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File: Cleansed Icons11-30-17
Sepia Love?
Posted By: kaltoran
Hi there! as in the subject title, was wondering if you might care to offer up some sepia love to your icon art? great work so far! :D
File: Natur Enemy Castbar02-22-14
Welcome back to an old friend :)
Posted By: kaltoran
HI Softrix, wow, great to see Natur updated again, i remember using it a lot in vanilla i think and was saddened when it fell into disrepair... was a wonderful addon, ahead of its time imo. great to see Natur back at it :) thanx!
File: Aurora01-29-14
aurora and elvui addon skins
Posted By: kaltoran
HI, Love this mod but Im starting to wonder if maybe Aurora and Elv UI skin addon have lost compatibility with each other. Atm I have elvui skin disabled, it doesnt seem to be working at all for me, although it has been having several issues for a little while now but even when it was working it just would play nice with aurora......
File: ICONS-Transparent11-22-13
Posted By: kaltoran
Well done! I think this is the first time ive seen a transparent icon pack, bloody well looking forward to this, thanx mate!
File: PVPSound04-29-13
Female vocals included with this addon?
Posted By: kaltoran
Hi, just wondering are there female vocals included in this addon? As much as i like the male sounds i much prefer to listen to a female :)
File: PinkLightning10-25-12
<3 great UI
Posted By: kaltoran
For your first UI, its amazing... maybe one day ill upload my own to wowinterface, but im not here to steal your thunder lol Very Very well done :) Keep up the great work... As a side note, really thinking of downloading uor ui and running it on my test install <3
File: thinktank ui10-16-12
quick question + kudos to author
Posted By: kaltoran
Hi :) just stopped by to offer my appreciation for this well thought out minimal UI :) amazingly clean, well planned layout, just one question though, the font u use for the ui and descriptive captions, I was wondering if u might be able to tell me what it is? Im looking to replace my current ingame font with something cleaner tha...
File: Reputation Bars09-27-12
Rep Bars Update <3
Posted By: kaltoran
First, I want to thank PontusM for creating this addon. There are few that I tend to use on a daily basis, and this is one of them! However, I am not all that technically inclined, and save for being able to upload addons in the first place (which was no small feat at the beginning!), I am not all that savvy when it comes to progr...
File: Aurora: Missing Textures08-02-12
Posted By: kaltoran
Yayyyy Tony's back with more missing texture love :D love your work, i simply couldnt do without my eyecandy, ty so much for keeping on with this art pack :)
File: Letui V207-08-12
Well Done :D Truely, great to see s...
Posted By: kaltoran
Well Done :D Truely, great to see such a well organised and beautiful UI... Very tempted to backup my own compilation that ive created over the years (of which there have been perhaps far too many heh) and take yours for a test drive :) Keep up the great work...
File: AI-Art10-26-11
loading bar blues
Posted By: kaltoran
great mod, as always :) but loading bar on loading screen wont skin... unsure why...
File: Aurora: Missing Textures10-26-11
skinning of the "loading into wow bar"
Posted By: kaltoran
Hi all, firstly love your work! Secondly, Im curious but can the loading bar that appears after youve selected your toon be skinned? I was using AI-Art as an acompanyment to both ur addon and the original Aurora mod, but it never seemed to work for me :S Distressed, Kaltoran
File: RDX10-08-11
whats the fuss?
Posted By: kaltoran
okay im really quite baffled as to what all the fuss is about with RDX... Ive tried it a few times yes pretty simple to use, but not as simple as some other approaches... The themes drab so say the least, less than inspiring, perhaps with some more eye candy they these RDX UI's could actually look GOOD as apposed to WTF stock stan...
File: MapBoss3D08-16-11
OMG Nice!
Posted By: kaltoran
hi, wow... great idea... although i mainly pvp so dont really use the map to search for boss loot, this is a great idea... am wondering something tho and i suppose im just being lazy in not trying this myself initially, more of an afterthought after replying to give my thoughts on this addon, but will this mod work with custom map mo...
File: xanMortarPestle06-14-11
Posted By: kaltoran
Great mod, need i say more :D well it saved my head from getting tangled in an endless knot while doing up inscription... Kudos!!! cant criticize, nothing to critique :) Love Love - Katia
File: Clean Icons - Thin06-06-11
mod to go with this that shows item quality
Posted By: kaltoran
Hello, firstly, great series of icon packs, this one being my fav... Tho something is really bugging me and this most likely isnt the falut of the icon pack, but neither fizzle nor oglow give any kind of iconic quality glow on the character sheet... I have tested to the best of my knowledge to try to narrow down what could be caus...
File: Qulight UI06-04-11
any chance to provide a skin option for TinyDPS mod?
Posted By: kaltoran
Hello, firstly, omg, great UI, been a big fan of your work for not nearly long enough... keep up the great work! Secondly in keeping with the overall bloatfree outlook that your UI achieves memory wise i was wondering if theres any chance you might be able to provide skinning support for a DPS mod called TinyDPS? or failing that p...
File: AI-Art -buttons Slick style12-27-10
Hi There Im a great fan of ur addon...
Posted By: kaltoran
Hi There Im a great fan of ur addon packs but was wondering what the name of the font is that you use in the screenshot of this modification? Keep up the great work :)
File: FarmIt12-14-10
the slash command /farmit, lags out...
Posted By: kaltoran
the slash command /farmit, lags out the interface and doesnt open any sort of config window up at all for me, even when installed on my modtest backup (IE clean) of wow...
File: AI-Art12-14-10
possible spelling error key cause of arch conflict?
Posted By: kaltoran
Hi there, i noticed that when AI-art is installed (IE in the interface folder) that there exists a folder called archeology... whilst inside that actual directory there is a file called archaeologyparts.blp... notice that in both instances both words archaeology are misspelt? HINT - one of the is missing the letter a after the arch...
File: AI-Art12-09-10
same problem with archaeology :/
Posted By: kaltoran
hi there i too am having the same problem, at first i thought it was carbonite, but i thought to rule out any other mods that i would disable everything, and with only ai-art being present the shovels alas did not show up... this is such a wicked set of skins, love it to bits so Im hoping that the author or somebody can resolve or t...
File: LUI v309-12-10
pally power dissapearing with forte workaround :S
Posted By: kaltoran
Hi :D great great ui, but im really stumped on a pally power issue that seems to occur only when ive corrected the forte issue with the LUA edit from a user a few posts down this page... it seems that pally power is indeed loaded as i can access the menu and config etc, but the actual pally power HUD where i click to buff myself and...
File: Tabard-O-Matic09-01-10
doesnt seem to be working with Stuffing :s
Posted By: kaltoran
Hi again, ive activated the mod, and everything is working as it should be in the character sheet etc, but not showing up in Stuffing as yet :S just wondering if the author of Stuffing might have to make a few changes perhaps on their end... im really not up on code speak so i have no real theoretical knowledge to base any of my sug...
File: Tabard-O-Matic09-01-10
thanx a bunch :D
Posted By: kaltoran
Wow that was quick, service with a smile :D
File: Tabard-O-Matic08-31-10
Stuffing support?
Posted By: kaltoran
Hello :) first of all great mod :) but sadly I am not using it atm as it does not seem to work with the inventory mod called Stuffing :/ I feel a little selfish for asking but would there be any chance of you enabling support for stuffing by any chance? If not thats fine but i could not resist asking :) keep up the great work re...