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File: CompactBars03-15-09
Posted By: ljudsnubbe
Hi, this mod it so damn good =) One request though: I want the bars for Dot-tracking to allways be closest to the scale, and after the dot-bars the bars for short buffs/CD:s/Bossmods etc. Right now it looks a little silly when the dot-bars "float" a bit above the scale when no buffs or cd:s are up. Whould be great if you could...
File: DotIt03-01-09
Posted By: ljudsnubbe
On my shadowpriest the colored bars dont dissapear after mobs die. I havnt seen this problem on my druid though.
File: DotIt02-26-09
More feedback
Posted By: ljudsnubbe
1. The length of druid dots moonfire and insect swarm wasnt correct in last download (I dont know if it has been like that earlier, but I just noticed it). The insect swarm was maybe right (not sure, I changed returntimes because of problem nr 2 and dont remember the defaul nr), but moonfire had a default return of 9, when the true...
File: DotIt02-25-09
Posted By: ljudsnubbe
Hello again! The problem with the overwriting dots are gone, thx =) But why the logaritmic scale? plz make it optional at least Some bugs: -I cant change the alpha on the bars when choosing barcolor. -SW:pain does not allways get refreshed by mindflay. Most of the time it works, but not allways. seems to be more problems wit...
File: DotIt02-23-09
error reports
Posted By: ljudsnubbe
hello again. The progress is great on this mod, but I have a couple of errors to report -When casting a dot, the icons of other dots on that target often get overwritten. the icons dissapears, but sometimes they come back again several seconds later. -When using the Singeltager-tacking option (thx for listening to that sugg...
File: Doodle02-18-09
More presets plz?
Posted By: ljudsnubbe
would be wonderfull if users could upload their doodled pictures off boss-tactics here, or maybe if you could add a couple of presets yourself on naxxbosses for example? Thx for the mod, will force all guildies to install it =)
File: DotIt02-17-09
relog worked + new suggestions
Posted By: ljudsnubbe
yep. a /console reloadui fixed it. I really love the solution with the "time-scale" on the dots: longer dots=longerbars, thats why I want to use this mod. But because I am running short on screen-space I think this mod is just takes a bit to much space (if you wanna be able to see what you are doing) if you cast dots on several tar...
File: DotIt02-17-09
dont work for me
Posted By: ljudsnubbe
Hi. I cant get it to work. the scale shows but no dot-bars, and I cant choose any fonts from the setup-meny either. Tested with a shadowpriest & balance-druid
File: Outfitter10-20-08
"Player buff" and strange focus-problem
Posted By: ljudsnubbe
Hello I cant get the automatic changes to work correctly when using the "player has buff" option, the last patch messed it up. None of the buffs I have tried worked, and I have tried quite a few (the other pre-scripts works fine). Outfitter now also seems to interfeer whit the blizzards focus-function. When I write the name of...
File: Outfitter09-22-08
Re: spellsurge + multiple conditions
Posted By: ljudsnubbe
I have already tried the spellsurge-script from wobbleworks.com but it doesnt work. And Im sorry, but I have no idea how to edit the "Player has buff" to get it to work with multiple buffs/conditions. I dont know what part to copy/paste and what parts to change to Buffname etc.. It is not important at the moment, but it would be ni...
File: Outfitter09-16-08
Posted By: ljudsnubbe
Hello, I have some questions. I think this can all be done with scrips but I have no idea how to do it: 1. is it possible to get a oufit to equip on several conditions? I want my spiritheavy outfit to equip when I get Spirit Tap, Innervate, Blue Dragon procc (etc) or when my mana drop below 20%. Possible with one outfit or do I ha...
File: Extended Unit Frames08-10-08
Re: Re: Please add!
Posted By: ljudsnubbe
Originally posted by STFX what statusbar are u talking about? the one above the health bar where u can see the unit reaction towards u (hostile, neutral, friendly)? Yes, thats the one. Would be nice get rid of the ugly colors (red/blue and so on). The targeted units reaction towards me can be seen in the tooltip anyway. Thx...
File: Extended Unit Frames08-09-08
Please add!
Posted By: ljudsnubbe
Hi Great addon, just have some ideas: 1. Can you add an option to change the colors of the target statusbar? (I really, really want that) 2. Is it possible to add a function to change the colors of the mana/energy/rage bara in the same way as you can change the color of the healtbar? (would be nice but not very important) And...
File: HealBot Continued08-08-08
Wanna change the barcolor
Posted By: ljudsnubbe
Hi! I like the addon, Its working great, but I have a cosmetic question: Are the a way I can change the color of the bars? I dont like the green you are using, and the only way I found is the "color bars in classcolor"-option, and classcolors are really ugly to.. I dont meen the "dispel magic/poison/etc"-colors, I meen the standa...
File: FuBar_VampwatchFu08-04-08
Posted By: ljudsnubbe
Hi! Im using this great addon but there is one thing Im missing: a mp5 display of the mana you returned during last fight. I tried Mana Battery and it works good but I rather just use this one, so it would be great if you could add that in the furure Partymembers seems to understand "250mp/5 during last fight" better then "xxx amou...
File: CasterWeaponSwapper07-20-08
remove the button + add wanding
Posted By: ljudsnubbe
Hi! The swapping is working kind of good for me as a priest since many of my spells are instant or channeled, so is it possible to add a funktion that takes away the "swap now" button thats pops up? I dont really need it. And it would be great to add wanding to trigger a weapon-change as well, I usually leave cws on even during...
File: CCTimer07-19-08
Re: Re: Change size of text
Posted By: ljudsnubbe
Originally posted by Kryso ljudsnubbe: I've added few options for you, i hope it will help :-) Thx! Guess I found an old,old,old version (at curse..) Working great and looks nice now!
File: CCTimer07-17-08
Change size of text
Posted By: ljudsnubbe
Hi Great addon, simple and clean. I just want to make the text smaller and if its possible I wanna make the frame thinner (not smaller, Ive allready done that with the /cct frameoptions). Is it possible to just edit the lua-file to make these changes? if so, what file and what to change? You are using shared media but I dont...
File: CasterWeaponSwapper06-24-08
Hola, Cws is messing with me. I...
Posted By: ljudsnubbe
Hola, Cws is messing with me. I wanna use the spellsurgeset from start of fight, then swap to casterset until SS-CD is of. Then if I get a temporary spiritboost, swap to highspirit-set, but ONLY on spiritbuffs, not after exiting combat. The only way I got the spirit-set not getting equipped each time I leave combat is to set all...
File: Clique03-05-08
I just installed clique, but I cant...
Posted By: ljudsnubbe
I just installed clique, but I cant set it up the way I want it. I want to use left and rightclick on my playerframe to use healing- and manapots, and want to use left and rightclick on targetframe to toggle focus on and of (without using ctrl or alt combinations, hate key-combos..), but I cant, only get "that combination is alread...