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Version: 37685.1001
by: hati [More]

IMPORTANT : MendWatch is now in the wowace repository. You can always download the latest version at http://files.wowace.com/MendWatch/.

* added french localization (merci à Feu)
* .toc updated

Patch from the 0.2 release that should resolve two bugs:
* missing effect count in non english clients
* some errors appeared in the 2.1 version

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Unread 05-29-07, 11:54 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Merci, Feu

Je mets à jour et teste ce soir, après la maintenance.


thank you for your encouragements
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Unread 05-28-07, 09:11 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Hi hati,

Thanks to continue this awesome mod for all holy priests.

Great job!

In addition, here is the translation part for french users :

L:RegisterTranslations("frFR", function() return {
	["Anchor"] = "Ancre",
	["Show the dragable anchor."] = "Affiche l'ancre mobile.",

	["Bar"] = "Barre",
	["CandyBar Options"] = "Options CandyBar",

	["Bar Texture"] = "Texture barre",
	["Change the texture of the timer bars."] = "Change la texture des barres de temps.", 

	["Bar Color"] = "Couleur barre", 
	["Set the default bar color."] = "Définit la couleur des barres par défaut.", 

	["Background Color"] = "Couleur de fond", 
	["Set the bar background color."] = "Définit la couleur de fond des barres.", 

	["Background Alpha"] = "Transparence fond", 
	["Set the bar background alpha."] = "Définit la transparence de fond des barres.", 

	["Text Color"] = "Couleur texte", 
	["Set the bar text color."] = "Définit la couleur du texte des barres.", 

	["Text Size"] = "Taille texte", 
	["Set the bar text size."] = "Définit la taille du texte des barres.", 

	["Bar Scale"] = "Echelle barre", 
	["Set the bar scale."] = "Définit l'échelle des barres.", 

	["Bar Height"] = "Hauteur barre", 
	["Set the bar height."] = "Définit la hauteur des barres.", 

	["Bar Width"] = "Longueur barre", 
	["Set the bar width."] = "Définit la longueur des barres.", 

	["Bar Growth"] = "Expansion barre", 
	["Toggle the bar growing upwards or downwards."] = "Définit l'expansion des barres vers le haut ou vers le bas.", 

	["Reverse"] = "Inverser", 
	["Toggle the bar fill direction."] = "Inverse la direction de remplissage des barres.", 

	["Config"] = "Configuration", 
	["Show the GUI configuration menu."] = "Affiche l'interface du menu de configuration.", 

} end)
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Unread 05-28-07, 08:36 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Thanks hati, for picking this up where Polima left it. It's still the best PoM tracker out there. Much appreciated!
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