuffFrame.lua: 1847: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'duration' (a nil value)

occurs when i use an arithmetic filter like 3 : D <1 (freakin smilies )
yet 3:R<1 works fine

and finaly i have a question:
why a database of all buffs and spells? those nice filteroptions do the trick just fine... me thinks .. or not? i hope you are not considering to get rid of the arithmetic filters and do a database spell goes here or there choice filter ... ! really like the arithmetic filters !

have a nice day
Last edited by D-Fens : 12-12-07 at 08:37 AM.
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Unread 12-04-07, 09:15 AM  
A Cyclonian
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I've got a bunch of work piled on me so the next beta release will be later this week, probably the weekend.
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Unread 12-04-07, 08:04 AM  
A Defias Bandit

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i hope you get the new version ready soon .. i like the old version alot
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Unread 12-03-07, 05:30 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Sweet cant wait to see nest release
Keep up a the great work!!!
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Unread 11-26-07, 01:18 AM  
A Cyclonian
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A quick status update:

What I had intended to be a quick first pass at CPU profiling ended up being complete reworking of the way some aspects of the buffs are handled that led to better code and better performance. Definitely better to get that done now than later, so I'm glad I did it even if it introduced some delay. There are some bugs to be squashed that I found while raiding tonight, so I expect RC3 to be ready to release probably on Tuesday.
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Unread 11-23-07, 12:22 AM  
A Cyclonian
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/sbf profile reset
/console reloadui

Should fix you up, but you'll need to set up the frames again.
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Unread 11-22-07, 09:10 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Date: 2007-11-22 21:08:54
ID: 55
Error occured in: Global
Count: 1
Message: ...terface\AddOns\SatrinaBuffFrame\SatrinaBuffFrame.lua line 784:
Usage: SBFButton2:SetAlpha(alpha 0 to 1)
(tail call): ?
[C]: ?
[C]: SetAlpha()

i only get this on one char. other work find and got all this after i ran that script before any ideas how to get it back to normal. 0 buff now show on this char
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Unread 11-21-07, 04:29 PM  
A Cyclonian
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- Invalid sort order is fixed for RC3, as is line 905.
- CPU time optimisation will come later on for sure.
- Other units will happen later on as an adjunct addon that uses SBF's base logic, yep =)
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Unread 11-21-07, 03:55 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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One thing I noticed, just to throw out it there (though I'm certain you haven't even begun to optimize, being more concerned with functionality), but sbf is consuming quite a bit more cpu when idle (only in stealth + poison on both weaps) than elkbuffbars does. 0.6-1.5/sec vs 0.1-0.3/sec (with sbf at 0.25 update rate). Using the default two buff frames, plus a third that wasnt in use (bigger bars for slice & dice and find weakness). Not using any filters or anything yet. Thanks again, and good work.
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Unread 11-21-07, 03:24 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Just got hit by this doing a reloadui:
SatrinaBuffFrame\SatrinaBuffFrame.lua line 905: attempt to compare number with nil

Edit: Got another one:
SatrinaBuffFrame\SatrinaBuffFrame.lua line 1181: invalid order function for sorting
Last edited by kergoth : 11-21-07 at 03:35 PM.
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Unread 11-21-07, 03:24 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Nice job on this, looking great. I'll be switching over from elkbuffbars. Considered adding support for different units? (focus, target, player, pet). I wouldn't expect it to be too difficult to add, but naturally I don't know what your intended scope was of the project
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Unread 11-21-07, 02:53 PM  
Coffee powered Kaldorei
Zyonin's Avatar
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Hmm, interesting. Once I get back in game, I can serve as a Lab Rat, erm I mean beta tester.
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Unread 11-21-07, 02:02 PM  
A Defias Bandit

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Originally posted by Satrina
Yeah, there was a bug in plain old h and h! filters from adding the new bits. Fixed in RC3.
if you need a test person we raid ssc atm and i can install it!
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