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File: Clean Icons - Thin07-29-16
Re: Re: Re: Icons from the Mini Patch
Posted By: suicidalkatt
:: Squelch :: Okay. Got it done. All icons are CLEAN ICONS - THIN! Yay! I'll place a link here to my Google Drive if suicidalkatt gives the go ahead. Or if he wants I can give it to him to do what he pleases. Hey Greevir, I hope my update doesn't discourage your work you put into this. Nothing motivates me more than seeing m...
File: Clean Icons - Thin07-29-16
Suicidalkatt, I noticed in your tut...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Suicidalkatt, I noticed in your tutorial you did showing how you make the icons you have issues with photoshop slightly renaming the filenames (replacing spaces with -). This can be fixes in photoshop. It's because photoshop makes the filename UNIX compatible. You can fix this by doing the following. I'm using CS6 so of course things...
File: Clean Icons - Thin07-29-16
I have an update coming for all my...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
I have an update coming for all my packages.
File: Tidy Plates: Threat Plates - Alpha Update07-24-16
I'll most likely be making new name...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
I'll most likely be making new nameplates altogether instead of an update.
File: Clean Icons - Thin07-19-16
I'll be doing an update for this pa...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
I'll be doing an update for this package before Legion launch.
File: !SyLevel01-25-16
Re: Inventorian Support
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Hello, is there any way to add support for Inventorian? Please have the author of inventorian provide support.
File: Clean Icons - Thin12-04-15
Re: Icons from the Mini Patch
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Sorry to bother you with this but any chance you can point me in the right direction on how-to or upload another small icon pack for the new stuff added in 6.2.3. I tried to make them myself for all the new trinkets using BLPView to see them in my wow folder and then BLPConverter, just a command line program, to turn PNGs into B...
File: Clean Icons - Thin11-20-15
Where does the Thin folder go? I do...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Where does the Thin folder go? I don't have an \Interface\Icons folder. I only have \Interface\AddOns, I tried putting it there but it didn't work. Where do I put FINAL_THIN? The zip file contains a folder structure. They are placed into a folder you would create. Interface/icons https://youtube.com/watch?v=YDrHgqPYCrM
File: Clean Icons - Crisp08-10-15
Re: Where to install ?
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Hi, i've tryed to install your addon but i don't find where to put the files. It's said to go >> Install to: Interface\Icons << but when i go into interface i only find my addon's files. Did i missed something ? You can simply extract the zip file into the World of Warcraft directory since it contains it's own folders (Interfac...
File: Clean Icons - Square07-18-15
Sacred Shield, all 3 Buffs from Emp...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Sacred Shield, all 3 Buffs from Empowered Seals, as well as Beacon of Light seems to have unchanged boarders. Please link to the abilities on wow head and I will have them updated!
File: GuildRosterButtons03-17-15
GuildRosterButtons.lua:201: attempt...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
GuildRosterButtons.lua:201: attempt to call upvalue 'SetPushed' (a nil value) because i take lua into another addon? You need the local 'SetPushed' at the top of the addon since it's not available within the function that's calling it.
File: SyUI03-09-15
Re: Can't find the mount/pet button?
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Can't find the mount/pet button where the menu is. Mouse over the left hand side of your UI, the action bars will show as well as the mini menu buttons. Shift+p is also the default keybind
File: SyUI02-24-15
Re: In game Calendar
Posted By: suicidalkatt
How do I access the in-game calendar? Thanks, Look for the achievements button the on the top left of your UI. Press and hold CTRL :)
File: Clean Icons - Crisp01-25-15
It seems like the Icons aren't even...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
It seems like the Icons aren't even working which is very very weird. I imagine it's something i've done. I too am using ElvUI. I extracted the folder to World of Warcraft\Interface\ so that it looks like World of Warcraft\Interface\ICONS\*.blp files, does this sound right? Just so you can see what I see Screenshot time! htt...
File: Clean Icons - Cold01-08-15
Re: Caith border
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Hi! Good job. Is it possible to make icons from abroad in this interface http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info13981-NeavUI.html? I have turned out badly, I want to use them for power auras. Thanks in advance Hey there, and thank you for using clean icons! As much as I would love to fill your request, I don't currently ha...
File: Dual Window Skada - Saved Variables12-30-14
Re: Thanks for this, but quick question.
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Since I already use kgpanels for background art do I import this to overwrite my existing kgpanel .lua or merge into my existing .lua. I looked at both .lua files but couldn't really tell. Thanks. You're overwriting the current you may have with this one.
File: Tidy Plates: Threat Plates - Alpha Update12-30-14
good morning! just curious, i ha...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
good morning! just curious, i havent used threat plates in awhile but i love the widget for debuffs on the plate itself. was curious if it was possible to show buffs on that player as well? like i love seeing kidney shot/shockwaves but id also love to know if he skinned or if a target just bubbled etc on the same line. Monitori...
File: Clean Icons - Crisp12-29-14
Re: WoW freezing sometimes when using this
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Hey there, I installed this icon pack yesterday, to test it out. Occassionally my WoW would just randomly freeze and then crash. I would need to force close it. I am using ElvUI as well as a few other small addons. I can post a list if required. I assume this pack can be used correctly with ElvUI though? There should be no c...
File: Tidy Plates: Threat Plates - Alpha Update12-24-14
Re: bug
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Hey! Some bug with 7.012-Alpha. Doesn't show "White List" debuff on enemy target. Only show all my debuff if set "All auras" or "Black list" (i want only Unstable Affliction,Corruption and Agony(in "Filtered Auras")) My apologies, I had been working on a new implementation and forgot to replace some old code to provide functionali...
File: SyUI12-24-14
Hey! First, great UI :D then...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Hey! First, great UI :D then a question.. could you add an second skada window in the same style etc? 'cause I can't make it look exactly the same like the basic one of you? Would be really nice thanks. Please check out this!! Dual Window Skada - Saved Variables
File: Tidy Plates: Threat Plates - Alpha Update12-24-14
Is there any way to have a Custom H...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Is there any way to have a Custom HP Color for Friendlies but still have Class Coloring for enemies? I remember I used to be able to have "green" friendlies and class colored enemies. Can't seem to do it now. This would hurt the priority system that's currently available, but I think I may have a solution I could implement.
File: !SyLevel12-16-14
Finding it quite useful, thanks....
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Finding it quite useful, thanks. I second the request to filter trade goods (Or perhaps "Show on equipment only"), though. Itemlevels below 100 can still be meaningful. This can be done with addons like Adibags which allow filtering of SyLevel within their addon. Please check it out!
File: Clean Icons - Thin12-13-14
Doesn't this addon skin debuffs ?...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Doesn't this addon skin debuffs ? Is there something I'm missing ? http://i.gyazo.com/0149c625e827aa3fe55721e120b47a91.png I actually made something for this a while back: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info19815-CleanButtons-Square.html
File: QuickQuestItem12-12-14
Nice addon :) Could you help m...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Nice addon :) Could you help me to exclude Training Whistle(for daily quest of stable) ? It sometimes conflict with other quest items. Please link the item from Wowhead. http://www.wowhead.com/item=118348 http://www.wowhead.com/item=118349 http://www.wowhead.com/item=118350 http://www.wowhead.com/item=118351 http://...
File: Clean Icons - Original12-10-14
is it updated for wod yet? :-) T...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
is it updated for wod yet? :-) This is flagged as 6.0.2 compatible. There were no new icons added with 6.0.3.