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Recipe Radar  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 1.403
by: kernighan, ladenedge

Recipe Radar assists players in finding recipes. It knows about vendors who sell recipes in the current region or by profession. It has a number of filtering options and can even locate vendors on the world map.

Classic version available at: https://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info25229-RecipeRadarClassic.html


  • There are two "tabs": the main "radar" tab and one that searches by profession!
  • You can bind a key to Recipe Radar through the main menu!
  • There are lots of filtering options - use the dropdowns to customize Recipe Radar!
  • Some internal maps are inaccurate at this time, it is currently a work in progress to fix these up.

v 1.403; November 30, 2011

- Update supporting libraries for 4.3.0
- Update TOC for 4.3.0

v 1.402; November 27, 2011

- Incorporate fixes from multiple contributors, revive project.

v1.33; August 11, 2009

- Fixed several "no coordinates" asserts, sigh.

v1.32; August 9, 2009

- Updated for WoW 3.2, including the new recipes.
- Alchemy should work again for German users.
- Fixed a bunch of incorrect recipe data.
- Updated the Icecrown map.

v1.31; April 14, 2009

- Updated for WoW 3.1.

v1.30; March 11, 2009

- Updated recipe data; asserts should no longer appear in Dalaran, Stormwind
and Orgrimmar. Also updated the Stormwind map.
- Recipe Radar is now able to parse collapsed reputation sections.
- Corrupted alt databases should be repaired on next use.
- Trade skill filters (eg. searches) should no longer adversely affect your
character's known recipes.
- This is also true for others' linked trade skills (thank you, Thortok2000!).

v1.29; November 15, 2008

- Fixed major problems with the Russian and German translations.
- Added lots more WotLK recipes.
- Item-based costs now show up explicitly.

v1.28; November 7, 2008

- Updated for WoW 3.0.
- Added Yor's Russian translations. (Thank you!)
- Added some new recipes and vendors, including some WotLK content.

v1.27; April 7, 2008

- Fixed the lockup bug on some zone changes.
- Fixed a bug that triggered when two players have the same profession but
different specialties.
- Users should no longer see the question mark icon for uncached recipes.
- Adjusted some vendor attributes.

v1.26; March 31, 2008

- Fixed the "'DongleStub' (a nil value)" bug.
- Fixed zhTW recipe parsing.

v1.25; March 28, 2008

- Added new v2.4 recipes.
- Added Shattered Sun Offensive faction content.
- Added support for square and rotating minimaps.
- Fixed Ashtongue Deathsworn reputation parsing.

v1.24; October 10, 2007

- Included the new recipes added in v2.2.
- Tailoring specialists should no longer see recipes from other

v1.23; July 24, 2007

- Major changes to the Spanish and Chinese name maps.
- Fixed some Scryr/Aldor recipe mistakes.
- Specialties now show up in the 'Note' field.
- Added a couple of new recipes.
- Fixed Hillsbrad Foothills on German clients (I hope).

v1.22; April 13, 2007

- Fixed recipe availability checking for Unicode locales.

v1.21; April 12, 2007

- Added a Chinese Traditional translation (thank you, Edeson!).
- Spanish recipes should now be recognized as known, I hope.

v1.20; February 27, 2007

- All of the new factions should now actually work (sigh).
- Removed some troublesome recipe inaccuracies.
- Fixed item linking.
- Localized vendor names.

v1.19; February 5, 2007

- Revised Spanish translation (thank you, Jorge Pozo!).
- Revised French translation (thank you, akirra!).
- Updated and added some vendor/recipe information.
- Winter Veil vendors should now only appear during December (thank
you, Elkano!).

v1.18; January 27, 2007

- Added all of the known BC recipes and vendors.
- Tailoring should now *really* work for Spanish versions.
Leatherworking was also broken but should now work (thank you, J!).

v1.17; January 18, 2007

- Fixed a bug that caused an error on startup for some users.
- Tailoring should now work for Spanish versions.

v1.16; January 17, 2007

- Added support for Jewelcrafting.
- Added several new recipes and vendors.
- The options frame is now draggable.
- Removed incorrect (old) specializations.
- Fixed a nasty little availability bug.

v1.15; January 10, 2007

- Updated all of the new German location names.
- Thistle Tea should now only be applicable to rogues.

v1.14; December 14, 2006

- Fixed a fairly nasty startup bug.
- Updated the README.

v1.13; December 8, 2006

- Updated German capital names. (Thank you, David!)

v1.12; December 6, 2006

- Updated for LUA v5.1 (and WoW v2.0).
- Partial support for the Spanish (esES) locale. As always,
localization contributions are most welcome.
- "Available" recipes from the opposing faction should no longer blink
the minimap button when entering a new region.
- Fixed the rep requirement for Enchant Weapon - Strength.

