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Cutup - MoP  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 1.95
by: Rakkar [More]

In case you didn't notice, there hasn't been an update for 6.x yet. I stopped playing a few months before the prepatch (for... various reasons), and as of early December 2014, it doesn't look like I'm coming back. So yeah, I won't be able to keep this thing alive.
If anybody wants to take over the project, feel free to. I might even come down from my lofty seat and upload a properly commented version of the last release. Ahem.

What is Cutup?
Cutup is a group of timers for Rogue specific spells. It was originally developed by tsigo. This version is based on ColdDoT's Fan Update from September 2009 and works with World of Warcraft 5.2 (if you are sticking to WoW 4.3, Release 1.2 should be for you - but please DON'T use it with 5.0.4, it will crash your client with two nasty infinite loops).

What does it do?

Let's quote tsigo:

Bleeder is a bar that displays the current duration of your Rupture. It will also show you how long your Rupture would last based on your current combo points.

Like Bleeder, but for Slice and Dice. Shows the current duration of Slice and Dice, and the duration of your next Slice and Dice based on your current combo points. Accounts for Improved Slice and Dice, Glyph of Slice and Dice and the Netherblade Armor bonus.

Automatically loots items after Pick Pocket is cast.

Blocks repeated error messages that are often the result of spamming attack buttons.

TickToxin displays timer bars for your Crippling, Deadly, Mind-numbing and Wound Poison debuffs on the target.
In addition to these, there are some new ones:

Like Julienne, but for Inquisition. Only loads on Paladins.

Like Julienne, but for Savage Roar. Only loads on Druids and supports Glyph of Savagery.

Like Julienne, but for Recuperate.

What has changed for the Mists of Pandaria version?
Some of the original modules (Julienne, Bleeder and TickToxin) have been updated to the current game mechanics and API - removed glyph and talent support, changed the base durations of SnD, Rupture and Inquisition, added new poisons and Shiv effects. In addition, finisher modules now show Anticipation charges when applicable.

Are there any known issues? Any planned features?
When spamming Pick Pocket, something - suspectedly LightFingers - disables Autoloot. But I have to research more on that.
Currently, Serrated Blades is not supported. Please go to the Comments section for more info.
I am thinking about adding modules for Expose Armor, Rip (that one could benefit from work on Serrated Blades) and Censure.
There are requests for aestethical options, but functionality has higher priority.
MoP version hasn't been tested for BGs or arena, but for duels, including vs. players from other Realms.
WildShout shows for non-feral Druids with active combo points, and could use an option to be hidden out of combat for Ferals with the glyph.

***1.95 - Boundless Conviction support***
Flashbang now shows a numerical text indicator for Holy Power stored by Boundless Conviction, similar to Anticipation.

***1.9 - TickToxin Code Cleanup***
Used the merge of Deadly and Instant to streamline poison handling.
Fixed some hiding/showing issues with WildShout.

***1.8 - Anticipation Support***
Julienne, Bleeder and Repunerate now have a numerical text indicator for Anticipation stacks.

***1.7 - WildShout and Repunerate***
Initial release of new modules for Savage Roar and Recuperate.

***1.5 - MöP***
Initial Mists of Pandaria compatibility: removed talent and glyph checks.
MoP functionality: changed base duration for SnD, Rupture and Inquisition, updated poison spell IDs, added new poisons and Shiv effects.
Fixed a bug with TickToxin trying to load settings from the WTF directory while still at the loading screen.
Updated the libraries to r1061 of Ace3.

***1.2 - FlashBang***
Further TickToxin fixes: Combat log filtering now checks for the target's GUID instead of the name to allow characters from other realms in Battlegrounds. Did I forget to add this to Bleeder?
Introducing FlashBang: Like Julienne, but for Inquisition.
Updated the librabries to r1049 of Ace3.

***1.1b - TickToxin Fixes***
Added check for Deadly Poison on every poison damage related combat log entry - in case of DP only or DP/IP without Deadly Brew.
Changed Startbar() to use a different value for the current duration of its aura instead of the maximum duration - in case of DP updates on DoT ticks.

***1.1 - TickToxin***
Updated parameter mapping.
Removed string modification in ScanAura() that was used to clip off roman rank numbers (like "Deadly Poison IX").
Changed (hopefully) any usage of hardcoded spell ids to calls to a local "poisons" array to remove code redundancy.
Added check and bar update for five stacks of Deadly Poison on every poison related combat log entry.
Julienne + Bleeder: Added frame names to calls of CreateFrame(), making the output of /framestack much more readable.

***1.0 - Initial Release, work done on Julienne and Bleeder***
Updated parameter mapping for function calls like CLEU.
Changed Glyph of SnD to 6 sec.
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Hm, think there might be a chance to implement a 'set border' option to all the bars by chance? I would personally love that, as it would look nice and the ability to set the border edge size. But really good addon


Another thing I would add is to make it so that each bar or module can be used as a parent for panels. As it is right meow, fstack only shows it as table: ###.

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