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BfA content patch (8.2.5)
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Panther  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 14.2.5
by: Kupotek [More]

Welcome to Panther, formerly Kittyui!
This UI is primarily designed around Asssassination Rogues, but can be
adjusted to any class.
For support please email [email protected]

Panther UI (1920x1280)
Resizeable in /dom and /kgpanels config

Panther is a user interface replacement I started releasing back in 2008, it became popular all over the world which always amazed me, and was in the top 10 downloaded UIs and though I've taken extended breaks from WOW, every time I come back is a new challenge to see if I can get my UI working with current WOW. The UI changes the look and feel of the game through the use of my own custom graphics, keybindings, it's a near complete augmentation while making quite a few things more convenient and effective (at least to me) and I am working on the thing all the time to improve it, and sometimes mess it all up and have to rethink, it helps with reaction time which is crucial for a healer and rogue. I don't play any other classes, but it seems it could be good there too and may make you a more effective player overall. I hope you enjoy it.

The first thing to do when logging to the game is to set your profiles: /cb > addons > castbars > Profiles > Set the current profile to Panther and then where it says copy from: choose Area52. I will fix this in the next update.

Remember to keep your addons fresh and updated via Twitch!

Just remember when you install Panther that some profiles seem to be linked to character names or revert to default.

  • /clear clears active chat window
  • Combat and OOC Dashboard with weakaura tracking
  • Addon Control Panel to create raid and world sets
  • So much more!

Installed Addons:
  • !BugGrabber
  • Ace3
  • Addon Control Panel
  • Broker_Everything
  • Broker_WorldQuests
  • BugSack
  • Castbars
  • Chatter
  • Chinchilla (My custom art)
  • CorruptionTooltips
  • Deadly Boss Mods
  • DejaCharacterStats
  • Details
  • DockingStation
  • Dominos
  • GottaGoFast
  • kgPanels (My custom art)
  • MountSpy
  • MoveAnything
  • Notes
  • PantherWelcome (My custom control panel)
  • Pawn
  • Plater
  • PremadeGroupsFilter
  • RaiderIO
  • RareScanner
  • Scrap
  • SharedMedia (To load my custom art)
  • TipTac
  • TomTom
  • WeakAuras

  • Log out and Exit Game
  • Delete or Move Old WTF and Interface folders
  • Extract Panther folders and move my WTF and Interface folder to your WOW directory.
  • Go into WTF folder and rename the following folders as requested: Your Account Name, Your Server Name, Your Character Name ((Important note: Do not rename the folder called "Account" but the one called "ACCOUNT NAME" all in caps! Account name should not be your email address but your actual account name Server Name and Character Name are not written all in caps.))
  • Disable Dominoes > Encounters to assure zone action elements are visible.


Q: How do I find my account name?

A: Login to your official account at https://us.battle.net/account/management/

How to change the skills being tracked by the LCD HUD: /wa to go into weakauras and set new named under the Trigger tab.

You will see:

World of Warcraft® : Battle for Azeroth®
[accountname] Standard Edition

If your account is listed as wow1, open your world of warcraft folder > account > and you should see a folder with a unique name or numbers, that is your actual individual account name... delete the interface and wtf folders, and install mine, and rename the youraccountname folder to your individualized account ID that was there.
Thank you,

Jonathan / Darwinsradio - Zul'Jin


14.2.5 (6/30/2020)


14.2.4 (5/25/2020)


14.2.3 (5/12/2020)

One step further...


14.2.2 (5/12/2020)

Adjusted combat state for dominoes action bars.


14.2.1 (5/12/2020)

Mostly aesthetic and layout changes with some utility.
New UI update allows action bars to fade out, opening up more visual real estate


14.2.0 (5/2/2020)

Major Version Update

New weakauras, castbars, Bug Fixes, Frame fixes, Onevent and Onload parameters created
for pet battles. Much much more...


14.1.3 (4/24/2020)

Things were done...


14.1.2 (4.11.2020)

Added some new features in weak auras
Streamlined some more


14.1.1 (4/9/2020)

Lots of streamlining and workups with profiles.


14.1 (3/30/2020)

Fixed Docking Station
Removed a bunch of laggy addons people can add if they want to


14.0.7 (9/10/2019)

1. Fixed KGPanels Config Loading Known Issue
2. Lots of streamlining, refining and reworking


14.0.6b (8/30/2019)

1) Fixed LCD HUD Kgpanel + Weakaura for new resizing for 14.0.6

14.0.6 (8/30/2019)

1) All KGPANELS hiding while in pet battles or vehicles using onload and onevent scripting.
2) Streamlined and customized new Castbar
3) Lots of little fixes and polishing


14.0.5 (8/25/19)

Panels now successfully hide when in pet battles
NEW HUD LCD for procs
So much stuff I'm excited about!