v1.11; September 18, 2006

- Fixed item linking bug (thank you, TDurden!).
- Fixed a bug that could occur for unlucky Dragonscale/Elemental LWers
and Armorsmiths (thank you, Arilaw!).

v1.10; September 16, 2006

- I'd forgotten to enable specialization checking! It should now work.
- Auctioneer and Recipe Book are now supported in the recipe icon
mouseover. Thanks very much to borohir for this functionality!

v1.9; September 5, 2006

- Recipes names are now cached when learned. This should make new
Blizzard patches less of a hassle.
- Availability checking now takes faction reputation and trade skill
specialties into account.
- Adjusted some vendor information.
- Reduced memory usage significantly.

v1.8; July 11, 2006

- Several new German region names were missing in v1.7. Hopefully they
are all correct now.
- Adjusted some vendor information.

v1.7; June 24, 2006

- Fixed the nasty profession selection bug for non-English versions.
- Profession icons should now show up for non-English versions.
- Unlearning a profession should now be handled correctly.
- Fixed several new 1.11 German region names.
- Added the new 1.11 Cenarion Circle recipes.
- Several vendors were incorrectly marked as Alliance-only (thank you,

v1.6; June 21, 2006

- Added a right-click context menu to the scroll frame. From this
menu users can map vendors and expand/collapse all items.
- Fixed bug causing non-English profession stuff to suck (thank you
ElKano and Jeremy Gurr!).
- Alts of a different team should no longer appear in the availability
- Adjusted the German translation.
- Adjusted some vendor locations.

v1.5; May 11, 2006

- All recipes that are named differently after learning (eg. transmutes)
should now show up correctly as known or not. This applies, in theory,
to all locales.
- Revamped the filtering code and fixed filtering, I hope, for non-
English versions.
- Nonapplicable professions and known recipes are now different filtering
categories in both availability modes.
- Fixed the incompatibility with Metamap, more or less.
- Tweaked the German translation and some vendor locations.

v1.4; May 7, 2006

- Revised German translation (thanks to DJMars and Elkano!).
- Dropdown filters are now effected every time Recipe Radar is opened.
Filters should now work much more intuitively.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused an error message on startup and/or
zone changes.
- Changed Alliance color to blue.
- Added a couple of missing vendors/recipes and improved the positions of
several others.
- Enchant Bracer - Healing should now show up correctly as known or not.

v1.3; April 29, 2006

- Fixed a bug that was preventing about half of the maps from displaying
on non-English clients.
- Adjusted some vendor locations.

v1.2; April 28, 2006

- Fixed chat message parsing bugs in non-English versions.
- Added an option to auto-map (but not auto-unmap!) contributive vendors.
- Added the number of learnable recipes to mapped vendor tooltips.
- Changed the '/rr' slash command to '/rrdr'.
- Map tooltips will hopefully no longer run off the screen.

v1.1; April 27, 2006

- Added support for the frFR locale. (I hope it works..)
- Added the ability to view regions other than the current region. The
relevant settings now appear in the Options frame.
- Instance vendors can no longer be mapped.
- Non-English versions should now be able to use the dropdowns (I hope).
- Now accounting for WoW's "Mithril Head Trout" bug - it should now show
up correctly as known or not.

v1.0; April 24, 2006

- Initial public release!
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Unread 05-08-06, 02:40 AM  
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
Elkano's Avatar
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ok, yust tried 1.4 and the bug still exists, so two examples:

standing in Stormwind, I have only teo recipes that are green to me: the two X-mas recipes.
so having all three filters (available, unavailable, known) aktive shows me the correct list.
But disableing 'available' doesn't hide the two recipes and disableing known hides all.
Also if I click on the X-mas recipe to have the vendor shown on the map and than hover over him it sais "2 recipes (0 usable)". So it looks like it does asign the correct color but not the correct categorie for filtering.
Same holds for eg engeneering. Correct colors for the skill levels but filters don't work: known filters all, the others don't work.

some suggestions:
- could you add a filter for unlearnable professions to the three in place and color their recipes different from known? (color them eg yellow)
- maybe you should only cache missing tooltips on click instead of mouse over
- when an item is unknown, you show a tooltip telling so. why not show it's tooltip in that place if it's known, too?

