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Nutty War Announce  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: Release 2.5
by: mentalnutsy [More]

Nutty War Announce is a text based announcement addon for warriors. It can announce buffs,abilities,procs,interrupts and much more see below for full list of Announces.

-------------------LIST OF FEATURES AND SUPPORTED SPELL LIST-----------------

Everything is disabled by default.
To Configure IT?
* Access the options from Options -> Interface -> AddOns -> NuttyWarAnnounce
* Type "/nwa" or "/nuttywarannounce"

Random Announce will send the spell announcement along with a funny quote

Random Announce
[Nuttyprot] says: [Last Stand] Used: I went to buy some camouflage trousers the other day but I couldn't find any..

Simple Announce
[Nuttyprot] says: [Last Stand] Used

For Simple Announce delete any text in the Custom Message Box

Some Spells have sound options If you select a sound It will play when the announcement is made.

You can create Custom messages for most of the announcements.

Chat channel options: You can select what channel you would like to announce to.
Party/Raid/Say/Yell/Raid Warning
Custom Channel
Nutty Channel(no1 else will see your announces in this channel)
You can also select a combination of channels to announce to

Any ability that has the option to play a sound can now play a sound independently.

Arms abilities:

Shattering Throw
Deadly Calm New

Fury abilities:

Intimidating Shout
Peircing Howl
Death Wish
Enraged Regeneration New

Prot abilities:

Last Stand
Shield Wall

Taunts Announces Failed Taunts Will Announce when you use Challenging Shout:

Mocking Blow

Interrupts Announce Successful and Failed interrupts:

Shield Bash

support for Parrot, MSBT and Blizzard's Floating Combat Text

Commanding Shout
Battle Shout

Only you see the announcements
Enrage New
Sudden Death
Taste for Blood
Sword and Board
Slaughter New

Only you see the announcements support for Parrot, MSBT and Blizzard's Floating Combat Text
Mortal Strike
Demoralizing Shout


I'm Dead Announce Will Announce when you die to your selected channels
Taunt Monitor Tracks Taunts in a party or raid only you can see this
Crowd Control monitor Announces when Crowd Control is Broken New
Flask Faded Tells you when your flask runs out only you see this. A list of supported flasks is in game
Food Faded Announces when your food buff runs out only you can see this. A list of supported food is in game
Resurrect Resurrect has 2 options Auto release in battlegrounds and Auto accept resurrection (will not auto accept in Combat).
Sunder Armor Will announce when your target has 3 stacks of sunder armor Changed for patch 4.01
Short ready check Enables short ready check type /rc to do a readycheck New

Scrolling Combat text

Basic support for Parrot, MSBT and Blizzard's Floating Combat Text.

Nutty War Announce Scrolling Text

Options for Nutty War Announce Scrolling text include
Change font color
Move the text frame
Change font size
Change the font
Change font outline


If you find any faults or bugs please tell me in the comments section and i shall get them fixed asap.
If you have requests please tell me in the comments section and I shall look into them (altho that don't mean they will be granted)


Extract the data to your "World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns" directory so that the "NuttyWarAnnounce" directory is a subdirectory of the "AddOns" directory.


update flasks and food buffs (work in progress)

Gold Donation

If you like the addon then why not send the character Nuttyprot on the Silvermoon the Europe server some gold?

Created by: Nuttyprot Silvermoon EU

Release 2.5: Just bug fix for auto res

Release 2.4: Made rend timer a little longer, updated sunder armor option to reflect changes added short ready check option. When this option is enabled you can type /rc to do a ready check.

Release 2.2: Added Enrage proc and timer for rend exspired to prevent spam

Release 2.1: Fixed ccbroken due to me not adding spellids lol

Release 2.0:
Added Deadly Calm
Added Slaughter
Changed Sudden Death due to the way the talent has changed
Added enraged regeneration
Removed Mocking blow announce (obsolete)
Fixed certain abilities announcing twice (I hope may need further testing)
Removed glyph of revenge announce (obsolete) the glyph no longer grants a free heroic strike.
Due to abilities no longer having multiple ranks cleaned up unused code.
Added CC broken announce

Release 1.0:
Added the below options
Move the Nutty War Announce scrolling text frame
Font option to change Nutty War Announce Scrolling text font
Font size options to change Nutty War Announce Scrolling text font size
Outline options for Nutty War Announce Scrolling text
Due to the amount of options for Nutty War Announce Scrolling text it now has its own section within the options.

Bug fix: Rend/Mocking blow when faded announced it as failed in Nutty War Announce Scrolling text FIXED

RC 4.0

New feature Nutty War Announce Scrolling text. This works like a scrolling combat text addon Has 2 options enable and font colour. This feature is very limited but covers all abilities in Nutty War Announce.

Commanding and Battle Shout Fades have been changed to only announce fades when in combat. Even if you have the custom announcements selected.
Commanding and Battle Shout will still announce out of combat when cast if you have the option enabled.

Any ability that has the option to play a sound can now play a sound independently meaning you no longer need to have the text announcement enabled to have the sound enabled.

RC 3.5: Added Sunder armor 5 stacks announce
and basic support for Parrot, MSBT and Blizzard's Floating Combat Text

RC 3.2: Added Bladestorm to arms list. Also added resurrect tools.

RC 3.1: Due to shield bash failed announce spamming sometimes when spell was interrupted I have removed the immunity check. Shield bash will no longer announce failed if the mob is immune but will still announce if any other type off miss happens. This is due to the game mechanics and shield bash haveing multiple effects. I have spent many hours trying to get this right but sadly forced to remove immune check before i put my head thro a window.

RC 3.0: Redesigned the options to make easier to navigate.
Added proc announces
Loads of new abilities see below for full list
Added more option for some abilities

RC 2.1: Added Licence due to people using my code and not giving credit

RC 2.0; Added Death Wish announce (requested)
Added Recklessness
Added Retaliation
Added Announce to custom chat channel
Added Announce to Whisper
Added Announce to Nutty Channel only you can see this channel
Added more custom announce options now for every ability you can send a custom message

RC 1.6 Small bug fix typo preventing Vigilance from announcing

RC 1.5: New feature use Custom message
Removed simple announce option (don't worry they're still there read description below)
Bug fixes = no longer spam you are not in party/raid when in battlegrounds
Cleaned up some code.

RC1: added more sounds and changed the way options work for them (big thank you to Adirelle,Torhal, and Xinhuan for helping me get sound options the way i want them)

Ver 2.2 added Interrupt announcement for shield bash and pummel. Also added more sound options.

Ver 2.1 added options for chat channels, instant slam announce, vigilance announce and simple announce options

Ver:2.0 Addon has been rewritten added options and Disarm

Ver 1.8: toc update, added Announces successful interrupts

ver: 1.7: Fixed taunt resists and small problem with shattering throw returning player name not target name.

ver 1.6: should no longer announce battle shout and commanding shout fades of other people even if you cast it on them, also should no longer announce the fade if some1 else cast a shout on you.

ver 1.5: uploaded the right ver this time

ver 1.4: Should no longer announce when other warriors use skills. (this may not be 100% still needs more testing)

ver 1.2: Mass Spam problem should be fixed now

ver 1.1: Now Checks class on login and disables the addon if not a Warrior
Battle Shout and Commanding shout will only announce in combat now
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Looks nice and fairly small. Any plans to expand this into other classes? If so, i might reconsider using this over CastYeller2
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