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shNameplates  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: r9.2
by: shUI [More]

A light-weight and beautiful nameplate addon that works right out of the box!

Why use this addon instead of some of the other famous nameplates? Simple: elegance, ease of use, and efficiency. Other addons similar to shNameplates are extremely "busy" or they are too plain. In some cases, they are highly inefficient when it comes to coding.
  • Unit Name
  • Raid Icon
  • Unit Level (using blizzard code to add difficulty coloring)
  • PvE coloring (blizzard based) and PvP coloring (class colored based)
  • Aggro and threat color (with glow overlay)
  • Castbar, Cast Time, and Spell Icon
  • Health Text Display (using color gradient for percentage)
  • Auto toggle on and off when in or out of combat (user set via config.lua)
  • Lots of config attributes that handle nameplate behavior, colors, fonts, and positioning (user set via config.lua)
  • Configuration that allows repositioning of the spell and raid icons (user set via config.lua)
  • Configuration option for TANKMODE (green coloring on aggro) and namecoloring (colors pvp enemy names with their class color) (user set via config.lua - PLEASE see changelog for more details)
  • Target cast spell names (for both channeled and cast)
  • Mouse over highlighting
  • Cool new fade in effects when nameplates appear
  • Target Unit POWER bar under health frame. SET TO ONLY IN PVP (b/c who cares about mob power at this point in the game)
  • COMBO points for feral and rogues...AND addition of showing Chi, burning embers, soul shards, holy power, burning embers, etc. (SELF buffs ony)
  • Now works with Icicle and/or Plate Buffs

NOTE: I want to thank the following authors: Caelian, Tekkub, Luzz, and Rothar. Especially Caelian, b/c I have based this addon to his famous addon caelNameplates

Bug Reports and/or Requests:
All bug reports, requests (with this addon or another), errors, suggestions, and problems will be handled via the forum-comments page.

If you liked this mod, please check out my other addons:
shClock: Data Broker simple clock
shPerformance: Data Broker memory/latency/fps usage display utility

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- Fixed errors due to new Nameplate object creation
- TOC bump
- Fixed bug that was causing errors when powerbar was disabled
- Fixed code in threat update to also fix bar coloring in and out of combat correctly
- Rewrite of most functions and rearranging of function paths
- Addition of "combo" like details on nameplate that show: CHI, Shadow Orbs, Burning Embers, Holy Power, Soul Shards, etc (SELF buffs only)
- Optimized CPU usage
- Changed font and positioning
- FIXED: bug that was showing red highlighting when not having aggro and bug that wasn't properly coloring healthbar
- Big improvements
- Platebuffs and icicles ready...really this time
- Much needed optimization including: iterating over nameplates and throttled threat updates IN combat ONLY
- Cleaned up some other code
- Let me know of any other random bugs
- ToC bump -> 5.0
- fixed transparency of health text, symbols, etc.
- changed function to locate and skin nameplates themselves to make sure to get every new frame correctly
- ToC bump -> 4.3
- OnUpdate function now checks for additional nameplates faster to prevent any issues with them appearing
- ToC bump
- ADDED: "OnSizeChanged" function as an additional backup to double check and/or fix castbar bloating
- Revamped FixCastbar function to fix castbar bloating - really this time (I have extensively tested this, so PLEASE let me know if you find it happening)
- Minor code fixes to be more readable/understandable
- Fixed powerbar nil error when disabling powerbars
- Complete revamp of lots of code
- Lots of clean up and fixes of pesky little bugs - I THINK I got them all :) Please bug report
- REMOVED: LibNameplate library and wrote my own code
- FIXED: castbar bloating and interruptability color coding
- NOTE: please let me know of ANY bugs
- REDUCED CPU and MEMORY usage significantly
- Code clean up for initial nameplate settings
- Fix small bug with castbar still bloating...I hope
- fixed castbar width again to make sure it doesn't look like it's bugging hehe
- ADDED option to disable power bar
- Updated FixCastbar function and now bloating of castbar shouldn't occur
- Fixed up castbar and icon location and color
- Optimized code for updates
- ADDED: Power bars to ONLY target frames! (shows all types of powers except rage/runic bower <= 0)
- Cool elite/boss icons
- Now works with platebuffs!
- Complete revamp of lots of code and optimizations
- Got rid of redundant baggage within code
- Changed appearance of overall nameplate
- ADDED: combo points to nameplate
- ADDED: LibNameplate for additional features
- ADDED: Icons for elite mobs and boss mobs
- Fixed the castbar from being extremely huge...should work now :)
- Updated TOC to patch 4.2
- Small bug fix in config.lua file -> I know I'm stupid, but it should be good to go
- Updated TOC to patch 4.1
- Removed CVAR that was causing problems
- Redid some code that would initialize the skinning of the plates (THANKS Csalago!)
- Minor performance tweaks
- REMOVED the automatic setting to show pvpcoloring in nameplates (you can set it in blizz options)
- Optimized name coloring function
- FIXED lots of global calls and made them local now (i'm an idiot I know)
- OVERALL increase in efficiency
- Fixed config file a bit and made it less bulky (sorry guys that update and have to redo their config)
- Minor bug fixes and improvements
- Small bug fixes when hpallthetime set to TRUE
- Small bug fix when updating the health text of mobs
- ADDED a lot of new configuration options including all coloring options for the different types of units and npc.
- ADDED custom colors for TANKMODE enabled nameplates
- ADDED fade in effect when nameplates appear
- ADDED new mouse over displays of max health and name highlighting
- ADDED spell names when cast or channeled
- ADDED custom status bar texture when cast spells are NOT interruptable
- LOTS of look and feel elements redone and code optimized
- NOTE: due to all the additions, the mem usage has gone up to around 32kb (only a 10kb increase from before) and only about a 12% increase of cpu usage!
- Function call optimization
- ADDED: tankmode option under behavior options - this will add a green glow and green bar when you HAVE AGGRO
- ADDED: namecoloring option under behavior options - this will color all PVP names with their class colors
- Minor cosmetic fixes
- Big update of overall look and feel
- Many code optimizations (still runs around 22kb)
- Increased size of cast bar and spell icon (including changing locations)
- Changed the different unit type colors: hostile, neutral, friendly unit, and friendly player
- Changed some fonts and locations of health text (NOTE: will not show text if at 100% health)
- NOTE: these are all changes that I like, you can change whatever you want via the config.lua
- Small update that increased the threshold before names were being formatted of being to long (increased from 20 to 40 characters)
- Optimized Threat Update Function
- ADDED new options to control behaviors (overlapping, threat bloat, etc)
- ADDED option to control raid icon positioning and size
- ADDED option to control spell icon positioning and size
- The thick black border around nameplates started to bother me, so I toned it down a bit
- I like the name text to be centered and the raid icon to be immediately above it
- I didn't like the custom raid icons, so I used the default blizz one (check config.lua) if you want the custom ones back
-- ADDED lots of configuration options to the config.lua file
-- ADDED option for auto toggling the nameplates when OOC and IC (see config.lua)
-- Code optimization and tweaks (shouldn't go over 23kb of memory)
-- Cleaned up the default settings and made the neutral mob color a bit darker so the health text can be seen easier if its set to be shown
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Unread 11-19-10, 10:28 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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As with your shClock and shPerformance mods, I am a devoted fan. Your nameplates are wonderful too, probably the best I've seen in terms of a nameplate mod that doesn't have every single aspect customizable.

