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Originally Posted by toddimer View Post
Do we have an ETA on when these rolling restarts will commence?

My addon is completely reliant on the inspect API. While It's designed as a single-threaded-apartment-model system, and therefore timeout safe, I'd still appreciate a guesstimate (or official #) for when to expect potential bug reports to come in.

I'm also extremely curious what the server-side numbers are going to be. I would hate to burst the server every 1/5/10 seconds if it's just going to have to parse & ignore the requests; it would also suck to make requests every 29 seconds if the timeout is 30 seconds :P
Keep in mind that any sort of throttling to the inspect UI will also 'break' the default one. I'd be surprised if it was 30 seconds, probably will end up around 5 - 10 seconds.
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