14.0.3-14.0.4 (8/9-24/19)

Lots of streamlining and Fixes

In the works for next version:

1. New in and out of combat notifiers
2. Streamlined all WTF files and removed all outdated files


14.0.2 (7/28/2019)

Customized combat text while keeping it simple
Loaded up with my own custom fonts
Simplified Panels
New Pitbull Unit Frame Design

14.0.1 (9/25/2019)

Some polishing :)

14.0 (7/24/2019)

First update in a very long time, 5 months... lots of streamlining to fix stuttering and keypress timing.

13.4 (2/4/2019)

Lots of fun changes this update! New unit frames and integration and aesthetics.
Lots of streamlining too!

13.3c (1/23/2019)


13.3 Huge update (IMPORTANT) (1/9/2019)

13.2a (Streamlined) (12/12/2018)

13.2 (12/12/2018)

Updated for 8.1 Changes

13.1 (12/1/2018)
13.1b (12/1/2018)

Disabled compass for Chinchilla until that is fixed and
uninstalled gathermate2 since it conflicts with minimapalert

13.0.8 (11/5/2018)

UPDATE 10/29/2018

For some reason not all the addons were in the package for 13.0.6, so am re-upoloading the package now as 13.0.7

13.0.6 (October 26, 2018)

Huge Changes <3

13.0.5 (Sep 17, 2018)

New Unit Frames
Much much more...

13.0.4 (Aug 31, 2018)

1. Fixed Docking Station
2. Moved Buffs and Debuffs to my usual spot
3. Fixed RSA
4. Cleaned up out of date addons
5. Fixed TMW Profiles
6. Other miscellaneous exhaustive fixes and tested and setup

13.0.3 (August 29, 2018)

1. Fixed all custom art panels

13.0.2 (August 28, 2018

1. Moved out of date addons for now for swifter loading
2. Added non critical loading support on startup
3. A few major addon updates
4. Deleted one stray bak file

13.0.1 (August 27, 2018)

First update in over a year! A lot has happened, changed, rearranged... a lot of addons are disabled and waiting and hoping for updates, like KGPANELS for our custom panels, the only custom graphic at the moment is in our welcome screen and mini map.

12.7.3 (July 17, 2017)

Removed: Masque
Replaced Skada with fixed Alpha of Details
Removed: World Quest Tracker, pretty slow addon and the docking station world quest popup works great
Updated Artifact Watcher with 7.2.5 AP Items
Updating to Auraframes Layout and Location


1. Fixed strata level issue with Weak Auras so that energy levels would not override open bags, or be overridden by Dominos button text.
2. Updated Panther Welcome Text.
3. Sharpened look to create a more expansive look and feel.
4. Addon replaced: Sell Junk with Scrap
5. Addons replaced: Broker Everything with working Broker addons.
6. Updated UI sizing, font, clutter, and streamlined look and feel.
7. Updated Power Hungry Artifact Useage Items database manually.
8. Addons added: Simple ILevel which shows you yours and others ilevels in tooltips and chat.
9. Streamlined orbs.
10. Addon replace: Skada for Details
11. Addon replace: Deadly Boss Mods for BigWigs
12. Removed redudant addons: Weak Auras and Aura Frames
13. Addon replace: MogIt for AppearanceTooltip
14. Streamlined most CPU offending Addons including Overachiever, and TomTom
15. Many other addons removed... really going for a speedier loading time before next update
16. UI Tested with CPU Useage and Speedy Load
17. Addon removed: Werak Auras, using Aura Frames for all of it now to streamline.
18. Added and adjusted Weak Aura string for LFR satchel and Night Hold
19. Addon removed: Mistra's Orbs, were causing lockout problems with queueing for Random BGs
and more!

12.6.6 (Mar 19, 2017)

1. Replaced Pitbull Auras with Aura Frame target buff/debuffs
2. Removed redundant player info (health bar/mana/power/combo)
This is done on userside, under ESCAPE > INTERFACE > NAMES > "Personal Resource Display"
3. Redo on Tooltips
4. Streamlined Sharedmedia folder for better loading times.