Something wrt 1.4's deDE loc:
Why did you only partial take over my localization? Mainly wrt the encoding of the Umlaute (having \195\164 instead of since WoW uses UTF-8 encoding)? I would be glad if you could insert the deDE loc as posted below and apply these fixes:
RecipeRadar_Strings["Warning: if your server has"] = "Warnung: wenn der Server dieses"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Unmap Vendor"] = "H\195\164ndler entfernen"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Roving"] = "wandernder"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Seasonal"] = "saisonaler"

/dit: for some reason the Umlaute seem to work without encoding them... maybe blizzard 'fixed' that finaly (or my editor that also converts them...) anyways there are still some changed strings in the localization I posted earlier that fit better than those currently in place
Last edited by Elkano : 05-08-06 at 02:59 AM.
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Unread 05-08-06, 12:49 AM  
A Murloc Raider
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

Forum posts: 9
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Uploads: 2
Wow, thank you very much, Elkano. I've integrated your translation into v1.4. As for your filtering bug, it *may* be fixed in v1.4, but I'm not sure I was able to address your particular problem. Can you provide any further info if the bug persists in the new version? Specifically, things like: which profession, which recipes, which filters, etc. Any patterns you can see would also be helpful.

Hopefully it's fixed, though, heh.

Thanks for the comments, everyone!
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Unread 05-01-06, 09:26 AM  
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
Elkano's Avatar
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

Forum posts: 131
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Uploads: 6
ok, here's a better localization for deDE:

if (GetLocale() == "deDE") then

RecipeRadar_Strings["Toggle Recipe Radar"] = "Recipe Radar umschalten"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Recipe Radar Bindings"] = "Recipe Radar"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Auto-select Current Region"] = "Automatisch aktuelle Zone w\195\164hlen"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Check Availability for Alts"] = "Verwendbarkeit f\195\188r Alts pr\195\188fen"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Minimap Button Position"] = "Position des Minimap-Buttons"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Show Minimap Button"] = "Minimap-Button anzeigen"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Options"] = "Optionen"
RecipeRadar_Strings["%d learnable"] = "%d lernbar"
RecipeRadar_Strings["%d recipes"] = "%d Rezepte"
RecipeRadar_Strings["1 recipe"] = "1 Rezept"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Uncached Recipe"] = "Rezept nicht im Cache"
RecipeRadar_Strings["You may mouse over the [?]"] = "Bewege die Maus \195\188ber das [?]-Symbol"
RecipeRadar_Strings["icon to lookup this recipe."] = "um dieses Rezept nachzuschlagen."
RecipeRadar_Strings["Warning: if your server has"] = "Warnung: wenn der Server diese"
RecipeRadar_Strings["not yet seen this item, you"] = "Rezept noch nicht gesehen hat,"
RecipeRadar_Strings["will be disconnected!"] = "wird die Verbindung getrennt!"
RecipeRadar_Strings["No recipes for sale in this region."] = "Keine Rezepte zum Verkauf in dieser Region."
RecipeRadar_Strings["Shift-click a vendor to add or remove her location on the world map."] = "Shift-Klick auf ein H\195\164ndler, um seine Position auf der Weltkarte hinzuzuf\195\188gen oder zu entfernen."
RecipeRadar_Strings["Locate Vendor on World Map"] = "H\195\164ndler auf Weltkarte zeigen"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Neutral"] = "Neutral"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Factions"] = "Parteien"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Alchemy"] = "Alchimie"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Blacksmithing"] = "Schmiedekunst"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Cooking"] = "Kochkunst"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Enchanting"] = "Verzauberkunst"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Engineering"] = "Ingenieurskunst"
RecipeRadar_Strings["First Aid"] = "Erste Hilfe"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Fishing"] = "Angeln"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Leatherworking"] = "Lederverarbeitung"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Tailoring"] = "Schneiderei"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Professions"] = "Berufe"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Already Known (Alts)"] = GRAY_FONT_COLOR_CODE..USED..FONT_COLOR_CODE_CLOSE.." (Alts)"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Already Known (Player)"] = GRAY_FONT_COLOR_CODE..USED..FONT_COLOR_CODE_CLOSE.." (Spieler)"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Available Now (Alts)"] = GREEN_FONT_COLOR_CODE..AVAILABLE..FONT_COLOR_CODE_CLOSE.." (Alts)"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Available Now (Player)"] = GREEN_FONT_COLOR_CODE..AVAILABLE..FONT_COLOR_CODE_CLOSE.." (Spieler)"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Future Prospect (Alts)"] = RED_FONT_COLOR_CODE..UNAVAILABLE..FONT_COLOR_CODE_CLOSE.." (Alts)"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Future Prospect (Player)"] = RED_FONT_COLOR_CODE..UNAVAILABLE..FONT_COLOR_CODE_CLOSE.." (Spieler)"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Inapplicable Professions"] = "nicht vorhandene Berufe"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Availability"] = "Verwendbarkeit"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Already Known By:"] = USED.." f\195\188r:"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Future Prospect For:"] = UNAVAILABLE.." f\195\188r:"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Available For:"] = AVAILABLE.." f\195\188r:"
RecipeRadar_Strings["%d of %d"] = "%d von %d"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Intermittent"] = "Zeitweilig"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Quest"] = "Quest"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Roving"] = "Wandernd"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Seasonal"] = "Saisonal"
RecipeRadar_Strings["%s Vendor"] = "%s H\195\164ndler"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Cenarion Circle"] = "Zirkel des Cenarius"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Thorium Brotherhood"] = "Thorium-Bruderschaft"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Timbermaw Hold"] = "Holzschlundfeste"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Zandalar Tribe"] = "Zandalar"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Argent Dawn"] = "Argentumd\195\164mmerung"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Unmap Vendor"] = "Entfernen Sie H\195\164ndler"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Eastern Kingdoms"] = "Lordaeron"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Instances"] = "Instanzen"

