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Originally Posted by Shadowed View Post
Think of a zone like Dalaran, the majority of the players that are loaded you will never inspect, or Ironforge or Orgrimmar. A little bit of data adds up and you would have to add gems as well as non-visible enchants too. The vast majority of it would end up being unused, especially if the player isn't running an inspect mod.
I've spent the last 3 days solid writing stream and data parsing for flv/amf, mp4 and ogg files. The main thing I've learnt from this, is the amazing extents you can go to with reducing data sizes. Packing a 4 byte integer into 1 byte using the high bit as a "is there another byte to this" flag, that sort of thing.

I've not noticed Gearscore pay attention to gems or enchants in its scoring, though I could be wrong.

Having a hefty delay in the inspect api, and proving item id data minus gem and enchant data for general use, plus someone adapting and improving addons to take advantage of the above (the inspect api throttling should be motivation enough), should in theory continue to reduce server load even further and not increase data transmission.

Another small thought: At least some enchant data must be transmitted already, for the graphical effects to be shown, making my points above even more valid.

Additional: This would also reduce inspect api requests to "give gem info kktnxbai"
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