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File: BankStack11-01-10
WoW crit error with bankstack only
Posted By: Patsfan0708
Hi, as the subject refers to I'm getting a WoW Critical Error for not enough memory whenever I enable Bankstack. Sometimes it'll work fine and I'll get through but it's more of a flip of a coin whether I'll get to my character in game. This only happens whenever I enable Bankstack just so I can sort my bags real quick. If there's any...
File: ChatSounds10-24-10
Posted By: Patsfan0708
Thanks for the quick reply, and I hope that blizzard is working to fix the situation.
File: ChatSounds10-23-10
Chatsounds not working
Posted By: Patsfan0708
Recently with 4.0 Chatsounds will not work unless I turn my game sound up to hear the alerts from Chatsounds which never had to be done in the past. I'd just like to know if this is an addon issue that's being currently worked around or if it's a game issue. Note: I've turned all addons off to try to get Chatsounds to work without ha...