RecipeRadar_Strings["Alterac Mountains"] = "Das Alteracgebirge"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Arathi Highlands"] = "Das Arathihochland"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Badlands"] = "Das \195\150dland"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Blackrock Depths"] = "Blackrocktiefen"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Blasted Lands"] = "Die verw\195\188steten Lande"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Burning Steppes"] = "Die brennende Steppe"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Darkshore"] = "Dunkelk\195\188ste"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Dire Maul"] = "D\195\188sterbruch"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Dustwallow Marsh"] = "Die Marschen von Dustwallow"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Eastern Plaguelands"] = "Die \195\182stlichen Pestl\195\164nder"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Elwynn Forest"] = "Der Wald von Elwynn"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Felwood"] = "Teufelswald"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Hillsbrad Foothills"] = "Die Vorgebirge von Hillsbrad"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Redridge Mountains"] = "Das Redridgegebirge"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Silverpine Forest"] = "Der Silberwald"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Stonetalon Mountains"] = "Das Steinkrallengebirge"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Stormwind City"] = "Stormwind"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Stranglethorn Vale"] = "Stranglethorn"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Swamp of Sorrows"] = "Die S\195\188mpfe des Elends"
RecipeRadar_Strings["The Barrens"] = "Das Brachland"
RecipeRadar_Strings["The Hinterlands"] = "Das Hinterland"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Tirisfal Glades"] = "Tirisfal"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Un'Goro Crater"] = "Der Un'Goro Krater"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Wailing Caverns"] = "Die H\195\182hlen des Wehklagens"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Western Plaguelands"] = "Die westlichen Pestl\195\164nder"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Wetlands"] = "Das Sumpfland"

RecipeRadar_Strings["Alchemist Pestlezugg"] = "Alchimist Pestlezugg"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Argent Quartermaster Hasana"] = "Argentum-R\195\188stmeister Hasana"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Argent Quartermaster Lightspark"] = "Argentum-R\195\188stmeister Lightspark"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Cowardly Crosby"] = "Feiger Crosby"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Defias Profiteer"] = "Schieber der Defias"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Outfitter Eric"] = "Ausstatter Eric"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Quartermaster Miranda Breechlock"] = "R\195\188stmeisterin Miranda Breechlock"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Rin'wosho the Trader"] = "Rin'wosho der H\195\164ndler"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Shen'dralar Provisioner"] = "Shen'dralar-Versorger"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Super-Seller 680"] = "Superverkaufomat 680"
RecipeRadar_Strings["Vendor-Tron 1000"] = "Kaufotron 1000"


I didn't change location or vendor names (exept that I fixed the 'Umlaute') but the rest should be better than before

But I also got a bug report wrt filtering: It looks like there are some problems wrt filtering known, available and unavailable recipes. The required skill level is colored correctly but the filters don't work as they should. eg turning of 'known' also hides those that could be learned for me :/
I didn't check the code on that, yet but I hpe you can fix it (takes some time to get through new code ^^' )
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Unread 04-30-06, 01:48 PM  
A Murloc Raider
simko's Avatar

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Nice mod ,nicely done

At first didnt know how i would benefit from it untill i was looking for that specific potions i wanted to make with my pally

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Unread 04-27-06, 12:00 PM  
A Murloc Raider
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

Forum posts: 9
File comments: 21
Uploads: 2
Thank you for the kind words!

The addon currently "works" (with a couple bugs, it turns out) with deDE locales, and I'm hoping to have a working frFR locale in the next version (and no more bugs, I hope).

[Edit] FWIW, as of v1.2, both deDE and frFR locales are now supported. Of course, my translations are really, really bad.. but it's a start.
Last edited by ladenedge : 04-28-06 at 04:48 PM.
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Unread 04-26-06, 08:46 AM  
A Murloc Raider

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This is awesome! I commend your efforts here...
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Unread 04-26-06, 04:49 AM  
A Defias Bandit

Forum posts: 3
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does this addon works with none english clients too?
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