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File: Glyph UI - 6.2 | New Rogue Weak Auras!07-01-15
there's no affliction Weakauras :(
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there's no affliction Weakauras :(
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)01-19-15
my game crashed and only a few of m...
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my game crashed and only a few of my abilities work, i even tried clicking in the spell book and nothing seems to be working. possible bug?
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)08-08-10
Originally posted by ChemTheThrille...
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Originally posted by ChemTheThriller I may be asking a dumb question but... Is there an XP bar? only complaint so far... love the UI otherwise... put your mouse over your mana/rage/energy bar :)
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)07-28-10
hey, love the UI (love super villia...
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hey, love the UI (love super villians) i have a quick question/dislike but not a big one, anyways when ever i close wow and goto open it again the multisampling keeps switching back to x1 and it keeps getting annouying to have to keep flipping back is there a way to make it stay on x8?
File: InaUI 2.207-07-10
nice UI i love it but only one comp...
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nice UI i love it but only one complaint/question, i dont play a mage but when ever i goto a vendor that sells reagents aka jeeves for example it auto buys the reagants how would i go about turning that option off?
File: WoW Manager 2.202-05-09
wow looks amazing cant wait till it...
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wow looks amazing cant wait till its out of beta =D
File: Mage Icon Set01-12-09
i got it just for shits and gigs an...
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i got it just for shits and gigs and i say they are nice only having that many though lol but still better than what they were
File: Kith's UI (Elv UI)12-27-08
Posted By: Tygore i think its a little messed up. i loaded all your profiles for all the mods that let me.
File: Roth UI (Diablo)07-05-08
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whats the commands to unlock unit frames and thoes damn buffs/debuffs on the target that pop into the middle of the screen getting really annouying -_-