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by: richerich [More]

Heya! I have recently resubscribed to WoW and i plan to release my edit of Tukui sometime within the next few months (since i haven't coded in years). Here's a screenshot of how it looks like (Not gonna release it before WoD, tho).

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Introduction video

Upcoming changelog


This is my edit of Tukui, with some inspiration of Eclipse's Edit. It fully supports any resolutions over 1280x1024 (some cases may not be correct).
If some addon doesn't fit your resolution (it's built around 1920x1080), try to visit the corresponding addon site to know more about move them and such.


  • /heal - Switch to Heal layout.
  • /dps - Switch to DPS layout.
  • /moveui - Unlocks just about anything in the UI.
  • /clfix - Clears your combatlog.
  • /frame - Gives you information of the frame you're currently hover over.
  • /luaerror - Enabled/Disables showing the red error text frame.
  • /rd - Disbands the raid (Must be raidleader).
  • /resetui - Resets the UI back to default install (In case you screwed something up).

by Dajova @ Tarren Mill-EU

- v13.21
- Quick update with some bugfixes, including:
- Friend datatext (small bugfix)
- Vehicle button (Moved it to the top viewport panel)
- Datatext tooltip anchor (only basic "fix", so it's not stuck in the middle of the screen)
- v13.2
- Update to patch 4.2
- Small fix to the time-to-die module.
- Added the API and Blizzard frame skins from ElvUI to match Tukui.
- Added some optional addons support for frame skinning (like MrTrader and Auctionator).
- Added editless skin for BigWigs (taken from ElvUI)
- Changed the damage font, see screenshot... (comments?)
- Fixed the viewport panels, so it's less chunky...
- Fixed the Focus frame to match the new viewport fix.
- Fixed the Pet and ToT auras.
- Removed Tukui_Filger for now until a fix has been made by the original author.
- v13.11
- Fixed unitframes to not disable itself when using another actionbar mod.
- Fixed CCP_Display... to display anything :P
- Fixed both Threat and AltPower bars framelevel so it's not covered by the windowtabs.
- Fixed dps/hps datatext displays and updated the guild datatext code.
- Replaced ncCooldown with Tukui_DCP. <-- remember this!
- Added skin to BG/Arena bar timer.
- v13.10
- Updated to function with patch 4.1, including bugfixes.
- Added a option to enable class colored castbars (enabled by default).
- Commented out Capping skin, since its not working and causes problems.
- Fixed druid combo module.
- Fixed hunter combo module.
- Fixed death knight combo module.
- Moved the entire combo mod from Tukui to a separate folder, still having support tho.
- Moved caelQuests into the package itself, you can now remove that one.
- Fixed druid's eclipse bar (sry bout that).
- v13.03
- Added editless skins for CoolLine and NugRunning, just install and go! Skin for Capping also added, but not working 100% yet.
- Reverted the way frames are created, liked the old way better. (Instead of CreatePanel, reverting back to SetTemplate & CreateShadow)
- Fixed some plugins, like the Vengeance bar.
- Relocated the class bars from the middle of the health bar to over the unitframe.
- Fixed some incorrect font locations.
- Changed the way the castbars looks like (when it's outside of the uf).
- Fixed the petframes in party group, heal layout.
- Fixed the acionbars if turned to false.
- Updated the combo bar to emulate sCombo.
- v13.02
- Fixed the totem bar script, was causing the unitframes to not be there for shamans.
- Fixed the combat text font, should correctly show the right font if using normal or pixel fonts.
- Added some new paths for editless skins (atm only TinyDPS works)
- v13.01
- Fixed the actionbar issue, should be working 100% correct.
- Moved most frame elements in the UI, like player, focus and healing grid.
- Changed textures and made the overlay texture usable.
- Changed fonts to reflect the new textures.
- Reverted the scrolling combat text code back to the v12 one.
- Added some new config.
- Removed the rep/exp/petexp text module in chatframe 4.
- v13.00
- Updated to the new core from Tukui v13 and also updated the look, look at the screenshot for current look.
NOTE: Please remember to make a clean install before using this edit or you may end up with unintentional bugs.
- Move everything in the UI with this command: /moveui or /mtukui
- v12.22
- Fixed some bugs that was introduced in last version, like autoscale and some variables.
- Changed the height of the castbar, so it matches the size of the auras.
- Changed the overlay texture.
- Fixed some spellids in Filger.
- Added "Slaughter" buff from warriors to the combo module.
- Fixed a minor bug with the flyout button.
- v12.21
- Huge code re-haul, now should be a bit cleaner
- Fixed boss and arena frames, now working correctly
- Changed textures and some fonts
- Moved the frames around a bit
- Changed the default UI colors, see screenshots
- Fixed most of the remaining bugs, keep the reports coming
- Hopefully fixed the raidUtility script from Elv22, but not tested (i dont like being a raid leader, it's scary!)
- Added a swing bar to the layout
- Added a vengeance bar to the layout
- Added some more spellid's to Filger
- Moved the target castbar for DPS layout to be a lot more visible
- Made the auras appear on the unitframes alot bigger
- Added some new config to match the changes above
