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File: Capping07-24-09
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I didn't know where else to put it so here it goes: Would it be possible to add a defensive/offensive icon on the Wintergrasp timer? I.E. a small shield for defensive and two crossed swords for offensive battle. as my second suggestion it would be nice if we could report Wintergrasp timers to guild chat etc. and btw thanks f...
File: BigWigs Bossmods11-27-08
Originally posted by Fantamus Bef...
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Originally posted by Fantamus Before patch 3.0 I had BigWigs-icon on my FuBar. Now it's gone. Is this a bug? Has it been removed? Will it be fixed? Install Broker2Fubar. This addon will re-add your bigwigs Ora2 etc. to your Fubar. Hope this helps.