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File: Can I Mog It?02-04-18
Posted By: Bregar
Message: Interface\AddOns\CanIMogIt\database.lua:43: table index is nil Time: 02/04/18 16:08:34 Count: 1 Stack: Interface\AddOns\CanIMogIt\database.lua:43: table index is nil (tail call): ? Interface\AddOns\CanIMogIt\database.lua:43: in function Interface\AddOns\CanIMogIt\database.lu...
File: TomTom11-11-14
Posted By: Bregar
When setting waypoints from a list, is there a way to differentiate between old Nagrand and new Nagrand? SMV too.
File: Shadowed Unit Frames02-13-13
Posted By: Bregar
I'm probably stupid, but how do you enable hots (such as renewing mists) to show on the party frames? Currently mine only show on the target frame, and I can't seem to find the switch.
File: RobBossMods11-28-11
Will there be an update for 4.3?
Posted By: Bregar
Will there be an update for 4.3?
File: HealBot Continued06-11-11
buff tab
Posted By: Bregar
How do I add a buff to the buff tab's dropdown menu? I want to add "Drums of Forgotton Kings" for all of my characters.
File: HealBot Continued10-23-10
Posted By: Bregar
I'm having problems with healbot recognizing the new "cleaning" spells. For example Resto Shaman can now dispel Magic, but healbot does not color the bars blue when someone needs magic dispelled.
File: Tidy Plates: Threat Plates10-02-10
I just wanted to inform you that th...
Posted By: Bregar
I just wanted to inform you that the combo points widget no longer works properly with the newer version if tidy plates (5.13). It often displays an incorrect number of combo points.
File: Tidy Plates10-02-10
The combo points widget (threat pla...
Posted By: Bregar
The combo points widget (threat plates) has been buggy since 5.13. It often displays incorrect combo points. The threat plate mod has not been changed, and versions 5.12 and earlier work fine
File: nibChatTabs06-23-10
Re: 3.3.5
Posted By: Bregar
Can this mod be used to make the chat tabs invisible and unclickable? This used to be possible with the Blizzard "lock chat settings" option, which was removed. I have my chat box on the lower right of my screen, and the tabs are always in the way.
File: HealBot Continued02-19-10
Posted By: Bregar
Is there a way to force the Healbot frames to reappear if you disconnect and then reconnect in combat? I know other raid frames such as Xperl don't have a problem doing this.
File: HealBot Continued01-28-10
Weakened Soul?
Posted By: Bregar
From the changelog: Change to PW:Shield, now directly tracks the weaken soul debuff I'm not seeing any weaken soul debuff (unless I specify it as a custom debuff, but I don't want it to color the bar because then it erases the threat indicator)
File: X-Perl UnitFrames05-14-09
The shield and HOT trackers work go...
Posted By: Bregar
The shield and HOT trackers work good for my Priest, but I can't get them to work at all for my Shaman's Earth Shield and Riptide. Anyone else have this problem?
File: X-Perl UnitFrames10-30-08
Re: raid buffs, castable/curable
Posted By: Bregar
Originally posted by keithgabryelski The latest release of x-perl raid frames does not seem to honor the "castable" raid buffs options. Instead I see all buffs -- whether castable or not. The "castable/curable" option seems to do same thing whether checked or unchecked. This has been broken since patch 3.0.
File: X-Perl UnitFrames10-26-08
Confirmed. The target frame does no...
Posted By: Bregar
Confirmed. The target frame does not update at all. "Cannot find a library instance of "LibDataBroker-1.1" pops up when I log on.
File: Elkano's BuffBars07-15-08
Re: Re: filtered
Posted By: Bregar
I don't know how I set a whitelist filter on to begin with. I just started up the mod, and no buffs were showing until I checkmarked them on the whitelist. I can't find a way to turn this filter off, but I will keep messing with it.
File: Elkano's BuffBars07-14-08
Posted By: Bregar
How do I set this mod to show ALL buffs and debuffs? The only way I have found is to check mark hundereds of buffs in the white list. Where is the "show all" button?
File: X-Perl UnitFrames07-05-08
Posted By: Bregar
I love Xperl but this issue is going to force me to switch to another mod. Healer targeting by clicking on raid frames. If your mouse is not perfectly still when clicking, it does not target. Missed clicks mean missed heals and raid wipes. Is there any way to fix this issue? Can you allow clicks to target the frame when the mouse is...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames01-10-08
Does anyone have a hotfix for these...
Posted By: Bregar
Does anyone have a hotfix for these problems yet?
File: X-Perl UnitFrames01-08-08
Posted By: Bregar
After the 2.3.2 patch, I no longer get the red "aggro" outline on the raid frames. Also, raid frames now show all buffs, instead of just the buffs my class can cast. Does anyone else see this problem?
File: SimpleDruidBar11-20-07
Re: Easy to understand - Thanks!
Posted By: Bregar
I'm getting a lot of errors when used with X-perl
File: X-Perl UnitFrames08-28-07
pet frames
Posted By: Bregar
In the latest version I cannot move pet frames in raid. How do I unlock?
File: PerfectRaid07-18-07
What makes you think it will ever b...
Posted By: Bregar
What makes you think it will ever be out of beta? It's been beta since December. Seven months. I loved Perfectraid when it was finished before 2.0. I wish someone would finish it.
File: X-Perl UnitFrames06-25-07
I can confirm that in 2.3.0 the (pa...
Posted By: Bregar
I can confirm that in 2.3.0 the (party) pet bars show but do not update. A worse bug for me is that the red outiles on the frames that show aggro do not update in a timely manner. This is very useful for healers to see when aggro switched, but now it has such a delay that it is practically useless.
File: X-Perl UnitFrames06-23-07
No party pets, No party targets, 2.29
Posted By: Bregar
No party pets, No party targets, 2.29
File: Scrolling Combat Text01-18-07
I am a priest looking for help with...
Posted By: Bregar
I am a priest looking for help with a couple custom events. I would like to show when Surge of Light or Holy Concentration procs in big red letters in frame 2 (I use frame 2 to show heals and overheals). Could anyone help me with some code to insert?