- Added external support for TelUI_AddonSkins, now should be correctly pixelperfect (thx Eclipse)
- Added the following addons back into the major package:
- LinkmateQuests
- TelUI_AddonSkins
- v12.20
- A lot of changes have been made to the UI, so it is recommended to make a fresh install to avoid any errors and confusion.
- New textures, fonts and colors.
- Layout updated to the new commits from default Tukui, like new altpowerbar (the bar that pops up on specific encounters, like Cho'gall).
- Some updates on the third-party addons available to update.
- Fixed a lot of things in the heal-layout, raid frames was partly small compared to party frames.
- Added the new Cataclysm-spellID's for raiddebuffs on the raidframes (both dps and heal layout).
- Added some new ID's to Filger.
- Fixed many config options and currency datatext tracker.
- Added my SharedMedia mod again to be able to take fully advantage of the new update.
- v12.17
- Hopefully fixed the remaining bugs with the layouts as reported... (Grid scale is still not working, will fix it at some point)
- Removed the UI font, replaced with the current UF font.
- Added debuff highlight for player frame (disabled for now, still a bit buggy).
- Fixed around a bit with the config (made the uiscale a bit larger, changed some options of the lvl-specific options, added unicolor/enemyhcolor options).
- Added status text on the panel (not tested).
- Slightly changed the shadow.
- Fixed the width of raidframes on dps playout, my bad there.
- hopefully last fix on Filger... srsly, stop breaking things! xD
- v12.16
- Fixed party raid layout (did i say i hate tags?)
- Fixed filger (did i also say i hate filger?)
- Added TomTomLite (shows a arrow on your closest quest POI)
- Updated some newly updated mods (like my spellid mod)
- Added mana bars to ALL raidframes (both dps and heal layouts)
- Added some new config and fixed some lvl-specific ones (you should check it out)
- Changed main texture (last time, i promise!)
- Fixed druid mana display (was flickering before, thx Eclipsé <3)
- Removed ncShadow to make space to a new viewport! (toggleable in the config)
- Added a new raidutility menu (thx Elv) - Not tested
- Added a new macro fix for ab-glows :)
- Removed GearScoreLite to make space for the new GS 4.0 later (sorry)
- v12.15
- Fixed the heal layout (i hate tags sometimes)
- Fixed the druid mana display, should work now
- Changed some fonts again, was not 100% happy with them :/
- Changed overlay texture
- Removed line 219 in Tukui_Filger, so shouldn't bug anymore. Post if it's not gone tho :)
- Removed GnomishAuctionShrinker, GnomishVendorShrinker and InternalCooldowns, cause it still has a few issues with it that i can't be bothered with to fix.
- Added spec switcher module for the datatext. Also displays your current spec in it <3
- Added new detailed gains (experience/reputation/pet experience) in ChatFrame4 (Trade/Loot).
- Removed caelFactions
- Some other unmentionable bugfixes... =D
- v12.14
- BIG NEWS: Added power% display (same was the hp% is displayed). /cheer Eclipsé for letting me steal his code <3
- Moved TelUI_AddonSkins outside of the package, since it sometimes (for some unknown reason) breaks the UI for some users. You can still download it separately from the front page, as the rest.
- Added new default config for low-lvl characters. More info at the bottom of the config file.
- Changed the UF font to the old one, i liked it better :)
- Changed the textures and added a separate overlay texture.
- Changed the colors a bit to match the new textures.
- Added a new code to move the WorldFrame (the frame that displays if something is going on in the zone, like WG), type " /wsup " to move it around.
- Added a few new config parameters, like the ability to toggletext on rep/exp frames. At max lvl, the text will be hidden by default and making them slimmer.
- Some other things that shouldn't be too much noticeable, like bugfixes <3
- v12.13
- Moved QBar, TinyDPS and Coolline out of the package and placed them as optional addons to download separately.
- Added my version of GearScoreLite.
- Fixed most of the current bugs, like the actionbars, castbars and group frames.
- New positions of the DPS layout frames (see screenshots)
- Added pet buffs (changeable in the config)
- Added a option to change font flag and size in the config (off by default)
- Added a UI-wide button scale in the config.
- Disabled boss/arena frames for now, seems to be causing FPS issues.
- Some other stuff i can't remember as of now... :)
- v12.12
- Removed DSM (can still be downloadable separately)
- Added GnomishAuctionShrinker and GnomishVendorShrinker. Basically shrinks the auction house and the vendors, so more gets visible.
- Fixed the nameplates in various ways. Like shrinking it slightly, formatted names and re-added raidicons.
- Changed all main fonts to a more "futuristic" style :)
- Changed the background colors on all uniframes frames to a bit darkish red, so it's easier to see who's in range and who needs more healing.
- Added a few missing spells on Filger
- Fixed some options used in config that wasn't working, like focus debuffs.
- Changed the default cooldown script to enlighten the new tullaCooldownCount.
- Fixed the flickering on unitframes, so re-added the tooltip again :)
- v12.11
- Fixed QBar not working correctly and moved the bar to the side of the statblocks. (use /qb reset to reset the position)


