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File: Carbonite BETA VERSION09-17-13
Yay, update
Posted By: Haruka71
Thank you so much for the update. I was just wondering, is there any way to re-size the mini map once it's been gathered into Carbonite? I used to be able to enlarge it while keeping the map itself fairly small, but I no longer have the option and can't see the mini map very well. Thank you again!
File: SLDataText09-02-12
Gold Listing
Posted By: Haruka71
Is there any way to change the gold format? The previous version had XXgXXsXXc (with x's being amounts) right now it just says xxx.xg. Going into the config menu doesn't give me any options to change it. If I hover of course I see the full amount but it would be nice to see it all at a glance, at least for that character. On...
File: Quartz - Modular Casting Bar09-02-12
Strangely the fishing timer no long...
Posted By: Haruka71
Strangely the fishing timer no longer works.
File: Bartender401-22-11
Bartender not working in Worgen area?
Posted By: Haruka71
Hello, I have a strange issue. I just created a worgen character. When I log into it I cannot access Bartender at all. The button to bring up configuration is non-interactive. I have created a goblin character and have had no issues with bartender. What could the problem be?
File: Inquest04-17-09
Silly question...
Posted By: Haruka71
Thank you for this! The objectives weren't working that well and I was missing CTCore's version, and now I don't have to worry!
File: MetaMap (Fan Update)04-17-09
Will there be an update for this?...
Posted By: Haruka71
Will there be an update for this? I am having an issue in that my options will not save - transparency and size reset every time I close the map. I really like this mod the best because of the transparency, so I really hope for an update! :)