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File: Altoholic10-08-09
Posted By: apally
Hi, I have been using altoholic for a while now, and just love the program, i have 7 80s so this is a must have program for me :D, having said that I would like to see one new feature added in three areas. The areas are "Companions (All-in-One)" veiw, "Mounts (All-In One View)" and "Achievements" Tab. It would be nice to be able to...
File: Friend Color07-16-08
Patch 2.4.3 Breaks Mod
Posted By: apally
I really love this mod, but it seems that it stopped working with the New patch, anyway we can see an update? Thanks
File: BankItems05-19-08
Key Chain
Posted By: apally
I have to say i love this mod thanks for the good work, i have one suggestion tho i wish u can see key rings from other characters with this. I have a couple of black smiths with keys in the key ring and some with eternal prison key on diff characters so it would be nice if i could use this addon to keep track of them too.