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Version: 1.23
by: AnduinLothar [More]

Interface Option Creation Utility
Library to register Blizzard Option Panels with an option table syntax.

Portfolio was made to act as a bridge to accept a recognizable option table format (similar to Khaos and Ace) and convert it into a fully functional Blizzard Options Panel. Any Ace or Khaos registration should be fairly painless for an author to convert to use Portfolio, and new option sets should be easy to understand and construct without having to make any frames or manually manage controls.

PortfolioDocs are also included in the download, but is not inside the addon folder itself to save space when embedding.

Feedback & Support
The best way you can help would be to try and write your own Portfolio config options and see if it behaves the way you'd expect. Report any bugs or confusing implementation using the Report Bugs button or Comments. I'm also always open to suggestions and code donations via the Feature Request link.
If you'd like to donate to show your support, that can be done through paypal with a paypal account or by credit card. Remember donations are much appreciated but non-contractual. Thank you!
Click here to lend your support!

Implemented Option Types


Option Attributes

Common Option Table Attribute Descriptions
  • id - Unique option id. Used to create the names of the option frames (No Spaces!). Key used to store the value in the saved variables table if cvar/uvar/tvar are nil.
  • type - Type Variable. ex: CONTROLTYPE_HEADER
  • text - Option text. String (with optional format string like %s or %.2f to insert value), function(control, key) returning a string, or both.
  • tooltipText - (Optional) Text used in hover tooltip. String, String with %s for value, or function(value) returning a String
  • init - (Optional) function(control) called after the option is created, for customization.
  • defaultValue - Default value for options
  • callback - (Optional) function(color, isGUI, isUpdate) called when the value is changed
    Note: isUpdate is true when control:Update() is called, when the callbacks are initialized after variables load.
  • cvar - (Optional) CVar, SetCVar(cvar, value)
  • event - (Optional) SetCVar argument, SetCVar(cvar, value, event), requires cvar
  • uvar - (Optional) Global Variable Name, setglobal(uvar, value)
  • tvar - (Optional) Table Variable Key, for optionsFrameRef.savedVarTable[self.tvar] = value or varTable[tvar] = value
  • varTable - (Optional) Custom Variable Table, requires tvar

  • id
  • text
  • subText - (Optional) Subheader Text
  • init

  • id
  • text
  • init

  • id
  • text - Text shown to the right of the checkbox
  • tooltipText
  • init
  • defaultValue - "0" or "1"
  • invert - (Optional) inverts the value of the checkbox, "1" means unchecked, "0" means checked
  • callback
  • dependentControls - (Optional) Table of frames to disable when this one is set to "0"
  • dependentOptions - (Optional) Table of id's of other options to disable when this one is set to "0"
  • cvar
  • event
  • uvar
  • tvar
  • varTable

  • id
  • text - Text shown above the slider
  • tooltipText
  • init
  • minText - (Optional) Text used under the left arrow
  • maxText - (Optional) Text used under the right arrow
  • minValue - Number (Used for minText if minText = nil)
  • maxValue - Number (Used for maxText if maxText = nil)
  • valueStep - Number, slider granularity, divides evenly into maxValue - minValue
  • defaultValue - Number, between minValue and maxValue
  • callback
  • cvar
  • event
  • uvar
  • tvar
  • varTable

  • id
  • text - Text shown on the button
  • tooltipText
  • init
  • callback

  • id
  • text - (Optional) Text shown on the button
  • headerText - (Optional) Text shown above the button
  • tooltipText
  • defaultValue
  • menuList - List of buttons
  • width - (Optional) static width of the control
  • minWidth - (Optional) min width of the control, larger text will resize the contol. Default 100.
  • nochecks - (Optional) Boolean, don't initialize empty menuItem.checked
  • nofuncs - (Optional) Boolean, don't initialize empty menuItem.func
  • init
  • callback
  • cvar
  • event
  • uvar
  • tvar
  • varTable

  • id
  • text - Text shown to the right of the color swatch
  • tooltipText
  • init
  • defaultValue - color table {r=#, g=#, b=#, opacity=#} (opacity is optional)
  • callback
  • hasOpacity - (Optional) boolean to show opacity slider
  • cancelFunc - (Optional) function to call when the color change is canceled, after it's reset to the previous color
  • cvar
  • event
  • uvar
  • tvar
  • varTable

  • id
  • headerText - (Optional) Text shown above the button
  • tooltipText
  • init
  • defaultValue
  • callback
  • cvar
  • event
  • uvar
  • tvar
  • varTable

  • id
  • init
  • options - List of option tables
  • width - (Optional) Number, defaults to calculated based on parent width
  • height - (Optional) Number, defaults to 200

Notes on Dropdowns
This implementation of dropdowns is about half way between managed and unmanaged. It has some shortcuts, but is essentially blizzard's dropdown code at its core. Because of this it is very powerful and can be customized by advanced users to do almost anything. But for those of you new to dropdowns you don't have to be intimidated, because I've done all the setup for you. The minimum you have to supply is a table formatted list of buttons. Each button should have a text, and a value. The checks and callback will be managed if left empty.