12.6.5 (Mar 11, 2017)

1. Streamlining the UI for speed and efficiency... I am finding load times into the game to be too slow for my
satisfaction... so I am removing everything unnecessary, to improve on this... I have used CPU Usage addons
and diagnostics in Windows to see exactly what utilizes what processor time resulting in what boot time...

Removed addons:

!Swatter, Atlas Loot, Auctionator, Bag Brother, Bagnon, Beancounter, Broker_Garrison, Enchantrix, Informant, Overachiever
SexyMap, SimpleILevel, SlideBar, Stubby

2. Updated some addon aesthetics: Aura Frames, location of DBM, and others...

3. Reorganized information like target casting, personal buffs/debuffs display and more to be more easily read
and more efficiently.

4. Removed redundant Gold docking icon.

5. Added: Saved Instances Docking

6. Scaled down Diablo Orbs

12.6.3 (Feb 27, 2017)

1. AutoTurnIn is buggy, and updated, will be removed
2. Target castbars adjusted
3. Clean up of old macros
4. Enlarged chat and combat text frames to easier reading
5. Adjusted all framed and bars to compensate for the space reduction
6. Moved "Talking Head Frame" which shows storyline text
7. Adjusted weakauras, auraframes, dominoes
8. Added some mods, removed others
9. Removed problematic or unnecessary addons, Grid, Gathermate2, Personal Loot Helper, RSA
10. Replaced Big Wigs / Little Wigs with DBM
11. Added: Bagnon, !KalielsTracker
12. A bunch of other little tweaks and fixes.

12.6 (Feb 18, 2017)

This update is coming tonight!

12.5.1 (12/7/2015)

A lot of little fixes and polishes
Reintroduce Grid Raid Frames

12.5 (11/29/2015)

A lot of little fixes and polishes

12.4 (11/15/2015)

A lot of little fixes and polishes
Removed Reflux since no longer functioning properly

12.37 (10/17/2015)

Major update

12.1 (8/14/2015)

Test on huge changes....

na (6/17/2015)

Coming Soon... NEW FEATURES:

When you click the PVE or PVP macro, not only does Dominos switch to that specific bar profile,
it instantly swaps between your PVE and PVP gear... so be sure to set those Equipment Sets up!

12.0.5 (6/11/2015)

A lot of changes in this one. Profile emulation, Unit frame changes, Aura changes, lots of adjustments across the board, from the bones up, with more to come.

12.0.4 (6/4/2015)

Lots of little adjustments, things still to do: Add setup button on welcome screen for Reflux and Dominos Profile loading.

12.0.3 (6/2/2015)

Profile Adjustments
Lots of little fixes

na (5/29/2015)

Adjusted Strata for all elements

Strata Settings:

My casting = HIGH
Target casting = MEDIUM
Target Frame = LOW
Location Panel = BACKGROUND
Left, Right, and Bottom = BACKGROUND

na (5/28/2015

Screenshots added for work in progress...

12.0.2 (5/26/2015)

Profile Fixes
Switch from /reflux switch Kittyui to Panther


Macro to toggle between PVE/PVP Profiles in Dominoes
Cast Bar Changes
Profile Adjustments

Troubleshooting added to faq

Anyone having set up issues with my UI PANTHER, it's due to reflux switching... so here is a quick ingame fix while I work on a permanent solution. Thanks!
1. Ingame type /reflux switch Kittyui
2. Ingame type /dom set PVE
3. Ingame type /skada config to move and resize window to combat frame on the right, and change font...
4. Ingame type /icehud config set existing profile to Default
5. Ingame type /af set Profile to Darwinsradio
6. Ingame type /tomtom and find "Coordinate Block", set background and border opacity to zero and check the lock button at the top

7. Remember in WTF / you don't touch the first folder called Account, only the ones in caps do you change:

[Rename]ACCOUNTNAME (Not your Email address)

8. Make sure at the login screen, that out of date addons is checked.

Now you should be set...


Big changes, across the board, streamlined, did away with a bag mod, I love the default bags now that they added functionality, and while they lack some organizational customization, bag addons seem to slow loading for me, just a very invasive addon it seems... so I did away with it, feel free to add a bag mod of your own liking of course.

Many other changes, fixes, polishes... I hope you enjoy it! And as always, all comments are welcome and encouraged.


A whole lotta polishing... and what else ya gonna do on patch day?!


Major update
Welcome screen
Massive UI-wide adjustments, fixes and tweaks


Minor tweaking and polishing
Adjustments on chatter, grid, default windows and frames, cast bars,
WA setup and display


Big changes in 11.0!

