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File: RollMeter10-09-12
Posted By: Tymliz
cool addon, simple and works as advertised. Just a simple request, could you maybe make it track the talent Momentum as well as it ties in with Rolls/Chi Torpedo. Add that and i think this mod will be a must have for all monks.
File: Aero09-07-10
Addon Hook Request
Posted By: Tymliz
if you can make this compatible with the following addons it would be greatly appreciated :D Adibags Mapster Altoholic AtlasLoot Thanks in advance!!!
File: BindPad - GUI to set keybindings for spell/item/macro11-20-09
wow mouse
Posted By: Tymliz
3.2.2 added support for the steelseries wow mouse... i was just wondering if bindpad can be updated to recognize them as well.