For advanced users the func and checked attributes can be overriden. You can also use any of the normal dropdown attributes. See FrameXML/UIDropDownMenu.lua for a full list of menu item attributes. And as will all controls you can override any of the settings or methods using the init function if you need something more customized.

I've also simplified the dropdown button itself, using UIDropDownMenuTemplate as a template on top of which I've added shortcuts and modifications. Texture anchors have been modified to play nicely with control:SetWidth(x) so that you don't have to use UIDropDownMenu_SetWidth. The clickable/tooltip area has also been extended to cover the whole button.

Saved Variables
Portfolio uses LibDefaults to manage your defaults for you if you wish. The normal way to handle defaults is to put the name of your saved variable table in optionSetTable.savedVarTable, but you can also supply individual options with their own varTable. Then you can supply a tvar to be the index to that saved variable table, otherwise the id will be used as the index. Alternately you can supply an option with a cvar or uvar (global variable name) to use instead. Note that if you supply none of the above Portfolio simply won't handle your variables. You can then manually update the options using the callbacks and init functions. You can also supply optionSetTable.initCallbacks = false in order to disable callbacks being fired when after the variables load.

Since Portfolio has no saved variables of its own and allows you to be flexible with your saved variable structure you can easily use the same saved variables with or without Portfolio. Your Portfolio GUI options can be truly optional. I'd suggest using LibDefaults to save live memory and avoid saving/loading in default values, but you don't have to.

lua Code:
  1. -- Get a reference to the lib from LibStub
  2. -- If LibStub doesn't exist this will fail silently
  3. -- If LibStub exists but Portfolio does not this will print an error in chat and then fail
  4. -- Use LibStub("Portfolio", true) to fail silently if you want Portfolio options to be optional.
  5. local Portfolio = LibStub and LibStub("Portfolio")
  6. if not Portfolio then return end
  7. -- Create the option table for registration.
  8. local optionSetTable = {
  9.   -- option frame id, unique, no spaces
  10.   id = "PortfolioDemo";
  11.   text = "Header/Tab Title Text";
  12.   subText = "Sub header Text"
  13.   -- AddOn name for variable loading, if different from id
  14.   addon = "PortfolioDemo";
  15.   options = {
  16.     -- list of option tables goes here!
  17.     {
  18.       id = "option1";
  19.       -- option attributes go here
  20.     };
  21.     -- more option tables
  22.   };
  23.   -- (Optional) String or table of your addon's saved variables. Use SavedVariables in your toc!
  24.   savedVarTable = "PortfolioDemo_SavedVars";
  25. }
  26. local optionsFrame = Portfolio.RegisterOptionSet(optionSetTable)

See PortfolioDocs for more information.

The PortfolioDemo addon is included in this package. It is disabled by default so it won't bother users, but it should be an invaluable resource to those of you who learn by example. It should have a variety of usages for each implemented option type.

- Added static 'width' option for Dropwdown controls

-Fixed a bug where disabling the about panel also disabled initial loading callbacks

- Fixed text value insertion
- toc bump to 30100

- Fixed bug with empty Windows
- Added more robust text value insertion, handling %.2f for example
- Added optionSetTable.about = false to opt out of the about panel
- Added ChangeLog.txt

- Added CONTROLTYPE_WINDOW for child frame control windows (optionally scrollable)
- Modified Scrollbars to be inside the window, have a border, and still be scrollable while moused over
Window width is now modified depending on the visibility of the scrollbar.
- Renamed UpdateTextWrap to UpdateBox and it is now called on child controls when the window scroll box is changed
- Fixed an error with dropdown entry selection
- Modified SetRelativePoint for better extensibility:
Added xOffset and yOffset fields for modifying the default offset from the anchor control.
Added xOffsetRelative and yOffsetRelative fields for modifying the default offset of relatively anchored controls.
xOffset and xOffsetRelative are also used in calculating the default width for windows.

- Removed isTemp and replaced it with isGUI which is only a passthrough value to the callback; text and saved var are still updated.
It is now: callback(value, isGUI, isUpdate)
isGUI is now passed as true for all GUI control interactions (but not for the Okay, Cancel and Default blizzard option panel buttons).
- Added control:Refresh() called when the blizzard options frame is shown
- Added control:Okay(), control:Cancel() and control:Reset() that are called for each control that has them when you click the blizzard interface buttons
- Fixed Cancel to correctly revert values/controls to their previous state. Doesn't pass isGUI.

