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Shadowlands (9.0.1)
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OmniCD - Party cooldown tracker  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 2.2.3
by: treebonker [More]

New lightweight addon to track party member cooldowns. Type /oc or /omnicd to open the option panel.


  • Adjusts CD and Show spells that match current specialization, talents, pvp status, equipped trinkets, and Azerite/Essence
  • Detect all in-game dynamic CD reduction and adjust timers on the fly, e.g., Anger Management, Ineffable Truth(8.3 Corruption)
    Watch it in action: https://imgur.com/QUOk9dy
  • Display shared cooldown on trinket & racial
  • Display overlay/timer for Forbearance & Hypothermia
  • Highlight icons for the actual duration of the buff
  • Auto attaches to either the party or raid frames. Works on any sort mode
  • Support all spell types and group sizes
  • Custom spell Editor
  • Sort icons by spell type
  • Sync mode
  • ElvUI, Tukui, ShadowUF, Grid2, VuhDo, Z-Perl support (limited to 5-man group)

Got big Sac?
You can select either the base or talent modified spell, or both. To ignore normal Sac., check Ultimate Sacrifice only. (Cover of Darkness, Ultimate Sac., Detainment, Dome of Light, Dead of Winter)

Sync Mode
If a party member has OmniCD installed, cooldown reduction by spending resources will sync for better accuracy. Almost exclusive to Rogues, the amount of combo points used on a finishing move can vary which effect how much time is reduced on your cooldown. Without sync every finishing move is considered a 5 pointer. Other class spells with this behavior such as Arms Execute has little to no impact.

Fixed Forbearance being applied to the wrong target.
Added missing CD reduction for Ardent Defender/Shield of Vengeance by Unbreakable Spirit.
Dispel abilities will no longer go on CD when nothing has been dispelled.
Forward compatibility updates for 9.0.

July 27, 2020
Ineffable Truth (Corruption Effect) no longer reduces the cooldown of Gladiator's Medallion (PvP Talent).
Fixed Retribution Paladins holy power spenders from Divine Purpose proc incorrectly reducing Hammer of Justice CD.
Updated Sync to include Vision of Perfection (Minor) cooldown reduction in PvP.

Azerite Trait
Crashing Chaos - Summon Infernal cooldown reduction added.
Azerite Essences
In PvP only: Vision of Perfection (Minor) cooldown reduction is now reduced to approximate numbers with a 500+ level neck. How Blizzard implements this is unknown.
Minor bug fixes.
zhCN localization updated.

June 9, 2020
Chrysalis (PvP Talent) now reduces the cooldown of Life Cocoon by 25 seconds (was 45 seconds).
Azerite Essences
Reaping Flames (Major Rank 3) no longer activates on player-controlled targets such as pets, totems, or guardians.

Requires a client restart after updating.
Spells: Fixed Avatar, Ursol's Vertex. Added Lingering Psychic Shell
Added API to register Raidframe AddOns.
Added Aptechka support.
ruRU, zhCN localization updated.

Quick fix for pvp trinkets

Position: Fixed Double Row layout (spell priority lower than the selected Breakpoint will always anchor to the 2nd row)
Icons:*Desaturate Color is delayed while an icon is being highlighted
Spells: Added trinkets Forbidden Obsidian Claw,*Writhing Segment of Drest'agath, Corrupted Gladiator's Breach
Spell Editor: Added buff ID option for Highlights
Fixed an issue that could cause a talent to be missing if it was changed as the Arena gates opened

CD reduction:
* -Added Blink/Shimmer CD reset by Displacement for Arcane Mages.
* -Fixed duplicate icons with 'Display Inactive Icons' disabled.
ruRU localization updated.

Quick fix for ElvUI borders.
zhTW localization updated.

CD reduction:
* -Added Corruption 'Ineffable Truth'.
* -Added Corruption 'Glimpse of Clarity'.
* -Added Azerite 'Rapid Reload'.
* -Fixed Essence Reaping Flames' by rank.
* -Added option to disable multiple position settings.
* -Removed Pixel Perfect restrictions and reload UI requirement.
* -Added 2px width option.
* -Fixed incorrect scaling with ElvUI.
zhCN localization updated.
Minor bug fixes.

Highlight: Visuals updated.
Spells: Fixed Diamond Ice.
Bug Fixes: LUA error caused by Between the Eyes and other minor bugs.

Fixed 'Touch of Karma' highlight reappearing on zone change.
Fixed highlight overlay in ElvUI.

'Highlight' tweaks for OmniCC/tullaCC.
koKR, ruRU, zhTW localization updated.

Fixed icon opacity setting with Glow enabled
Fixed Iceblock CD showing instead of hypothermia when reloading addon

Fixed updating older db version (pre 1.0)

Requires a client restart after updating.
Added option to position bars manually.
Added option to show a timer on spells while under the effect of forbearance or hypothermia.
Revamped 'Highlights' section.
Added option to mark a few spells modified by a talent since tooltips are usually disabled.
Spells in 'Others' spell tab(Pvp Trinkets, Racials, All Classes, Essence) has a priority setting and can now be sorted along with 'Class' spell types. (req)
Talent inspection will now prioritize members whose info can be retrieved to prevent stalling when a non-subgroup raid member is in another zone.
Better OmniCC/tullaCC support to hide counters while highlights or charged spells are active.
Z-Perl support. (req)
Fixed 'Blizzard' option not saving when using custom raid frame addons.

Spell updates:
Gladiator's Maledict and Safeguard item ID updated for Corrupted season gear.
Furry Goblin and Mechagnome allied racials added.
New 8.3 Azerite Essence added.
Updated Essence 'Strive for Perfection' CD reduction for 8.3.
Updated Essence 'Crucible of Flames' charges at rank3.
'Cheated Death' and 'Cauterized' buff added to spell list (req).
Fixed non-working spells.

Fix: Azerite Essence minor trait -Strive for Perfection- will correctly apply CD reduction based on your Heart of Azeroth's item level

Azerite Essence CD spells added.
Azerite Essence CD reducers, pvp talent adders added.
Added Holy priest CD modifiers: Guardian Angel, Binding Heal.
Fixed character inspection stalling.
Fixed DH Metamorphosis icon texture.
Fixed Druid Typhoon spellID.

Other addon support:
OmniCC, tullaCC: CD numbers will be hidden while icon highlights are active just like default counters.
Added option to manually select which UI/Raid frame addon your CD bars will be attached to.
Test mode for ElvUI, VuhDo, and Grid2 were added back in.
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Unread 11-21-18, 04:12 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Re: Personal CDs

Originally Posted by darbotar
This addon is showing every CD I set it to show of everyone in my group except myself. It is not showing my own personal CDs.
Had a few more ppl request this. Option to display player CDs was added in v1.0.2b
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Unread 11-12-18, 01:05 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Re: Personal CDs

Its not suppose to show your cds. It would just be clutter as you have your own action bar for that.
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Unread 11-12-18, 12:49 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Personal CDs

Greetings to whoever is reading this.

This addon is showing every CD I set it to show of everyone in my group except myself. It is not showing my own personal CDs. Please fix?
Thanks for any help

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