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Visions of N'Zoth (8.3.0)
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ScrapBook (Retail)  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

by: Ne0nguy [More]

About ScrapBook:

So you have hundreds if not thousands of hours on World of Warcraft right? Well what do you have to show for it? Sure your character may look pretty awesome, but that isn't very relevant if your trying to figure out what you got done last week.

ScrapBook is designed to take the most candid snapshots of your ongoing adventures in the World of Warcraft.
It takes a snapshots on specified intervals (defaulting to every 10 mins), leaving a watermark in the upper left and right corners with your characters name, realm, guild, rank, level, current xp, location, and a time stamp.

This works great if you set your Desktop or Lock screen background to a slideshow of your WoW screenshots folder. You will find lots of mid-combat shots of PvE, PvP, and Raids. Many of which are humorous or very cool looking at the least.

Originally posted by xandora
I have this running every 10 minutes, along with the Windows 7 background slideshow feature and I love it! A new background every 10 minutes!
Current Features:
  • Automatic Screenshots via Time Interval (adjustable)
  • Automatic Screenshots when an Achievement is earned (optional)
  • Manual Screenshots via Slash Command (/snapshot)
  • Displays a warning before a timed snapshot occurs (optional)
  • Hides the UI while taking a snapshot (optional)
  • Screenshots taken with the UI hidden will include a watermark with character and zone info
  • Timed Screenshots never occur while Resting or AFK

  • None

Slash Commands:
  • /SnapShot (force a snapshot anytime)
  • /ScrapBook (Open the Options Panel)
  • /ScrapBook go (force a snapshot anytime)
  • /ScrapBook info (debug command: queries countdown timer)
  • /ScrapBook test (debug command: sets timer to 5 seconds)

Find more projects by Ne0nguy at:

Version (2020-01-22)
- TOC update for Retail patch 8.3.0
- Changed "/scrapbook info" to "/scrapbook debug"
- Added TOC info to debug output

Version (2019-12-10)
- Compatible with WoW Classic 1.13.3
- Fixed bug related to Pet Battles

Version (2019-10-25)
- Compatible with Patch 8.2.5
- Improved Screenshot Quality

Version (2019-09-17)
- Compatible with WoW Classic
- Disabled warning sound

Version (2019-06-25)
- Fixed bug related to the PlaySoundFile function

Version (2019-06-25)
- Compatible with Patch 8.2

Version (2019-02-17)
- Compatible with Patch 8.1

Version (2018-07-21)
- Added option to disable during Pet Battles

Version (2018-07-17)
- Compatible with Battle for Azeroth
- Minor watermark changes related to XP%
- Will no longer attempt to take snapshot while the Map or Collections frames are open
- Removed /sb slash commands
- Quick Snapshots can now be taken with /snapshot

Version BETA-8.0.1.b1 (2018-05-02)
- Compatible with Battle for Azeroth: Beta
- Minor watermark changes related to XP%

Version (2018-04-29)
- Added an option to take screenshots when an achievement is earned
- Achievement screenshots will never hide the UI
- Fixed a bug that caused the settings not to be properly saved between sessions
- Fixed a bug that triggered a snapshot to occur within 30 seconds of leaving a rested area

Version (2018-04-29)
- Fixed bug that prevented ScrapBook from automatically disabling while resting or afk

Version (2018-04-28)
- Compatible with Patch 7.3.5
- Various bug fixes related to API changes
- Minimap elements now successfully hide during snapshot
- Added "/sb info" and "/sb test" for debugging purposes
- Added countdown in chatlog while the warning and hideui options are enabled

Version (2011-04-28)
- Compatible with Patch 4.1

Version (2010-10-12)
- Compatible with Patch 4.0

Version (2010-09-16)
- Compatible with Cataclysm Beta
- Inprovements to reduce CPU usage and taint

Version (2009-12-08)
- Compatible with Patch 3.3

Version (2009-08-15)
- Fixed a bug that would cause the UI to remain hidden if a screenshot were taken while the game was minimized (tested and working this time)

Version (2009-08-05)
- Fixed a bug that would cause the UI to remain hidden if a screenshot were taken while the game was minimized (again)

Version (2009-08-04)
- Compatible with Patch 3.2

Version (2009-07-05)
- Fixed a bug that would cause the UI to remain hidden if a screenshot were taken while the game was minimized

Version (2009-05-24)
- Fixed a bug where settings would save, but not do anything

Version (2009-05-24)
- Fixed a bug where settings would get reset to Enabled on login

Version (2009-05-21)
- Added an option to display a warning 15 seconds before a snapshot
- Added an option to show the user interface on snapshot

Version (2009-05-13)
- Now able to hide 'most' of the UI while in combat (some textures and other frames may still be visable)

Version (2009-05-12)
- Restored slash command functionality for "/ScrapBook" and "/ScrapBook go"

Version (2009-05-12)
- Fixed an error on login relating to a nil version

Version (2009-05-11)
- Fixed an issue where the watermark would not hide after a screenshot

Version (2009-05-11)
- Hides UI on Snapshot
- Restores UI after Snapshot
- Watermark is now displayed in the upper left and right corners
- Added an Options Panel with the ability to toggle on-off and set the snapshot interval
- Removed ScrapBook.xml

Version (2009-04-14)
- Compatible with patch 3.1

Version (2009-01-31)
- Removed annoying load message on login

Version (2009-01-18)
- Minor Bugfixes

Version (2009-01-18)
- Fixed a timer bug where ScrapBook would take screenshots immediately after leaving a city or resuming from AFK

Version (2008-11-03)
- Minor Bugfixes

Version (2008-10-14)
- Now officially compatible with Wrath of the Lich King

Version (2008-10-14)
- Changed Version System

Version (2008-10-14)
- Transitioning to SVN
- WoW 3.0 compatable

Version 0.8 (2008-10-07)
- Fixed an issue where ScrapBook would not clear more than 2 chatframes
- Added an option to clear the ErrorFrame

Version 0.7 (2008-10-05)
- Fixed a bug where your character's name was displayed as [Player] in the watermark

Version 0.6 (2008-10-05)
- Added the option to force snapshots
- Added the option to clear the ChatFrames before taking snapshots

Version 0.5 (2008-09-15)
- No longer displays 0% XP at a max level
- Various format and slash command tweaks

Version 0.4 (2008-08-25)
- Added WotLK support
- Replaced city name detection with resting detection for automatic disable
- Fixed minor slash command issues

Version 0.3 (2008-08-19)
- Automatically Disables while in a major city
- Automatically Disables while AFK

Version 0.2 (2008-08-17)
- Removed capturing on gain of an XP bar
- Implemented Time intervals

Version 0.1 (2008-08-06)
- First Release
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