More thematic integration
Utilizing more up to date mods, Skinner and more!

** Includes Deadly Boss Mods **


Kittyui becomes Panther
Tooltips polished

Name change from Kitty to Panther:

I have finally decided to upgrade my WOW UI... it is growing up and getting a new name... so formerly known as Kittyui, it is now called simply Panther... still in the cat family... but I think people will be more likely to download it with a more badass name... and having come back after 2 years, I think the new chapter is ready to be opened with a great new name while maintaining the same intention...


Fixed castbars, breath meter, etc...
Aligned size and positioning of social / combat windows


Added Broker Garrison to my docking station broker everything environment, to clear up the minimap.
Full cleaning, simplifying, balanced bars.
Got rid of unnecessary and duplicate mods


Scaled Down and Cleaned up, organized Dock, Simplified use of space


Some fine tuning...


My WOW UI just became even more amazing... I added a movement recalibration cooldown spark that just looks awesome... along with new castbars, modifications of tooltips and docking station and cleanup of various issues as well... new version is pretty serious.


Unit Frames fix


Lots of minor fixes, casting bar adjustments, background textures, and more...


First polishing and finetuning, bugsack says no bugs!


My first update in nearly 2 years... there will be some issues... but so far so good :)
This is my way of saying, hey I'm back! I hope everyone is well, and I look forward
to hearing from you in the comments! I've missed so many people!


Added special bar which can be disabled in /kgpanels config and /bt
Fixed Clique frame, pitbull pet frame
Other finetuning

6.0.6-7 (Graphic and Config Fixes)

6.0.5 (Finetuning)

6.0.4 (BIG UPDATE)

1. KGpanel artwork
2. A lot of little tweaks and fixes.
3. Tooltip customization, i.e. Loot windows were in the way of unitframes.
4. Moved chi bars
5. Customized Pitbull further, and some other addons


A lot of little tweaks and fixes.

6.02 (BIG UPDATE!)

1. Fixed broker issues
2. Adjusted size of chat and combat areas for more user friendliness
3. Adjusted for recount in combat area
4. Fixed weak auras for chi with custom textures to match UI style
5. Adjusted and fixed casting bars and cooldowns
6. Adjusted Pitbull Unit Frames
7. Some other minor tweaks and bug fixes

6.0.1 (4/6/13)


Broker Spec Removed
Broker Equipswitch Removed
Pitbull's Shadow Orb Module disabled
Tons removed


WeakAuras for Shadow Orbs

6.0 (4/6/13)

Today's update comes after two years hiatus...
It's not perfect, but it all appears to be working...


Removed Satrina's Buff Frames
Patched Fluid Frames
Fixed zBrokerDurability
Other minor adjustments

5.3.1 (5/1/11)


5.3 (4/30/11)

More fixes post patch...
Removed Satrina's Buff Frame until a fix or replacement is found.

5.2 (4/28/11)

Updated after new patch which low level strafe-bombed everyone's addons...

5.1 (4/24/11)

Updated after two months away

5.03 (2/13/11)

1. Installation Fixes

5.02 (2/12/11)

1. Adjust casting bar aesthetic (font and texture)
2. Adjust Bartender Artbar Displaying
3. Adjust Grid Mana Bars
4. Addmod: Fluidframes
5. Adjust: Grid
6. Addmod: Broker shPerformance
7. Removemod: BrokerCPU

Broker shPerformance

Addmod: Ara Broker Guild Friends

5 (2/10/11)

1. Addmod: Wow Instant Messenger
2. Tons of fixes, updates, restructuring and effectiveness for casting and cooldowns


4.95 1/25/11

1. Redo Pitbull focus and focus target frames
2. Redo SBF configuration
3. Redo Buttonfacade aesthetic
4. Redo Castbars aesthetic


4.9 1/20/11

Removemod: Raven
Addmod: Satrina's Buff frame

We will miss you Satrina! <3


4.8 1/18/11

Removemod: Speaknspell
Addmod: RSA and MovePowerBarAlt

RSA: Great spell announcer and highly configurable
MovePowerBarAlt: For moving the Powerbar in Bastion of Light


4.7 1/13/11

Alot of fixes and tweaks in this one, I'd say a must download.


4.6 1/4/11

1. Fixed Focus Frame for Cooldowns
2. Added Focus Awareness Bars
3. Ajusted Grid information priorities
4. Bunch of other little tweaks
5. Happy New Year!


