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File: SmartBuff11-04-14
Safari hat problem
Posted By: Nüb
Thanks for the safari hat support. Unfortunately, it looks like it isn't detecting that I've already got the buff. And toy of the week: Can you add the Blazing Wings toy from the Darkmoon Faire? http://www.thottbot.com/item=116115 I think this is the spell. http://www.thottbot.com/spell=170869
File: SmartBuff12-16-12
Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm
Posted By: Nüb
Is there any chance you could add Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm?
File: Outfitter01-09-08
Re: Re: RaidUI problems
Posted By: Nüb
Originally posted by mundocani 1) Login with only Outfitter enabled 2) Invite a friend to group and convert it to a raid 3) Hit 'o' open the social window and switch to the raid tab 4) Right click on the friend in the Group 1 section of the raid 5) There are no options to set main tank or assist, those options are present wit...
File: Outfitter01-08-08
RaidUI problems
Posted By: Nüb
For some reason with Outfitter 4.0.1 enabled I'm not getting the option to set main tanks and main assists in the standard Blizzard raidui. I've tried disabling all of my other mods and Outfitter appears to be the one doing it. I'm working around it right now by disabling Outfitter and reloading the UI when I need to update tanks...