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File: TinyExtraBars03-08-13
Fairly decent alternative to Autoba...
Posted By: Linaeri
Fairly decent alternative to Autobar with the use of FlyoutButton Custom, only afaik doesn't automatically update the buttons to include higher quality items like food and potions. Apart from that minor hassle to add items/spells manually it's much more user-friendly and easier to control what you want to appear and where you want t...
File: Power Auras Classic v4 - MoP Version12-11-12
4.23.11 totally isn't working. Jus...
Posted By: Linaeri
4.23.11 totally isn't working. Just popped up with this error in Swatter: Date: 2012-12-11 06:33:53 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: line 1: attempt to index global 'PowaAuras' (a nil value) Debug: :1: :1 Locals: self = PowaAuras_Frame { 0 = } elapsed = 0.028000000864267 (*te...
File: Broker_CPU / Memory / Performance12-08-12
How do I get rid of the minimap ico...
Posted By: Linaeri
How do I get rid of the minimap icon? It's a broker addon, doesn't NEED a minimap icon.
File: QuestGuru11-25-12
Does QuestGuru show up a new quest...
Posted By: Linaeri
Does QuestGuru show up a new quest when it appears in a zone? I could've sworn I heard the sound of a zone quest popup when I completed one but I couldn't see it. nvm I answered my own question. Can this be fixed please? I'm having to disable QuestGuru in order to accept new quests that pop up in the zone.
File: AutoBar05-06-11
Dead project
Posted By: Linaeri
The author gave up on it. I don't know of any alternative addon that replaces this.
File: FluidFrames05-02-11
Will we be seeing an update to this...
Posted By: Linaeri
Will we be seeing an update to this addon soon? It's the only addon out there which allows positioning and resizing of frames.
File: RatingBuster10-20-10
Thank you ever so much for updating...
Posted By: Linaeri
Thank you ever so much for updating this! Very appreciated, even if it doesn't fully work in some things I'm glad to see it's back again. :)
File: Tankadin210-15-10
Hi, looking forward to an update an...
Posted By: Linaeri
Hi, looking forward to an update and any new features that may be added. :)
File: Outfitter09-30-10
I think I prefer the fubar interfac...
Posted By: Linaeri
I think I prefer the fubar interface to the outfitter bar. I got way too many outfits and it takes up too much room as a bar on the screen.
File: Aloft04-20-10
Border glitches and incorrent mob %
Posted By: Linaeri
This is a very nice addon, but I found a couple of minor problems. The first is a glitch where despite having borders set for target only they sometimes appear on mobs that I'm not even in combat with. It's only a minor one and not really a major issue as this corrects itself after a few seconds. The other issue which can be a p...
File: Elkano's BuffBars12-12-08
Re: Elkanos
Posted By: Linaeri
I like the compressed feature but I'd like this to appear horizontal instead of vertical. Any chance of a feature update to allow this?
File: LightHeaded11-25-08
Re: Re: Conflicts with Cartographer_QuestInfo
Posted By: Linaeri
Originally posted by Allara I believe the latest version of LH removes this warning. Nope, it came up with a popup only this time didn't say which addon(s) it was conflicting with.
File: LightHeaded11-24-08
Conflicts with Cartographer_QuestInfo
Posted By: Linaeri
I got a popup saying that LightHeaded conflicts with Cartographer_QuestInfo and can cause performance issues. I can't do without either addon, LightHeaded shows me the quest description and wowhead notes, QuestInfo displays on Cartographer maps where there's quest givers.
File: FuBar - Player InFu10-22-08
Posted By: Linaeri
No longer works with 3.0 :(
File: CT_Viewport10-20-08
This does not work in 3.0.2
Posted By: Linaeri
This does not work in 3.0.2
File: FuBar - PerformanceFu07-12-08
Re: 2.4.2
Posted By: Linaeri
Originally posted by bleemus Looks to be broken in 2.4.2, had to shut it off. Looking forward to an update, 'tis a great mod! EDIT: Looks like there is a new version at http://files.wowace.com/FuBar_PerformanceFu/FuBar_PerformanceFu.zip. I have not tested it yet, but I'm sure it'll work with 2.4.2. I tested r76217 linked...
File: Minimap Button Frame07-12-08
Atlas button not being added to frame
Posted By: Linaeri
Just recently the Atlas button has refused to join in the frame, it says it's already there but it's clearly not because it's hugging the minimap. I don't know if this is a problem with Atlas itself or the button frame addon. I'm also seeing an empty space in the frame too.
File: SmartBuff07-06-08
Please update
Posted By: Linaeri
Weapon buffs no longer seem to work. Please update this, it's a fine buffmod.
File: Tank Buddy07-06-08
Originally posted by TazGolem An...
Posted By: Linaeri
Originally posted by TazGolem An Update for Tank Buddy is now up on Curse, thanks Soooo much Raeldar for fixing it. :banana::D:D:banana: http://www.curse.com/downloads/details/5006/#comment_363364 Please update the one on this site with the new version.
File: Auditor07-05-08
Love it!
Posted By: Linaeri
This is hands down the best addon for Fubar to help me budget on all my characters.
File: FuBar - Player InFu07-05-08
Keep this updated please
Posted By: Linaeri
I love this addon as it tells me everything about my character's stats without having to fumble through the drop-downs in the character profiler and mouse hovering over each one to see what the actual ratings are to know if I'm going to be suitable enough for a certain instance.
File: Its' Bag Mover07-05-08
Finally a bag mover that works!
Posted By: Linaeri
You have no idea how long I've dreamed of an addon like this one. Finally no more bag windows blocking view of my action area! Do keep this updated please as this is the only good bag moving addon. Would be nice to include a fixed bag scaling option too if it's possible.
File: Quartz - Modular Casting Bar06-11-08
Re: Directions?
Posted By: Linaeri
Originally posted by tobarstep Well, I see I'm not the only one who thinks this looks absolutely amazing but can't figure out how to configure it. To be quite honest, the menus are a bit obtuse. I'd like to be able to move the bars around, but I just can't seem to get it do what I want. Too bad, because this would replace 2 or 3 o...
File: Auditor05-29-08
I'm getting this error when looting...
Posted By: Linaeri
I'm getting this error when looting money from a mob: Error: attempt to concatenate global 'GOLD' (a nil value) AddOn: FuBar_AuditorFu File: Auditor.lua Line: 346 Count: 1
File: FuBar 3.6.505-24-08
I'm getting these following errors...
Posted By: Linaeri
I'm getting these following errors with Fubar and a plugin for Fubar called LocationFu: Error: Cannot specify "tooltipType" = "Tablet-2.0" if "Tablet-2.0" is not loaded. AddOn: FuBar_LocationFu File: LocationFu.lua Line: 14 Count: 1 Error: Must call 'SetDatabase' before ADDON_LOADED for LocationFu. AddOn: FuBar File: LibR...