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File: LightHeaded02-05-18
Tooltip troubles…
Posted By: Lazare
Having problems with LH's tooltip being attached to my cursor and not going away, even after the quest is finished. In the code I saw some stuff about the tooltip appearing while holding and keys but I was not holding either when the tooltip popped up. I REALLY don't want to mess with your code and disable that sectio...
File: QuestClicks10-21-17
Posted By: Lazare
Just wanted to say hello and let you users of QuestClicks know that it has not been forgotten. I tried to contact Gorebag about taking over this addon but no email address for him and he has not been on his page for over six years. I did contact the main admin of WowInterface and she made me a "Team member" of QuestClicks until they...
File: QuestGuru09-02-17
Re: kaliels-tracker
Posted By: Lazare
So what is everyone using as a tracker now? Seems kaliels-tracker is now defunct. Kaliel's Tracker is working just fine and is what I use. https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/kaliels-tracker I know this is an old posting Cheers
File: Select07-24-17
new request
Posted By: Lazare
I know that Select has a setting "Use item or spell when selecting" and another "Use but don't select with ". In my case I have a couple of toons that I have key bound my forth mouse button to the right hand first vertical action bar that has two spells attached. The first is Touch of Death and the second is Roll. Most of the ti...
File: AddonUsage07-16-17
Addon Usage is not giving any data
Posted By: Lazare
Just restarted using this addon. When I pull it up it lists all the addons but in the memory field it only shows 0.0 0% I have not tried the "CPU Usage" checkbox as I don't want to slow down my WoW as it says it does. I have tried the Reset, Update and Continuous Update buttons, but this does not change the memory field at all. No...
File: World Quest Tips & Timers05-29-17
Author lost his way?
Posted By: Lazare
Patch 7.2 and no updates since November… Sadness http://www.wowinterface.com//cdn-wow.mmoui.com/images/style_mmoi_wowi2/smilies/mad.gif madness
File: Slash Magic12-11-16
still active?
Posted By: Lazare
Is this addon still active?
File: QuestGuru08-04-16
New version is up (2.4.07) and seem...
Posted By: Lazare
New version is up (2.4.07) and seems to be working fine. Please let me know if otherwise.Cheers! :)
File: QuestGuru05-26-16
Sorry, hadn't thought to check the...
Posted By: Lazare
Sorry, hadn't thought to check the comments here for a while (mostly pay attention to my tickets and Curse pages). QuestGuru is alive and happy for the moment. RL has taken over and not had as much time as I wish (between Dialysis, Dr. Appts, etc). It's just me know also since my wife passed, so all falls on my shoulders. Still tryin...
File: QuestGuru03-05-15
Re: Random Lua error
Posted By: Lazare
I went in and finally played for a few hours on my toons (7 of the 11 I actually have) and could not replicate this error. Try disabling all addons but QuestGuru and see if it does it again. If not then another addon is causing problems. Cheers got this Lua error this morning , 1x QuestGuru\QuestGuru-2.3.11.lua:332: Usage: GetQue...
File: QuestGuru02-27-15
Re: QG chat messages
Posted By: Lazare
Hi, Lazare thanks for all the work you are putting into this addon and thanks so much for adding the options for changing the sounds etc. Quick question ive been trying to change qgs messages to no avail, ive managed to change the sounds to what i was after but for some reason cant change the messages ive been trying to set it to non...
File: QuestGuru02-18-15
Well, so many people asked for it s...
Posted By: Lazare
Well, so many people asked for it so options for sound have been added. /qgs set Sets the sound set and plays its quest completion sound /qgs set - Lists the known sound set names /qgs test Plays the current 'quest', 'objective' or 'part' completion sound /qgs message...
File: QuestGuru02-07-15
For those that are disgrunted with...
Posted By: Lazare
For those that are disgrunted with my work (mainly from comments on Curse), I just uploaded a new version, 2.3.07. Not working fully as I wanted (traacker part, but files are there) but I am really tired of some people mouthing off. I do the best I can. As I said below "Try walk in my shoes" and think before you make hurtful comment...
File: QuestGuru01-25-15
Currently working out current bugs...
Posted By: Lazare
Currently working out current bugs (like the headers not collapsing...) and trying to get the tracker online. I will get a revision online once I know it is working, not before. More than likely the collapsing issue will get fixed and a revision uploaded at that time, then later for the tracker. Cheers!
File: QuestGuru01-07-15
Work on this will be starting next...
Posted By: Lazare
Work on this will be starting next week :) Got my Core Hound mount and trying for the pet. Also trying to revive myself after my brother's visit to help me take care of my father who has dementia.
File: zz_GarrisonToggle01-01-15
errors today...
Posted By: Lazare
463x zz_GarrisonToggle\core.lua:90: attempt to compare table with number zz_GarrisonToggle\core.lua:90: in function zz_GarrisonToggle\core.lua:161: in function Locals: self = { 0 = } event = "GARRISON_MISSION_COMPLETE_RESPONSE" missionID = 160 db...
File: QuestGuru12-05-14
Re: QG show / hide
Posted By: Lazare
Is it me? I'm not able to minimalize the quests anymore. I have several quests spread over different lands and I would like to minimalize the ones I'm not doing atm but that doesn't seem possibile. Also, the text in the questlog seems to be white and very hard to read, not sure if that's another addon causing this. i already comme...
File: QuestGuru10-30-14
questguru 's that time again ... bu...
Posted By: Lazare
questguru 's that time again ... but this does not yet appear in the interface , and the tracker does not go when it all goes again I 'm happy :) The tracker is a work in progress atm. ..denn then I can the other quest addons again throw down because I just dissatisfied with the junk am oh so what I forgot , quests that are started...
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced10-23-14
Re: Looking forward to it... But....
Posted By: Lazare
We are working on a new version of AtlasLoot with new UI and new features ;) I am very looking forward to it with all the new gear and yumminess, but can you make the "older" version work with the new pre-launch event even if it only shows the older tables. I use it to find reforges and such that I might like and am still doing olde...
File: QuestGuru10-21-14
Re: Localization?
Posted By: Lazare
I see the new 2.3.01/2.3.02 didn't have localization files anymore, does it means won't support localization anymore or it's not yet working/completed? I haven't use it yet so I don't know what's the new QG looks like.It is true there are no localization files for this yet as it was a complete re-write and I figured that most people...
File: QuestGuru10-13-14
Re: Welcome the New QuestGuru Author - Lazare69
Posted By: Lazare69
Thank you Gregity for allowing me to take over this great addon. I, too, have used this for years and want to see it continue working for players. For those who are chomping at the bit for an update, please bear in mind that I am just starting to update it and will have it working soon™ Cheers, Lazzy aka Lazare aka Lazare69 :)...
File: Molinari10-01-14
Just to let you know I have been on...
Posted By: Lazare69
Just to let you know I have been on the beta since the beginning and when we were allowed to use addons, your's was one of mine. I have happy to report that other than changing the TOC# to 60000, I have had no problems at all to report. I have tested all aspects of it since I have every profession thats can use it plus a rogue for th...
File: Bazooka09-19-14
WOD version coming out?
Posted By: Lazare69
Subject says it all
File: Addon Control Panel (WoD Beta)07-27-14
Posted By: Lazare69
From what I am seeing of the Blizz version it really only lacks the sets feature that your's has. They did a pretty good copy of ACP :eek:
File: Bartender409-11-13
Major problems happening with pet b...
Posted By: Lazare69
Major problems happening with pet battles. With no other addon enable but Bartender4 the pet battle buttons do not come up, with Bartender4 disabled, it does.