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File: MiirGui Icon Pack [Grey]10-24-14
DL Issue Corrected
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Turns out the issue with downloading large files was one with wowinterface itself. It has since been corrected and large files should DL fine now.
File: rObjectiveTrackerMover10-20-14
Just want to say thanks again for t...
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Just want to say thanks again for this. Tracker now remains in the moved position between sessions with version .04. Awesome!
File: rObjectiveTrackerMover10-18-14
The sole purpose is to make it mova...
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The sole purpose is to make it movable. Position does not get saved over sessions. It never has. Just to be sure we were being clear, the design is for it to relocate to the default position when you zone your character (like to/from an instance or a city portal) or /rl the UI?
File: rObjectiveTrackerMover10-17-14
Doesn't seem to stay where I move i...
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Doesn't seem to stay where I move it too. Am I missing a way to lock it to a location? Came here to thank you for making this - also to mention this issue. Thanks!
File: Allez UI10-17-14
Very nice UI. Thanks for posting th...
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Very nice UI. Thanks for posting this. CargBags is erroring out. Throws Lua errors (I can copy/paste them for you if you need it) and the bag frame is just kind of a jumbled pile of pixels - can't see items in the inventory. Same at the bank. I also changed the unit frame from class colored health bar to dark grey. I changed th...
File: oUF_Hank Fan Update for 6.010-15-14
I'd also like to thank you for keep...
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I'd also like to thank you for keeping this addon going. It seems like the latency tracking on the castbars is wonky. It always shows a very high latency in the text and the entire bar is red. Other than that, working great and I'm thrilled to have it. Thanks again!
File: MiirGui Icon Pack [Grey]10-15-14
Ok, this is odd. I'm using Chro...
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Ok, this is odd. I'm using Chrome, for what it's worth, and have downloaded MANY addons from this site and others without issue today. On the Addon Description page it shows the file as 56mb. When I click Download the file begins to DL and Chrome shows it as 29mb. However, about halfway through the expected time remaining Chro...
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Grey]10-15-14
Im gonna take a look, im pretty sur...
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Im gonna take a look, im pretty sure i know what is causing it :) Thanks for the so precise description. edit: what region are you playing on? Eu, US? As explanation: These crashes can occur when a texture is saved using the wrong compression type. BLP has like 8 or 10 compression possibilities, so its often a luck game. Whe...
File: MiirGui Icon Pack [Blue]10-14-14
Cannot Open File
Posted By: Dancingblade
7zip refuses to open this file. Opens other addons including your texture pack without issue.
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Grey]10-14-14
Realm Switch Crash
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On live servers, 6.0.2: With this pack installed I am able to log in with the restyled buttons and borders apparent. Since I deleted my Interface and WTF folders to rebuild my UI for the new patch it asks me to select again what location and server type I want to play on (as though I was a new player). By default it puts me on...
File: MiirGui Icon Pack [Grey]10-14-14
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When attempting to extract this file in 7zip it throws an "unable to extract as an archive" error. I was able to extract your matching grey texture pack without incident, so I believe this is an issue with this file rather than my system. Love your work. Thank you for making it available!
File: Bugger10-08-14
Minimap Button
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First, I'd like to apologize for not using a broker display. :) I'm still using LiteStats and modifying as necessary. Anyway, when deselecting "Minimap icon" from the minimap button menu the button does hide, but upon logging out and back in it will reappear. Perhaps that's intentional, but if not, thought you'd like to know....
File: Bugger10-06-14
Seems to work:D For what it's wo...
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Seems to work:D For what it's worth, I get the same error when logging in.
File: MidgetMap05-27-10
Typo: "Achievements" in the drop do...
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Typo: "Achievements" in the drop down menu is missing the "m". :)
File: oUF_Freebgrid10-19-09
Request: Add a tag for the HoT that...
Posted By: Dancingblade
Request: Add a tag for the HoT that happens when a Paladin casts Flash of Light on a target that has Sacred Shield, please.
File: rFilter309-15-09
Originally posted by Doug4130 my...
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Originally posted by Doug4130 my bad zork. I have a bad habit of forgetting about aspect of the viper and I was trying to use rfilter2 to remind me that it's up It's definitely not ideal, but if you set the font size to 2 it makes the numbers little more than a dash on the icon. I use it for the same reason you are. I make...
File: rFilter309-06-09
Originally posted by elder69 else...
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Originally posted by elder69 elseif rf2_player_name == "Bloodpanic" and rf2_player_class == "DEATHKNIGHT" then rf2_spell_list = { buffs = { = { tag = "Horn of Winter", spellid = 57623, unit = "player", size = 24, fontsize = 16, posx = -64, posy = -360, framestrata = "LOW", anchor = "UIParent"}, },...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)08-05-09
From the Addon Info page: Scalin...
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From the Addon Info page: Scaling rBuff, oUF_D3Orbs, rMinimap, sTooltip, rActionBarStyler can be scaled to your liking. Use UI-scale or use the scaling variable(s) inside the lua files.
File: rFilter307-02-09
Originally posted by zoktar nothi...
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Originally posted by zoktar nothing bad to say bout this addon but iv gone over to using tellmewhen for focused buffs/debuffs/cd's, features ingame config wich is smart and easy, and seems to have all the functionality i need. Yeah, I've used TMW in the past as well as Satrina Buff Frames. Both do the job admirably, but I use (...
File: rFilter306-28-09
Originally posted by zoktar edit:...
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Originally posted by zoktar edit: also with omnicc buffs/debuffs etc with no time makes it show -7435.023 or something simmular to that. for example Clear Casting, or Arcane Potency. im sure there are alot more. I'm wondering about this myself in regard to buffs which have no timer such as paladin auras and hunter aspects. My...
File: BuffSkin03-10-09
Originally posted by kraftman sor...
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Originally posted by kraftman sorry for the delayed response, i've been in spain. what textures are you tryign to skin SBF with? The default one that comes with Buffskin. I haven't downloaded any of the optional skins.
File: BuffSkin03-06-09
Thank you for taking the time to po...
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Thank you for taking the time to post that code for me. I really appreciate it! I've been closely following Buffed! as well. Once it is able to filter IsMine on target debuffs I'll be switching over. :) Edit: Well, that didn't seem to work. No big deal. I'll continue to follow this and Buffed! closely. Here's the error gen...
File: BuffSkin03-05-09
Earlier you mentioned that you were...
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Earlier you mentioned that you were looking at compatibility with Satrina Buff Frames. Is this something that you intend to go forward with?
File: sThreatMeter203-03-09
Awesome to see you bringing your mo...
Posted By: Dancingblade
Awesome to see you bringing your mods here!
File: CritterBox02-17-09
Do you have any plans to localize a...
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Do you have any plans to localize and publish any of your other addons here? I've been to your website and some of them look really interesting, but I don't understand German.