4.5.2 1/2/11

Created profile for 1024x768 users


4.5.1 XXX

Bartender Fix


4.5 12/31/10

1. Tweaks: Castingbars, Grid, Pitbull
2. Fixes for profile emulation
3. Fixes: Castingbars, Raven Buff Bars, Forte Cooldown Timers
4. Fixes: Bartender redo to fix an oddly persistent vehicle UI error
5. Tweaks: Alignment, Database Cleanse, Reset on Bartender, other minor things
or stuff I just don't remember doing.
6. New Addons: Fortexorcist, Raven
7. Removed Addons: Satrina's Buff Frame (Love you Satrina, trying something new,
I know you're quitting WOW and I wish you all the best in 2011 and beyond! *HUG ATTACK!*


4.4 12/28/10

1. Fixed Pitbull
2. Fixed some casting overlay issues
3. Minor tweaks and adjustments


4.3 12/22/10

1. Adjusted Docking Panels and Strata

Left: Technical
Middle: Dungeon Info
Right: Guild and Play Info

2. Casting bar now overrides middle panel
3. Added aTotembar for Shaman Support
4. New Pitbull Unitframes
5. Reconfig docking panels, chatbar, fonts


4.2 12/19/10

1. Updated casting bars
2. Fixed issue with 'w' key movement
3. Updated Action bar frame for casting embed and chat
4. Font and style updated
5. Button Facade restyle
6. Tons of tweaks and fixes


4.1 12/15/10

Refitted frames
Fixed buff and debuff appearance


4.0 12/9/10

Fixed a few errors reported and adjusted aura bar, casting bars, and some other key things
to make the UI all around more friendly and fun to use for the expansion.

Added: Satrina's Buff Frame, removed Raven
Added: OmniCC


4.0b 12/8/10

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Unread 10-30-08, 08:11 AM  
A Cliff Giant
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I have a couple of suggestions to add for you, nice job so far.

1) Take a look at some other unitframes, play around with Pitbull some more. It can do just about anything.

2) Find a button_facade skin for buffs and buttons.

3) Your text is gigantic! If you need it this way because you can't see it, that's okay, if not, it's way too big. Also, make sure everything uses the same font and bar texture.

3) autohide autobar if you can.

This is a great UI, just needs some fine tuning and some new unitframes. I may mess a little with it this week if I get some time. Good luck!
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Unread 10-30-08, 07:38 AM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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Thanks for the feedback Aesir, this is my first release, so all the help
is greatly appreciated! next update will show improvements!
Last edited by Kupotek : 10-30-08 at 07:39 AM.
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Unread 10-30-08, 06:29 AM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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Forum posts: 30
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Possible improvements:

* delete the *.bak and *old files. Takes about 14 seconds using your operating system's search utility. Saves WoWI and end-users bandwidth and disk space. Saves compilation author upload time/bandwidth.

* delete the macro, key bindings, and configuration settings that aren't required or unique to this UI. Really don't need to assume that everyone has "Realtek HD Audio output" or that keybinds for auto-run are going to be button X on the mouse, especially if you don't have mouse with that button. Not sure how this works now with server side storage of macros, and the options relating to that, but probably don't want to include the 8 or 9 macros included for fear of over-writing someone else's custom macros.

* Auctioneer... probably not a great addon to include in a UI compilation. Any addon that is dependent upon realm and user-specific data to provide it's statistical analysis and recommendations won't work all that well for someone else. Not much of an issue if it's a first-time install for a person, but if someone has been building up AH stats for a while, installing this compilation will wipe that out. Any updates to the compilation will also wipe out that data. Not sure what to do here, but I wouldn't want to have to walk people through trying to save and/or recover their data if this UI package gets installed. I would probably remove it from the compilation, with a note in the readme about AH addons - and perhaps point people to the current version of Auctioneer in case they want to install it separately.

[Edit: This is my first look at UI compilations. I don't know if similar issues exist in other packages.]

On the plus side, I like the looks of this UI. That's why I'm digging so hard into it's guts - I want to ensure things are going to work. Anytime someone says, "Just rename your WTF and Interface folders" I get suspicious about whether or not that's really the best approach for the user - or just an easy way out for addon authors and suite compilers.
-- æsir
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Unread 10-29-08, 12:05 PM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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Uploads: 2
Here's a current screen shot of the latest modifications:

Last edited by Kupotek : 10-29-08 at 01:32 PM.
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