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File: Altoholic12-24-10
Some Feature Requests - Once yo...
Posted By: Spasticon
Some Feature Requests - Once you start a an account sharing request and it's trading data... make it run in the background. Status in the broker text or maybe by greying out the account sharing icon in altoholic with the current status (e.g. 12/114). - Hash or timestamp each shared element so it doesn't have to be re-shared i...
File: CoolLine12-16-10
What about adding something in wher...
Posted By: Spasticon
What about adding something in where spells currently on cooldown can be shown according to a priority list. So then the highest priority spell can be cast next. That way we see what's coming off of cooldown as well as what the highest priority ability/spell would be next of those that are cooled down.
File: Urban Achiever12-16-10
Any chance you could add a hint or...
Posted By: Spasticon
Any chance you could add a hint or tooltip that says the key combo to add an achievement to tracker. I don't add them often enough to remember and it drives me nuts trying to figure it out again. I usually end up opening the blizz achievement frame and turning tracking on there instead.
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends12-14-10
A couple additional feature request...
Posted By: Spasticon
A couple additional feature requests: 1. Add an option to show guild level (or xp) in the broker text and/or in the tooltip. (Or optionally add it to your great broker xp bar instead). 2. Add an option to invite to group/raid when you modifier (alt/shift/ctrl) click a player.
File: AutoAspect03-15-09
Great Addon...
Posted By: Spasticon
Could you add a warning if you enter combat with cheetah or pack on?
File: TipTac02-08-09
Suggestion: I love that I can set a...
Posted By: Spasticon
Suggestion: I love that I can set a different type of tip while in combat. My only problem is that it's on/off. Could you add an option to do a very small tip in combat instead? Perhaps with just the mouseover target's name and nothing else?
File: VolumeControl02-01-09
Yay! Finally a half-decent repla...
Posted By: Spasticon
Yay! Finally a half-decent replacement for VolumeFu