- Added Portfolio.Round

- Refactored some code/files
- Added PortfolioDocs (Using a custom LuaDoc format)
- Renamed checkbox.dependentOptions to dependentControlsByID for clarity

- option:Enabled() now restores custom font object colors
- Fixed success and result global var leaks
- Added control click sounds
- Fixed tooltipText to be optional

- Fixed a bug with text functions

- TODO: Fix Text height/wrapping
- Added control:Reset() - Disable() no longer resets.
- dependentOptions will reset after disabling, but dependentControls will not
- UpdateDependentControls renamed UpdateDependents, handles both dependentOptions and dependentControls
- slider:SetMinMaxValues(min, max) now updates the stored min/max and texts if minText/maxText are not set
- Enable/Disable now changes text color
- tooltipText is now as flexible as text
- Headers and Text controls now dynamically resize with text:UpdateTextWrap() called OnShow
- Refactored and abstracted much of the control functionality to Portfolio.Control and renamed files.
- Fixed a bunch of minor bugs

- Text can now have %s or %d to be formatted with the option value. control:UpdateText() is called when an option is updated
- Added dependentControls and dependentOptions for CONTROLTYPE_CHECKBOX to Enable/Disable other options
- control:Disable() now resets the value to default
- Cleaned up OnShow code so it doesn't call callbacks excessively
- callback(value, isUpdate) now pass an extra boolean argument when called by control:Update() (used when loading vars)

- Working Slider option

- Now uses LibStub to handle library versioning
- Removed event handling code and default variable initialization in favor of using LibDefaults
- Upgraded to InterfaceOptionAboutPanel lib
- Removed noAutoDefault. Now always loads vars that have defaults set.
- loadVars is renamed initCallbacks and now defaults to true
- Changed how GetValue/SetValue/Update works on the options

- Added control:init() function for custom modification to the config frame
- Added callbacks on vars loaded (or before init if LoD) if loadVars is set
- Added Button
- Added some Dropdown code (incomplete)
- Added AboutPanel generated from toc info

- Refactored the code into 3 files
- Added some Slider code (incomplete)
- Changed the registration arguments to match blizzard's format

- Only loads once if embedded
- Defaults are now defined on vars loaded (immediately if registered after) if a default is supplied and the saved variables are nil
- Added noAutoDefault param for options and option sets. If defined, option's value overrides set's values.

- Added a scroll frame for the main option panel
- Slider in progress
- Code cleanup

- Checkboxes work
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Unread 12-08-08, 12:32 PM  
Nobody of Importance
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Originally posted by Casull
I'm excited to try it, but can you briefly list the major differences between this and other options table managers? Why should I use Portfolio instead of its alternatives?
  • Adds options an options panel to the blizzard options frame
  • Can be made optional
  • Creates a 'free' about page
  • Does not save your variables for you, so saved variables are stored in the file related to your addon
  • Is flexible enough to be applied onto an existing addon without a complete rewrite
  • Is NOT an addon framework
  • Has a fairly similar options table format for easy conversion from Ace or Khaos options
  • Allows you to modify the option set after it's been created
  • Allows you to customize individual controls (ex: placement, size)
  • Each option set gets its own options frame, rather than sharing one, so it's yours to do with as you please after it has been created. You can use Portfolio as a starting point and then add your own custom controls.

I guess the main competitor is AceGUI-3.0.
It has option grouping, icons and keybinding controls that Portfolio doesn't have, but I may consider adding them if someone actually wants to use them.

Grouping can actually be done currently with the 'point' system I've built in, it just wont have a background or a way to toggle through a bunch of hidden options, unless you add that up yourself (which wouldn't be too hard). You could easily use a set of buttons as tabs, clicking them to show a certain set of options. You could even change the texture of the buttons to look like tabs and add a background/border frame.

Anyway, I'll evaluate new features once I get the todo list done.
Last edited by AnduinLothar : 12-08-08 at 12:33 PM.
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Unread 12-08-08, 10:27 AM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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I'm excited to try it, but can you briefly list the major differences between this and other options table managers? Why should I use Portfolio instead of its alternatives?
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Unread 11-29-08, 12:15 PM  
Mmm... cookies!!!
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Thanks man!
Never be satisfied with satisfactory.
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Unread 11-28-08, 08:31 PM  
A Defias Bandit
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very nice work, actualy just what i needed! still waiting for dropdown support ^^
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Unread 11-24-08, 12:37 PM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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This is a great tool, thanks Karl. Keep up the great work
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