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Pick for 11/22: Cecile QuickLaunch (updated) & Day Night Cycle (updated)

Picked by: Seerah - 11-22-15

Cecile QuickLaunch

This addon is a quick launch box for any (non-secure, no spell-casting) action you wish to pull up. Use the keybind to open the text box and start typing, and results will be shown to you below as you type. The addon searches parts of words also, so you need not type out entire words which makes making your selection quicker. Use the quick launch box to save on keybinds or avoid searching through the game's UI.

See the above screenshot or the addon's download page for what it is capable of.

Day Night Cycle

This is an addon for you Balance Druids out there who would like an easier way to keep track of your rotation and abilities as well as your Eclipse bar. Druids say that this has everything that they need. This addon is fully customizable through SharedMedia also, so you may change the bar textures, fonts, etc.

Check it out and read more on what it can do here.

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