- Moved rep and exp bars to below the minimap and moved TinyDPS accordingly. (will add a screenshots of the "new" later on.)
- Added a option to disable raid/party frames if you wanna use custom ones (like Grid)

["group"] = true, -- enables party/raid layout (requested feature)

- Added boss and arena frames (NOT TESTED)
- Updated the cael mods to the current toc and version.
- Reverted the raid colors in heal layout to the old colors (temp).
- v12.1
- Removed xCT(too many issues), Tukui_ClassTimer, LoseControl.
- Added !BlizzBugsSuck, caelInterrupt, caelLib, caelQuests, Tukui_Filger, QBar(integrated).
- Reworked layouts, now changes positions depending on layout (check screenshots).
- Changed position of some elements, like rep and xp tracker.
- Now changeable portraits! if ["V3_Style"] is set to true, it will be inside the panels (default), but if set to false, it will be inside the healthbar.
- Improved functionality and overall wtfness (witch means that you need to make a fresh install).
- v12.01
- Fixed the position of xCT, should be ok now
- Fixed some missing auras in Tukui_ClassTimer
- Fixed some anchor problems in Tukui_ClassTimer
- Changed the way addons are skinned. from "TukuiDB.SetTemplate" to "TukuiDB.SkinPanel"
- v12.0
- Initial release
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Originally posted by syrupk
You shouldn't call it roth UI though.
I do call it that, since most of the work in it is made by him, i just made my version of it and added/changed some stuff, that's all. And I do give the credits to him about the base of it.
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Unread 11-29-08, 07:21 PM  
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[quote]Originally posted by syrupk
You shouldn't call it roth UI though. [/QUOTET

This. Roth UI is the name of Zork's interface, please change the name, also you have pretty much just changed some stuff around and rereleased his UI.
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Unread 11-29-08, 07:12 PM  
A Cliff Giant
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You shouldn't call it roth UI though.
I guess my brain will never work right. At least I’m pretty.
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Unread 09-27-08, 01:08 PM  
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Updated the UI, no longer a "pre-made" UI (like nUI or SpartanUI).
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Unread 08-16-08, 01:31 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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this is just a slightly modded nUI
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Unread 08-12-08, 02:16 PM  
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This is nUI with some additions it looks like:

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