Anyway, you said you based your nameplates off caelNameplates, which I had been previously using. One of the reasons I used that particular mod was because I really really liked the ability to show the nameplates in combat and hide them out-of-combat without any user interaction. I ported his code over for the time being, but was wondering if you would consider adding this feature, perhaps with a toggle for those who do not want it.

For the record, this is the bit of code (sans toggle) that I am referring to:

function shNameplates.eventFrame:ADDON_LOADED(event, addon)
	if addon and addon:lower() == "shnameplates" then
			self.PLAYER_REGEN_ENABLED = function()
				SetCVar("nameplateShowEnemies", 0)
			self.PLAYER_REGEN_DISABLED = function()
				SetCVar("nameplateShowEnemies", 1)
Thanks for an awesome mod, and thanks for considering my suggestion!
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Unread 11-19-10, 10:23 AM  
A Wyrmkin Dreamwalker
iamslay's Avatar

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i love it!

was just wondering whether there was in-game configuration ^.^
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Unread 11-19-10, 10:10 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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please dont change this

Obviously there are many nameplate mods that function like this. But everytime I get one i like, its changed completely. Which is obviously not an issue, its totally up to the addon author to make the mod the way he wants.

but this one is pretty much exactly how id want my name plate to be.
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Unread 11-19-10, 09:38 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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Originally posted by Lunarion
Much love! Thank you.
Excellent, ya that string.lower method will fix that...I personally love everything lower cased, but it's just taste.

@sirann: LMAO

@creep_inc: thanks bud, I hope you enjoy

@marmar: thank you for helping Lun bud
shPerformance: Data Broker memory/latency/fps usage display utility
shNameplates: Lightweight, simple, and sexy nameplates
shClock: Lightweight and simple data broker clock
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Unread 11-19-10, 08:38 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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Originally posted by Marmar
I had been looking around for an addon like this for awhile now. Found this and gave it a try. Love it. Thank you!

@Lunarion: I missed the caps too! Just open the shNameplates.lua and change





Hope that helps! ^.^
Much love! Thank you.
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Unread 11-19-10, 08:25 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
Marmar's Avatar

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I had been looking around for an addon like this for awhile now. Found this and gave it a try. Love it. Thank you!

@Lunarion: I missed the caps too! Just open the shNameplates.lua and change





Hope that helps! ^.^
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Unread 11-19-10, 06:16 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
Lunarion's Avatar
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Loving this. Reminds me of the old CaleNameplates which I loved.

Only one question.

Currently the name plates have no capitals. This irks me to no end; call it a pet peeve.

How would I go changing this so that the names use capitals where appropriate? This also includes shortened names.

For example:

Heroic Training Dummy is shortened into h. t. dummy. I'd like it to display as H. T. Dummy, as well as having all other names use capitals where they exist, such as players and other units.

Thank you very much.
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Unread 11-19-10, 05:07 AM  

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Love your other addons, definitely gonna give this one a try.
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Unread 11-19-10, 02:12 AM  
A Flamescale Wyrmkin

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Shaikh sucks.. :P

Allah Akbar
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