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File: DoTimer01-27-11
dot timer + target with dot having a raid icon
Posted By: didah
So I use Dot Timers in icon format rather than bars. I've been trying to find the setting for the sizing of raid icons on top of a dot timer icon cause it misplaces those icons where i would have icons lined up like this: _--_-- instead of: ------- the underscore represents the icon with a raid icon marked on top of i...
File: GathererDB WoWHead12-20-10
It seems correct. Neither Gatherer...
Posted By: didah
It seems correct. Neither Gatherer nor GathererDB at this ime support the new nodes/zones although the raw node data is available at wowhead already. Originally posted by Seraph_Six Also stopped at 90.4% for me. Looked at the .lua files; I cannot find any of the new zones or node names in there. If this update was supposed...
File: Collectinator10-18-10
I don't know how to get the window...
Posted By: didah
I don't know how to get the window open. I dont see any scan button when I open up my mount/comapnions tab in 4.0. I've never used the addon prior to 4.0 eaither. I'm a little lost.
File: SLDataText10-15-10
any chance for justice points text?
Posted By: didah
any chance for justice points text?
File: Gatherer10-15-10
HuD isnt working either. Does not l...
Posted By: didah
HuD isnt working either. Does not load data. I can't see it on the main map either. I downloaded the 10/12/2010 version.
File: Ackis Recipe List10-13-10
Posted By: didah
doesnt seem to work in cata for me? i love this addon. any updates coming?
File: Mini Friends - Modified by Badious08-25-10
Based on 3.3.5 API changes.......
Posted By: didah
Based on 3.3.5 API changes.... File: MiniFriends.lua (ONLY / replace the MiniFriends.lua from this addon) You can get the 3.3.5 MiniFriends.lua file here: http://gist.github.com/550399 The file on github doesn't throw lua errors and name colors reflect status. Things to note based on the limitations of 3.3.5 1. R...
File: QuestHelper11-20-08
Quest helper in BG's
Posted By: didah
QH is bugged on every battleground and leaves an error box on my screen with the Astrolobe lua that doesnt go away unless I leave the BG. ..\QuestHelper\AstrolobeQH\Astrolobe.lua:276: attempt to compare table with number
File: ArkInventory10-30-08
Is there a place where I can read a...
Posted By: didah
Is there a place where I can read about how to make rules? When I google I get: http://www.wowace.com/wiki/ArkInventory#Rules and that seems to be a 404.
File: ArkInventory10-25-08
I love this addon
Posted By: didah
I get super frustrated without this addon. Since last patch, I cant get it to work. I see the keybinding choices under wow's Keybinding and I'd try to bind it but for some reason it wont work. I've deleted all the previous lua and bak files associated with arkinventory in my WTF directories and still cant get it to work. What d...
File: Outfitter05-15-08
New PVP Epic trinkets on outfitr
Posted By: didah
Having issues with the new pvp epic trinket having the same name as its predecessor I'm always getting Can't find Medallion of the Horde.
File: Power Auras Classic03-31-08
Can we associate sounds?
Posted By: didah
It would be nice if we can associate sound file too with the auras. Any chance that can be implemented as well?
File: MacroSequence01-11-08
How do I undo: /run SetBindingCl...
Posted By: didah
How do I undo: /run SetBindingClick("CTRL-5", "WarlockStarter") SaveBindings(GetCurrentBindingSet()) I tried this mod but its buggy too it doesnt cast all three dots, looks like its getting stuck too or if not the cast just dont do all 3 with 3n clicks.